24 Foods That Boost Your Libido

List of Foods That Will Boost Your Sex Drive

We all know how fickle our libidos can be sometimes. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re losing your sexual vitality. However, there are some simple tricks that will help boost your libido. By adding these 24 foods to your diet, your sex drive will be skyrocketing again in no time!

1. Salmon

foods that boost your libido salmon kiiroo

You probably already know about the health benefits that come from eating salmon regularly. This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which improve the blood flow throughout your entire body. Omega-3 fatty acids also increase serotonin levels in your brain. You know serotonin, right? The hormone that makes you feel happy. And a good mood will certainly help if you’re planning on getting laid.

And did you know that eating salmon can also help you achieve orgasm faster? Allow me to explain: Salmon contains lots of amino acids that are responsible for blood circulation specifically in the female genitalia. Better circulation in your lady parts means it will be easier to achieve orgasm. Thank you, salmon!

Thirdly, salmon is also rich in zinc. And zinc helps your body in the production of testosterone, which is known for its libido-boosting qualities. Boy, that salmon is one horny fish!

2. Red wine

foods that boost your libido red wine kiiroo

    This one should come as no surprise. Romantic movies love to point out the amorous qualities of a good bottle of red. But sipping on some red wine does more than just setting a romantic mood on date night. Studies have indicated that women who drink one to two glasses of red wine, their desire for sex is highly increased.

    The consumption of red wine also resulted in more lubrication for women. But don’t go overboard with the alcohol, girls! The same study showed that drinking more than two glasses did not produce the same positive results.

    3. Blackberries

    foods that boost your libido blackberries kiiroo

      Both the berries and their seeds are rich in phytochemicals, enhancing both libido and sexual endurance. Consume approximately 10 blackberries or a tablespoon of seeds a few hours before sex.

      4. Broccoli

      foods that boost your libido broccoli kiiroo

      Broccoli is high in vitamin C. Which aids blood circulation to organs and has been associated with an improved female libido.

      5. Cloves

      foods that boost your libido cloves kiiroo

        In India, cloves have been used for centuries to treat male sexual dysfunction. Research has shown that cloves produce an increase in sexual activity among males. The great thing about cloves is that you can add them as spices to your favorite dish, or brew them in a drink, like tea (they’re perfect in a chai tea latte).

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        6. Figs

        foods that boost your libido figs kiiroo

          Figs have probably been more connected to sensuality and desire than any other fruit out there. This is due to their resemblance to the female genitalia. But besides being a sexy fruit to bite into, figs also enhance the secretion of pheromones. This makes them the perfect thing to eat to stimulate that sex drive.

          7. Watermelon

          foods that boost your libido watermelon kiiroo

            The wonderful watermelon is not only one of the most hydrating fruits. It’s filled with electrolytes to give you a glowing, healthy complexion. Watermelon is also packed with nutrients that deliver a Viagra-like effect to the human body’s blood vessels, which can increase the libido.

            8. Ginseng

            Foods that boost your libido ginseng kiiroo

              Research has shown that this root caused a dramatic surge in libido among women who started taking it as a supplement to their diet. 68 % of women said their sex life had greatly improved since taking ginseng.

              9. Saffron

              foods that boost your libido saffron kiiroo

                This beautiful red spice, often used in Indian cuisine, has shown to improve people’s sex drive and performance. It’s easily integrated into meals by soaking it in warm water and then adding it to rice, quinoa, or soup.

                10. Garlic

                foods that boost your libido garlic kiiroo

                  Garlic may not be your first go-to food before a night of heated passion, but you might want to reconsider this! Garlic is high in the compound allicin, which increases blood flow and therefore improves sexual stamina.

                  Garlic also works as a natural blood thinner. Because of this, blood will easily flow into your genitals. With more blood circulation in your reproductive organs, arousal and orgasms are more easily achieved.

                  So if you’re planning on getting laid tonight, make sure to dig into some garlic. It’s probably best if you and your date both eat it, though. Then you won’t mind the smelly breath so much. Consider caramelized or baked garlic in order to rid it of its pungent flavor and smell.

                  11. Lettuce

                  foods that boost your libido lettuce kiiroo

                    Iceberg lettuce contains an opiate which helps activate sex hormones in both men and women. Healthy and effective!

                    12. Eggs

                    foods that boost your libido eggs kiiroo

                      Eggs are high in protein and vitamin B5 and B6, helping you improve your stamina and maintaining your hormone levels. Vitamin B6 is an important factor in the production of serotonin.

                      And as you’ve just learned, serotonin makes you happy. And who doesn’t want to get in on when they’re in a good mood? Having an egg a day will give you enough energy for work and play.

