Shower for Two – An Erotic Story

A Steamy Experience

Leila was looking forward to her boyfriend coming over. She was trying to get some work done, but kept taking a peek at the clock. 7:02pm. 7:03pm. It seemed like the minutes were resisting change, but she couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

Ever since they had the “talk” and she gave Michael a set of keys, her thoughts have been controlled by excitement. It was a big step forward – she knew he would never just randomly show up, but the possibility was thrilling. 7:05pm.

Closing her laptop with a big sigh, she decided to start preparing for the night. Still, in the new phase of their relationship, she wanted to make sure was clean from head to toe just in case the night ended with him somewhere in between those two extremities.

The thought of his lips caressing her sent her flashbacks of the night before, their legs intertwined, his hand stroking her hardened nipples as he brought up the idea of getting emotionally closer.

While running the water, she thought maybe she’d be cheeky and send Michael a quick text. “Getting in the shower… getting wet for you”. Knowing he’d only be there around 8pm, she knew she could take her time and daydream with the hot water streaming down her. She undressed and slipped into the shower.

Michael, on the other hand, was just ending one of his meetings. He too had been daydreaming about the night before, but more specifically the taste of Leila’s juices. She was exquisite, and he was eager to please her again.

The guys from the office called out to him to see if he wanted to go for a drink, but he had other plans in mind. With a coy smile, he declined the invitation and raced to his car.

Walking into Leila’s apartment building gave him shivers – he didn’t have to call her to unlock the entrance door, he was able to let himself in. Her front door, however, made him nervous as he realized he was earlier than anticipated. Does he just let himself in? He decided to call her, but she wasn’t picking up her phone. Maybe she was drying her hair?

With a turn of the lock and a deep breath, he realized that wasn’t the case. He could hear the water from the shower still running – the door was cracked open, steam slowly filtering out of it. Michael had two options: pretend this didn’t happen and come back later… or join.

Leila jumped when she heard a knock on the bathroom door. He was early! Here she was, soaking wet, wasting away time dreaming about her man, and he was early! She pulled back the shower curtain, water still streaming, hair barely covering her nipples. “Should I get out?”.

Michael had different plans and Leila watched as he silently unbuttoned his shirt, pulled down his pants and took off his boxers. Michael was fixated on Leila’s curves. He’d caressed them a million times, but looking at them now, pink from the warm water, drove him crazy. He stepped into the shower and immediately kissed her.

woman in bed holding kiiroo stroker

Her warmth spread to him and he embraced her softly and passionately. He noticed a little soap sud hiding beneath her breast and carefully wiped it away, in awe of her form and sending a shiver down her back. Here she was, his new partner, sharing her space with him, sharing her intimate moments with him.

He could barely contain his feelings for her, and she did not mind at all. Leila eagerly reached for his penis, which was already bulging for her, soaked with pre-cum. Rubbing his juices under his tip made him tremble in her hands. Adding a splash of water, she started teasing his balls, groping his shaft and kissing his neck – right behind his ear.

He started moaning as she stroked him, the warm water beating down on him, adding to the sensation. He was interminably wet; his hair was soaked, showing off his natural waves; his personal fluids covering her hand with desire. It was only until he started to shake that he consciously restrained himself from cumming. He held firmly onto her hand and moved to place them together on her vulva.

Leila could feel his fingers slide between her labia, still moist from her daydreams of him and now dripping from his touch. They slid their fingers together, slowly, without penetration, just feeling the rhythm of each other’s movements. She moaned quietly, her body aching for him to continue deeper, harder. Just when she couldn’t stand his teases any longer, he got on his knees and pushed her against the wall with his face bearing into her genitals.

The shower was hitting her breasts, gently fondling her nipples, until it rolled down her stomach and onto his forehead. The water didn’t distract him from pleasuring her. The water gave him an extra little challenge, and caused him to breathe deeply through his mouth, while inhaling her scent and exhaling, even more, warmth against her clitoris. His licks got harder and deeper. He was enjoying being this close to her, hearing her sighs, feeling her quiver, causing her legs to tremble.

Pushed against the wall, he had access to her every need. He considerately inserted a finger. It entered easily, indicating that she wanted more – that she could handle more. He slowly inserted a second finger, causing her to gasp in pleasure.

Still, her body was asking for more so he inserted a third one, and then the fourth one until she was full – until her legs were having trouble holding her up. He was thrusting his hand with waves of water splashing over his arm enhancing all sounds. The water rolled over her clit, which was now throbbing for more.

He didn’t let her cum – not just yet. First, he needed to be inside of her. He needed to feel her body against his, feel her limbs shudder over him, feel her vagina squeeze to orgasm. Leila turned around so she could support herself against the wall while he penetrated her from behind.

His thrusts were deep and focused and he held onto her hips as she shook. Slipping an arm around her thigh, he made sure that her needs were being catered to – he wanted her to cum first. His pruned fingers made small, gentle circles around her clitoris. It was just what she needed to send her over the edge.

She gripped onto the tiles, trying not to slip as a wave of pleasure washed over her. Her screams echoed through the bathroom as her vagina thrust and squeezed and let go of all inhibitions. Her soaking hair covering her face, she gasped for air once her body stopped shaking.

She turned to face Michael, who had a smile plastered on his face, eyes sparkling in awe of her orgasm. She couldn’t help but grab his hard cock in her hands: “now it’s your turn”. He could barely contain himself, and after a few strokes, he spurted all over her stomach, letting his semen drip all the way into her pubic hair.

She quietly washed his cum off of her body and watched it disappear down the drain. Shutting off the water, Leila turned to Michael and exclaimed: “Ready to make me dirty again?”


Rebecca Dane

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