Making Video Chat Sexy

Anyone who has been away from their partner for a certain amount of time will probably have experienced that familiar craving to connect. Nowadays phones, computers, and tablets have made it more possible than ever to forge significant relationships (and maintain them) over once inconceivable distances. It’s never easy, but it is doable and that’s an amazing feat.

While on the topic of ‘doable’, sexual exchanges have also become increasingly meaningful with the development of new and exciting ways to connect. First came texting, then video chat, and now the integration of teledildonic devices (such as Kiiroo) all seeking to give people in LDRs meaningful ways to reach out and truly experience each other sexually.

But there is one problem: using teledildonics, getting on video chat, and, yes, even sexting can feel like an incredibly daunting prospect at times. These new methods of sexual seduction aren’t necessarily our go-to method and so things can feel a bit awkward at first. But don’t panic! Much like any sexual experience we’ve all got to start somewhere. Through practice, experience, and a good sense of humor it is possible to become an adept long-distance lover. No. Not just ‘adept’, actually. Masterful.

With webcams being built into most laptops, tablets, and phones nowadays video sex chat is one of the most potent tools in your long-distance repertoire, so let’s look at a few ways that you can master the art of video sex chat.

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Prep, Prep, then Prep, Again

A video sex chat session (while tons of fun) can be stressful or nerve-wracking if you’re not in the right headspace for it, so make sure that you give yourself ample time to prepare for it.

This can include simple steps, such as setting up the camera, making sure the audio quality is right, and asking any roommates if they can head out for the evening. It can also involve getting out any sexy props that you want, purchase some new lingerie, or place everything just right so that you’ll never have to fumble during your digital sexcapades.

Not only will this help things go so much easier during the sex chat but it will also help you mentally prepare for what’s up ahead. Making sure you’re ready in yourself is just as important (if not more so) than other forms of preparation. You may even sneak in some masturbation beforehand to calm yourself down.

Set the Scene

Dim the lights, put on some candles, maybe even sprinkle some rose petals about. The more of an atmosphere you can set the easier it will be to really feel the intimacy of the moment.

If you and your partner really want to sync up, then you can even do things like buying the same scented candles. Make sure you’ve both got something special on it order to arouse and entice each other (striptease is a great way to build into other activities after all).

Not only will creating a darkened love den create a fantastic erotic show, but it will also make you feel less self-conscious and exposed, which is a clear bonus.

Keep the Narration

You may think that being on webcam means that talking isn’t as much of a priority but I couldn’t disagree more! After all, by moving on to video sex chat you’re essentially building off of the communication that you’ve already established, so why stop now? If anything you both need it more as you guide each other through this new (and exciting) experience.

Being vocal is also a great way to accentuate what’s happening on screen too, adding a performative element to your sexual display. If ever you feel uncomfortable, you always have the option to turn the camera off or away and return to talking again for a while too. Your voice is one of your biggest allies. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Use Toys Together

Sadly, the net has yet to masterfully tactile projections of ourselves, but this doesn’t mean that touch is completely off-limits. Again, using your voice you can always narrate to each other where you want your partner to be touched as they comply. This is fun on its own but gets even more excited when sex toys are involved.

The outcome of this interaction depends entirely on the sex toy, and there’s a lot of choices out there, but (obviously) I think Kiiroo is a great option. With the Kiiroo platform, you have a secure video chat service, fully established while the toys allow you to feel each other’s every motion in real-time. This can create an amazing experience which (after you’ve perfected all of the above moves) can truly unify you in an intense sexual exchange.

Don’t Forget the Aftercare

Once you’ve both had your fill of sexual activities then take some time to talk. Not just about the experience, but about anything you normally would. Anything that comes to mind. Consider this the video sex chat equivalent of lying in each other’s arms in the post-sex afterglow, reminding your partner just how much they mean to you.

Video sex chat never feels natural at first, but follow these tips and you may just find your own digital form of normalcy and take your sexual connection to a whole new level along the way.


Emmeline Peaches

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