52 Places to Make Love (When You’re Together Again at Last)

May 30, 2014

52 Places to Make Love (When You’re Together Again at Last)

52 Places to Make Love (When You’re Together Again at Last)

At Home:

  1. On the kitchen table
  2. Under the kitchen table
  3. On the bathroom counter
  4. Against the fridge
  5. On the couch
  6. In front of the fireplace
  7. Bent over the couch
  8. In a desk chair
  9. In the shower
  10. In the bath
  11. On the kitchen counter
  12. On your desk
  13. On their desk
  14. Handcuffed to the coffee table
  15. Against a full-length mirror
  16. In the closet



  1. In the garden
  2. On the balcony
  3. In a hot tub
  4. In a pool
  5. In the ocean
  6. A baseball dugout
  7. The woods
  8. An empty field
  9. In the park
  10. On a fire escape
  11. In a haystack
  12. In a field of flowers
  13. On top of a cliff


At a Hotel:

  1. On a hotel room desk
  2. Against a window
  3. Against a window, during the daytime
  4. On the balcony


On the Go:

  1. The backseat of the car
  2. The front seat of the car
  3. The hood of the car
  4. In a parking garage
  5. The back of an empty bus or tram


Out on the Town:

  1. At the movies
  2. A bar bathroom
  3. At a concert
  4. In a quiet library corner
  5. Where you first met
  6. In IKEA
  7. Underwater
  8. At an amusement park
  9. In an elevator
  10. On an escalator
  11. In your friend’s bathroom
  12. At your parents’ house
  13. In the bathroom of a bar
  14. In a neighbor’s treehouse

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