Swingers and Teledildonics

Non-Monogamous Intimacy?

At KIIROO, we’re bringing a whole new kind of intimacy to non-monogamous relationships. Our devices and platform are designed to be both sexy and safe, two things that really matter when it comes to open relationships. Have you ever met someone that you really clicked with, only to have to face the reality that they’re simply too far away? With KIIROO, there’s no such thing.

When it comes to swinging, you can easily set up a date for you and your partner with another couple. All you need are KIIROO devices, the KIIROO platform (free with a device purchase), and a desire to play.

Are you poly? You’re not limited to only using your device with your primary partner. As long as you share your device code, and your other partner also has a KIIROO device, you’re good to go.

interactive sex toys for men

Want to experience safe sex with a stranger? While it’s entirely possible to practice safer risk-aware sex in person, KIIROO makes it even easier, as there’s 0 risks of infection transmission. Our pleasure devices are designed to communicate seamlessly with each other over the KIIROO platform. If you’re non-monogamous, you know how important communication is.

Communication is the foundation for successful relationships, whether they’re sexual or not. Likewise, KIIROO Pearl2 and Onyx2 work best when they’re used with other KIIROO devices. Pearl2 is an ergonomic, body-safe G-spot vibrator capable of sending touch data to one or many Onyx2 devices. Onyx2 is the world’s most luxurious male masturbator. For more information, check out KIIROO.com

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