Goals of Sex – Straight Enterer

An Erotic Poem

Permitting the passion to grow in our kisses
Are invitations for me to enter
And I become mentally aroused
Hoping to reach your pleasure center

My mouth waters with anticipation
Of traveling all over your body with licks
Then stopping at my main destination
To make you hunger for more of my tricks

I'll wet your sexy doors
To be invited into your tunnel's sweetness
So I can make you twitch and squeeze rain on my tongue
The wetter, the better to prepare you for bliss

I do this while thinking of time inside you
And it makes me go from flaccid to erect
Growing a good deal from whence I started
But that is not the only desired effect

I made your doors juicy
And your canal hungry and moist
Please reward me with the honor
To enter you, so we can start to rejoice

Permission is granted
But I approach trying to hide my anxiety
Because I don't want to ever disappoint
In bringing you to ecstasy

Yes, I enter, but way before I come
I want my essence to shoot from my erection
And reach every last foot and inch of you
To start this sex session of perfection
With my every thrust, I want that essence
To break off into 2 trees
One to spring above the point of my entry
And the other to reach below and further please

Feel the branches and leaves of my essence
Extend and tingle your every tip
Every place on you that there’s a point
Is a place I don’t want to miss
The tip of your fingers
To the tip of your toes
To the tip of your lashes
To the tip of your nose
To the tip of your tongue
To the tip of your lips
To the tip of your nips
And to the tip of your clit

These 2 trees will be mirrored in myself,
For it's what being in your body does to me
Your tunnel throbbing in response to my presence
Brings this sexual tension closer to free

I want to make you even more moist,
To the point that you drench my tool
Letting your words, moans, and spasms be my guide
For I’m here to please our bodies by our rules

I thrust
You ride
Positions change
We have no stagnant rules of only one in power
And to some cultures
That seems strange
Well, the excitement of this unknown
Puts an orgasm on the rise
I hope the envious are brought to tears
When they hear our primal cries

With my orgasm comes the sensation
Of my ejaculation
And I feel no shame
Due to the consent in this copulation
My man-milk has gushed
Our passion and tensions have released
In an act the two of us became
Sexual primal beasts

So in our afterglow, I give a kiss of thanks
And lick to taste the salt in your sweat
A taste to accompany my embrace
To take you in as we sleep
So I...will not forget

The Backstory to “Goals of Sex – Straight Enterer”

What should a man’s goals be when having sex? Not just for himself, but
more importantly for his sex partner.

Asking myself this question is the reason why I study sex as much as I do. As I felt I was coming closer to an answer, I wanted to put my conclusions in the
form of a poem. For months, this concept stayed in my head. Waiting for
motivation to be put into poetry lyrics. Then one night it came to me…

Watching an Erika Lust film featuring my present favorite male porn actor,
Parker Marx, it came to me.

That didn’t surprise me, since one of the things that makes Parker Marx my
favorite. is that he seems to love sex. Pleasing his body, with part of that
pleasing being by way of pleasing the desires and kinks of his sex partner.
In short, he exemplified what every man’s goal should be for sex.

Once I realized that I was witnessing those goals played out in that film, the
words for the poem I have long wanted to write finally started to flow...

Written by

LeNair Xavier

LeNair Xavier has studied sex and sexuality by reading up on and observing various sexual behaviors. These observations has led to time in the gay porn industry, and now writing erotic poetry. Tales of his journeys leading to his growing sexual knowledge can be found on his blog, L’s X-Ray Vision.

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