Why orgasming is better than getting drunk this Christmas

Why orgasming is better than getting drunk this Christmas

Christmas Orgasm

During the Christmas season, it’s usual for people to gather around the fire, drinking spiked eggnog and opening presents. Getting drunk and being toasty in your ugly Christmas sweater is what has become a tradition during the winter season. But, we all know what happens the day after those drunken nights - the Christmas spirit is put on pause until the hangover subsides, and that can take a while.

But, maybe alcohol isn’t your answer. There are other ways to feel the buzz and high without touching one glass of alcohol. Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s about time you learned why orgasming is better than getting drunk.

Gives you a healthy heart

When it comes to health, alcohol isn’t your friend. Yes, it may make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But in reality, it’s increasing your odds of developing a heart condition such as a stroke, heart attack, or high blood pressure.

But then you have an orgasm, which does the complete opposite. Numerous studies have shown having sex and achieving orgasms are great for your heart as they both work together to improve your blood pressure, stress levels, and hormones. Want to have a happy heart? Have more sex.

You improve your memory

If you can’t remember what you did last night, that’s usually because of the alcohol and is the reason why most people drink. They want to relax, have a good time, and forget about their worries.

But, you can have a good time without needing to destroy your memory of it. You can actually orgasm to improve your memory - now that’s a pretty good excuse to have sex. When it comes to having sex, it grows brain cells; that’s right, your brain feeds off of a good orgasm.

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Relieves headaches

Well, when it comes to alcohol, it’s not known for its anti-headache properties. Rather, most people, when thinking about the time they got drunk, have the memory of themselves lying in bed the day after, unable to lift one finger.

But when was the last time you had a headache from an orgasm? Exactly! It’s literally unheard of!

A study from the Cephalalgia journal found that sex can actually reduce one’s headache and relieve the pain. So, whether you’re feeling a headache coming on or are thinking about getting drunk, just remember, sex is better.

Improves your immunity

The winter season is one of the worst times of the year for colds and flu. Almost everyone gets sick and ends up spending their holidays in bed - you don’t want that to happen. How are you preventing yourself from getting sick?

Sure, you can eat or drink everything that contains Vitamin C, but are you having sex? The secret to a strong immune system lies in orgasms. Studies have shown participants who have more sex than others have higher levels of leukocytes and immunoglobin A (IgA), which both help in fighting against bacteria and viruses. So, the next time you’re feeling a cold coming on, that’s your sign you need to have an orgasm (or multiple orgasms).

Increases your lifespan

Doesn’t everyone want to live longer? Most of us work out, take supplements and smoothies, all in the hopes of living a longer life. Those things can help us live a healthier and longer life, but sex and orgasms can also help increase your life span (plus, it’s much better than drinking a smoothie).

Various studies have found that those who orgasm two or more times per week were less likely to die from heart disease, then those who only orgasmed once a month. If you needed a reason to orgasm, you just found one.

You sleep better

We all struggle with getting a good night’s sleep. But when it’s the holidays, it’s your chance to catch up on sleep and get yourself refreshed for the new year. There’s one thing we can’t deny when it comes to drinking.

When you’re drunk, you get yourself a deep sleep. But, the big difference is it usually comes with a strong hangover in the morning. Is it possible to get a good sleep without having to drink yourself into it?

When you orgasm, there’s no hangover, and you get a deep sleep. Why do orgasms make you sleep better? Well, after orgasming, the body releases relaxation hormones; these are the hormones that make you have a good night's rest.

Orgasm the stress away

It’s all about living a stress-free life nowadays. People flock to yoga class, meditate in their bathrooms, and travel to India just for peace of mind. But if you really want to relax, all you need to do is have an orgasm. When you orgasm, the body releases oxytocin, a pleasure hormone that makes you feel good, calm and tranquil.

So, you don’t need to empty your bank account and go to a famous guru to relax. All you need to do is get on your bed, take off your pants, and either touch yourself, use a sex toy or get your partner to do it for you. Problem solved!

No hangover

Well, this is a big one. When you get drunk, there’s usually a hangover that joins you the next morning, and it can last for hours, even days, depending on how much you were partying last night. But when it comes to orgasming, you’re hangover free.

What does an orgasm give you? An amazing feeling throughout your body? Health benefits? Increased life span? Wow, that sounds almost too good to be true!

So, why burden your body with alcohol when you can lift your Christmas spirit with an orgasm.

Now that you’ve read why orgasming is better than getting drunk, is it really going to be that hard of a decision to make this Christmas? Before filling up your glass with whiskey or spiked eggnog, think about how much better your night (and morning) will be if you had an orgasm instead.


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