                      13. Oatmeal

                      foods that boost your libido oatmeal kiiroo

                      Another great breakfast food, oatmeal contains an amino acid called L-arginine, which contributes to the blood flow in your body and sexual organs. It’s also a testosterone booster, which is the main factor for both men and women regarding their sex drive.

                      14. Turmeric

                      foods that boost your libido turmeric kiiroo

                      Turmeric is an ancient spice that’s originally from India. It’s the ingredient that’s responsible for the yellow color in curry dishes. But it can do a lot more impressive stuff than just that!

                      For hundreds of years, this spice has been used as a medicinal herb. It works as an antioxidant and helps to prevent medical conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.

                      But even more importantly: turmeric is also a libido food. This spice can increase your testosterone levels immensely. So get some extra turmeric in your curry tonight and in return, you will get a spice in the bedroom.

                      15. Maca

                      foods that boost your libido maca kiiroo

                      Maca is a root which has been used for centuries in Peru to increase energy levels and stamina. Maca improves hormonal balance, increases libido, and enhances fertility. You can get it in powder form and add it to your morning smoothies as a nice boost.

                      16. Ginger

                      foods that boost your libido ginger kiiroo

                      Ginger has been used as an aphrodisiac by many cultures for centuries, and for good reason. Like garlic, it increases blood flow, especially to the sexual organs.

                      17. Cardamom

                      foods that boost your libido cardamom kiiroo

                      The Ayurvedic tradition has always recommended cardamom to enhance libido. In fact, this delicious spice contains high levels of cineole, which increases blood flow to both male and female sexual organs. Add cardamom to your coffee or tea for a delicious flavor and libido boost.

                      18. Nutmeg

                      foods that boost your libido nutmeg kiiroo

                      Another great spice used a lot in India due to its great flavors in their cooking, as well as its libido-enhancing qualities. Nutmeg is often referred to as ‘Viagra for women’ in Africa. Tests on animals have shown that their sexual activity increased after ingesting nutmeg.

                      19. Chili peppers

                      foods that boost your libido chili kiiroo

                        These are definitely the spiciest of the libido foods. These feisty baby’s do more than just give flavor to your food. They also contain antioxidants and lots of vitamin C. Chili peppers help your cells rejuvenate, which will help you look younger.

                        Chilis also contain capsaicin, known for increasing your libido. These hot peppers also increase circulation and raise your heart rate, which altogether enhances your mood and sex drive.

                        Besides, these spicy peppers are also high in nutrients such as vitamin A, potassium, magnesium and manganese. All these nutrients help to boost your sex drive.

                        The extra bonus with this sexy food is that it will make you look even more seductive. The sting of the pepper will make your tongue tingle and your lips nice and plump, ready to be kissed. Not to mention the hot and steamy body heat the peppers create. Is it me or is it getting hot in here?

                        20. Cinnamon

                        foods that boost your libido cinnamon kiiroo

                          Cinnamon has long been considered as one of the main natural aphrodisiacs. It increases your body temperature and sex drive.

                          21. Raw cacao

                          foods that boost your libido cacao kiiroo

                            Raw cacao is one of the best and most delicious superfoods out there. Not only does it boost your energy levels, reduce the risk of depression, strengthen your heart, boost your immune system, and fight free radicals, it also enhances your sexual desire.

                            The ancient Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas used cacao in their rituals, and today their traditions are being revived in cacao ceremonies, known worldwide as a heart (and libido) opener.

                            So raw cacao is not just divine in taste, it can help you improve your sex life as well. Phenylethylamine (PEA) is found in raw cacao. And this ingredient releases the same hormones that are released during sex.

                            22. Vanilla

                            foods that boost your libido vanilla kiiroo

                              Vanilla, which comes from an orchid flower (the beautiful flower that most reminds us of the female genitalia) is a natural aphrodisiac. Its scent, in particular, is said to increase lust, but adding it to your diet is also known to boost your sexual appetite.

                              23. Avocados

                              foods that boost your libido avocado kiiroo

                              Avocados have properties that increase your stamina and help with erectile dysfunction.

                              24. Oysters

                              foods that boost your libido oysters kiiroo

                                Our list wouldn’t be complete without oysters, the quintessential natural aphrodisiac. Oysters have long been associated with the vagina, both in their appearance and in their flavor.

                                Research also shows that they contain compounds that raise testosterone and estrogen levels, creating an increase in sexual desire. The high levels of zinc in oysters also increase blood flow to the sexual organs.

                                As you can see, boosting your libido is easier than you may have thought. And the great thing is, you can get started with all these natural ingredients today! Have fun experimenting with these foods in your diet and reaping the benefits of these delicious libido-boosters.

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