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Ten of the Most Expensive Sex Toys in the World

Ten of the Most Expensive Sex Toys in the World

If you had an extra few thousand dollars to spare, wouldn’t you want to buy yourself a luxurious sex toy? Maybe even the most expensive sex toys in the world? Never mind silicone or stainless steel, we’re talking about gold, platinum, and diamonds!
These sex toys are the extremes – the ones to put on your list for when you win the lottery. We didn’t want to include any sex toys that are rumored to be true. We only included ones that you can actually find online in a store right now, in case you were planning a shopping spree. We’ve listed ten of the most expensive sex toys available in the world, in descending order.

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Let's check out the Most Expensive Sex Toys in the world!

1. Velv’Or King JCobra Solid Platinum ($180 000 USD)

The King KCobra is the most expensive cock ring on the market. The ring itself is modeled after a Cobra, but don’t worry, it was shaped to hit all the right places. Apparently, each cock ring takes a Master Silversmith about 100 hours to make by hand. This would definitely explain part of the price tag. Velv’Or boasts that this would make an excellent gift for someone, but I think they’re forgetting that you need to properly measure the penis to make it the perfect fit. The delivery takes about 8 weeks and requires some pretty intimate measurements. If the solid platinum version is a bit out of your price range, then you can always purchase the solid gold ($122 000) or solid silver ($11 000). Alternatively, you can purchase their Jnaja cock ring for $60 USD.

2. Coco de Mer Nell Pleasure Seed Vibrator ($15 600 USD)

Coco de Mer prides themselves on redefining pleasure and they totally hit it out of the ballpark with this stunning toy. They describe the Nell as “the definition of decadent eroticism” and they aren’t wrong. Inspired by the shape of an actual “coco de mer” seed, this toy was crafted to work with the contours of the body. It is a clitoral vibrator with twin-pronged stimulation. It is covered in 18 karat gold, has 5 different vibration patterns, is rechargeable and can be completely submerged in water.

3. Lelo Inez
($13 500 USD)

The INEZ can either be plated with 24-karat gold ($13 500) or stainless steel for half the price (a measly $6800). INEZ is a body-safe vibrator that is curved to target the G-Spot. It has 8 different vibration settings and is obviously fully rechargeable (can you imagine putting batteries into something that price?). You also get matching cufflinks, in case that seals the deal for you. If the INEZ isn’t enough for you, Lelo has an entire line of luxury toys including the YVA for $3400, the Luna Beads for $2700 and the Olga for $3000.

Betony Vernon BenWa Balls
($3700 USD).

These BenWa balls are designed to be used for kegel exercises or to enhance the sensations of penetration and masturbation. BenWa balls vary in difficulty depending on the dimensions and weight of the balls. The heavier they are, the more they will work your PC muscles. The smaller they are, the harder to hold them inside of you. Lucky enough, these BenWa balls come in two sizes (the smaller ones being slightly cheaper) as well as two different materials (sterling silver being heavier than gold-plated). This means that when your kegel muscles strengthen you can upgrade to another set, which makes for an expensive but extravagant workout.

5. Jimmyjane Platinum Eternity
($2000 USD)

The Jimmyjane Platinum Eternity is a vibrator made entirely of platinum and encircled by 28 round cut diamonds. It comes with an exclusive, patented and replaceable motor system… that is battery operated. At least the battery is included, but you would think that a $2000 vibrator was rechargeable. Jimmyjane claims that this is a much more exciting alternative to an engagement ring but we’re not sure what your family and friends might think about that. Battery operated, though? Really?!

6. JimmyJane Ultimate Members Set of 6
($1650 USD)

As part of Babeland’s Ultra-Luxe collection, JimmyJane designed a complete set of 6 vibrators. In an odd ensemble, all the vibrators are exactly the same except for the designs. Each vibrator has a sketch of a character from artist Jamie Hewlett’s London nightclub scene. In case you were concerned about wearing out all six of them, the motors are all replaceable. Although the price of $1650 USD is for six vibrators, we’re not totally sure why you would want six of the same toy. We’re all for a variety of sensations!

7. AHH Fornicouture Fuji Glass Dildo with Whip
($1200 USD)

This dildo was inspired by the volcanic Mount Fuji and was created with translucent amber-colored glass. The handle is made from kangaroo hide and is supposedly braided by the Queen of England’s whip maker. Although, with that piece of information we can’t quite figure out why the Queen’s whip maker is making sex toys. Also, does the Queen know this is happening? Despite this, the AHH Fornicouture dildo might just be the prettiest piece of sex toy-art that we’ve ever seen. The dildo is insertable with a length of 6.5 inches and circumference of 6 inches. Getting a dildo and a whip in the same toy is unique and practical.

8. AHH Fornicouture Fragaria Anal Stimulator ($700 USD)

This butt plug looks like a strawberry because that is exactly what it is. They actually used a strawberry to make the cast. This butt plug is made of solid brass and plated with sterling silver. This toy is both textured and large. You’ll be able to feel the strawberry’s ridges and enjoy a 3.5-inch circumference. This takes a whole new meaning of bringing food to the bedroom!

9. Crave Duet Lux ($450 USD)

If you ever needed a super-secret place to stash your porn collection, then Crave has the perfect item for you. This external vibrator comes with an 8GB or 16 GB USB that can be used for data storage. Seriously, this luxurious vibrator has its own USB key. To be fair, the USB also acts as a charging port, which makes this a wireless sex toy. Completely waterproof, the Duet Lux is plated with 24 karat gold and boasts to be ‘significantly more quiet’ than any other vibrator. Crave took a special spin on advancing sex tech.

10. Parda Stone Dildo
($345 USD)

The Pardar Stone Dildo might not be insanely expensive as the other items on this list, but it is special in its own way. Each dildo is handcrafted in Argentina from the volcanic ask found in the Patagonian territories. Yes, volcanic ash. Each end had been curved to target the G-spot. This isn’t a light toy. At 1.375 pounds, it is just a smidge lighter than the famously heavy NJoy Pure Wand (1.5 pounds). Except, it is made from volcanic materials. Do we get to make an orgasm/eruption joke?

We aren’t totally sure that sex toys need to be plated with gold or encrusted with diamonds, but it makes for a super fun wishlist! We know which ones we’ll be dreaming about – what about you?


Written by Rebecca Dane

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