Intro to swinging online

Learning how to get into swinging is easier than ever. Thanks to the internet and the rise of virtual sex, venturing into your fantasies is more accessible - allowing you to experiment in the safety of your own home first. When the physical world went into lockdown in 2020, more people than ever were swinging online.

Here, we explain the steps to take if you’re new to swinging - from couples’ communication to finding the right apps to sourcing mind blowing sex tech.

What is swinging?

Often referred to as ‘The Lifestyle’, swinging is a form of consensual non-monogamy. This can involve group sex or the swapping of sexual partners within a group. If you and your partner want to learn how to become a swinger, explicit boundaries and communication between you is crucial.

While the swinging lifestyle encourages freedom of expression, making an agreement on the level of sexual intimacy you’re both comfortable with opening up to other partners can help maintain your commitment to each other.

For many, the idea of stepping outside of traditional sexual ‘norms’ is a huge thrill - our own FeelStar Reagan Foxx was introduced to the Lifestyle before she went into camming and adult movies.

How to become a swinger online

So, how does swinging work virtually? Forming relationships online has been happening for a long time, and swinging online is no different. In fact, you no longer have to place upside-down pineapples (a discreet code for ‘swinging’ among those in the Lifestyle) in your trolley at the grocery store, praying that knowing winks from couples will come.

Now, there are very open communities on TikTok and Reddit, couples making real intimate connections with other couples via virtual platforms. Combined with huge advances in virtual messaging, online video calls, and remote pleasure products, the swinging lifestyle has come a long way since the free love of the sixties.

the best interactive sex toys

How to find swinger sites that feel right

To purposely meet other swingers and dip a toe into the Lifestyle, you could explore the wide range of swinging apps - designed for couples to find like-minded partners. Which sites and apps work for you depend on what turns you on.

Are you seeking a quick buzz, a new experience, or a longer term partnership with another couple? Are you willing to ‘play’ separate from your partner, known as full swap? Or would a softer swap feel more comfortable? Expressing your thoughts, fears, ideas, and passions is a good activity to do together before you start exploring.

For a broad range of active swinging couples (and singles), Adult Friend Finder allows member-to-member niche chat rooms, as well as local or filtered match searches.

For those new to swinging, inclusive dating app Feeld allows couples to set up accounts together, and is a great way to look and explore first without pressure.

For couples looking to add a third to their relationship, threesome dating app 3Fun reported a steady uptick in members since the lockdown began in 2020.

If you want to dive deeper into a particular fetish, you can find kinksters with similar interests on FetLife, which could evolve into an intro to swinging between parties.

How to start swinging with virtual sex toys

If you meet people you really click with, only to face the reality they’re too far away to explore sexual desires together physically, we’ve got the solution.

Bringing a whole new kind of intimacy to non-monogamous relationships, FeelConnect is the best app for swinging with our long-distance sex devices. Designed to be both sexy and safe (two things that really matter when it comes to open relationships), our couple sets synced up to the app (free with all Kiiroo sex tech) allows you to connect with swinging partners from anywhere in the world.

For example, our multi-award-winning Keon masturbator can be connected to the next-gen Pearl3 G-spot vibrator through FeelConnect. Using the most advanced technology on the market, touch rings in each sex device correspond for a shared sexual experience - perfect for remote swinging experiences.

Those who already own a Keon and FeelStroker can add a Vacuum-lock Dildo to their masturbator (with our Keon Dildo Adapter) to build a groundbreaking Keon Sex Machine.

You’re not limited to only using our interactive vibrators or masturbators with your primary partner. As long as you share your device code and your other partner also has a Kiiroo pleasure product, you’re good to go.

Set up as many dates for you and your partner with other couples as you desire - you can even double up on vibes or match masturbators to sync with partners of all genders and sexual orientations.

Many pleasure-seekers in the swinging lifestyle meet online for the first time, then live out their fantasies together in the physical world. Interested in exploring your own swinging fantasies more deeply?

FeelMe AI allows you to watch all porn on the internet, including group sex and all the swinging content your heart (and intimate parts) desire.

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