Eight 3D Gay Games You Need to Check out!

3D Gay Games Worth Checking Out

We are living in an age where playing video games is normal. With the growth of technology and devices, we can play games anywhere. Moreover, games have different types of genres, ranging from sports to adult games.

And since its Masturbation Month... guess what we will be talking about haha.

Adult 3D sex games have developed so much so, that having sex or wanting to have sex while playing games has become normal. And within adult games, there are an infinite amount of categories. Today we focus on Gay Oriented 3D games. So let's take a look at some of the most popular Gay 3D games that are available online.

1. Bum Tropics

bum tropics kiiroo

Bum Tropics is compared to being the all-male version of Pink Tropics. Created by Soma Vision, it takes place inside a hotel and you get to bang as many virtual sex partners as possible. You can create your own avatar by choosing their eye color, skin color, and hair color. By playing the game you can also unlock extra customizations for your character.

Experience the game with the different scenarios that are available in the hotel, such as having sex in the bedroom and bathroom. There also 8 sex positions you can try out and score points by timing them right. This is accompanied by amazing music and sound effects!

Your partners even talk dirty to you! So go explore the game end your scenes with a well-deserved cum shot!

2. 3D GayVilla 2

3D Gayvilla 2

From the creators of 3D SexVilla, 3D GayVilla 2 is a game that takes having virtual sex to another level. 'Sexcoins' is the form of credit that is used within the game. You can obtain 'sexcoins' by simply playing the game and not worry about purchasing them. This allows you to unlock upgrades such as sex toys, costumes, locations, and other customizations.

Playing the story mode allows you to gain more sexcoins. This will allow you to gain access to various sex positions and rich looking environments. One of the best in terms of animation, sounds and character voices. You can also use an interactive male masturbator or virtual sex stroker to play with it!

3. Dream Daddy

    dream daddy kiiroo

    In this game, you’re cast as a single father who moves into a new town with your daughter. The surprising part is that everyone in town is a single dad too! You get the choice to date the different types of guys out there. The goth, teacher, bad boy, jock, sensitive artist, and clean-cut hunk. The choice is yours!

    What sets this game apart, is that you and all the men around you have their own deep stories. So if you are looking for a more storytelling game, this is for you!

    4. 3D Gay Director

    3D gay director kiiroo

    As you can guess by the name of this game, you are a director!

    Pick the scenarios you want with specific storylines that lead your actors to have sex.

    Pick your camera angles! Your actors! Scenes! Sex positions!

    Everything is available in this game for you to drive your very own sexual fantasies. The game is constantly updated with new features and you can explore the different characteristics.

    5. Gaydorado

    Gaydorado kiirooGaydorado is a great game containing different storylines with different characters. It combines romance and action into one! Delve into your adventures by unlocking new chapters and exploring new stories.

    With the combination of various fashion styles, you can power up your players by carrying different physical activities such as going to the gym. After some action-packed intensity, you still interact intimately with other characters in the game. So blast off!

    6. Coming out on top

    coming out on top kiiroo

    Mark Matthews is a senior in college and wants to come out of the closet. Fortunately for him, most men in this game are gay!

    Its mixed with some comedic and witty moments that are also explicit in nature. You have the option to win over 18 guys and customize them with several body and hair options. Your choices determine your destiny and the type of relationship you will have with the guys. So it makes you think about what the outcomes may be. Up for the challenge?

    7. Free Gay Sex Games

    free sex games kiiroo

    This site is the hub for a lot of free sexually explicit games. You can play several short story games, that are mostly parodies of other games, movies, cartoons etc.

    Their popular games include Grand Fuck Auto, Call of Booty and Hard Knight Rises.

    You get the idea. So if you have some fantasies on some iconic pop culture characters, head over for some fun!

    8. 3DXChat

    3DXChat kiiroo

    3DXChat is for everyone’s own sexuality! In this fully interactive Occulus Rift porn game, you are able to experience an elegant and easy to use animation. You get to experience a 'walk through' when you start. Which shows you all the aspects of the game!

    You can choose your avatar based on on your own customizations. It is also constantly updated and has a large community of members. It is compatible with the Vstroker. So go for this amazing and interactive experience!

    Written by

    Mindy Cordova