10 Sexy Tips To Make Staying At Home Fun

Getting Sexy With It

Picture this: you’re stuck at home alone. We’re pretty sure one of us has been in this situation. Maybe all of you are in quarantine, or there’s been a snowstorm, and you can’t leave your house.

Regardless of the reason, you’re home alone with nothing to do. Most of us would spend hours on Netflix or Instagram for entertainment, but let’s be honest, how long will that last?

At some point, you will get sick and tired of staring at a screen and need other ways to stay entertained. But don’t worry, you’re not going to lose your mind while home alone because we have ten tips for being sexy and to make being home alone less boring. And trust us, we have some good ideas for you to try.

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1. Create a sexual environment for yourself

Just because you’re home alone doesn’t mean you should give up on your sexual side. It’s easy to get sucked into spending movie night watching tv or flipping through your phone until your brain turns into mush, killing your sexual energy.

Having moments of boredom at home isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can help you think of new ways to stay entertained, and even reconnect with your sexual side.

Now’s the time for you to create a sexual environment for yourself. Turn on some sensual music, light some candles, and get yourself in the right headspace.

2. Send a spontaneous sext

When you’re stuck at home alone, texting can easily become mundane because nothing’s happening around you. But you don’t need to wait for things to happen; take charge of your time and make things happen.

Instead of texting your partner, “what’s up, babe?” spice things up and send a spontaneous sext or a naughty photo. Since it’s unexpected, it’ll build immediate spark and curiosity. And you want your partner to be curious, now that's one tip for being sexy.

3. Surprise your partner with something special

Your partner may not live with you, and if you’re in quarantine, you won’t be able to see your partner until you’re allowed to. Though it’s hard to start a long-distance relationship with your partner, the distance, if used right, can be arousing.

Send your partner a couples' set, so that you both can stimulate each other with interactive sex toys. Just because there’s a distance between you two doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate with each other.

4. Create a sex bucket list

There are some people who’ve crossed off everything on their sexual bucket list. But the odds are there is always something new you haven’t tried. Sit down and create a list of all the sexual activities you want to try or include in your sex life.

While you’re home alone, you can see if you’re able to cross some of these items off the list. Start your list off with five things you want to try. If you have a partner, share them your list and see what they’re willing to try out with you.

5. Roleplay on webcam

Since you can’t physically be with your partner, you’re going to need to be creative. Webcams are a perfect solution to being flirtatious and naughty with your partner.

Roleplaying doesn’t have to be in-person; instead, decide on your character, get dressed up, and turn on your camera. If you two have interactive toys, it’ll make the experience even better.

You can sex up a sexy date, virtually, in your living room or take a sexy bubble bath.

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6. Play a VR sex game

You don’t always need to connect with your partner. And if you don’t have a partner, that doesn’t mean you can’t be sexual. The good thing is virtual reality (VR) is taking intimacy on a completely different level.

With a Virtual Reality Headset, you can enter a completely different world, and enjoy 3D movies and sex games. Not a bad way to pass the time, we have to say.

7. Join in VR parties

Don’t have a partner? You don’t need one - not when you have the right tools. You can join VR parties with other people and explore your sexual desires with them.

The great part of this is you can join a party from the comfort and security of your home. It’s the best way to experiment and explore your sexuality safely.

8. Write your own erotic story

If you’re feeling a little creative, get yourself a journal and start writing your own erotic story. If you have a partner, you can spice things up by getting them involved and letting them write the story with you.

You don’t always have to play board games during game night. Instead, after you write a section, your partner picks up where you left off, and it goes back and forth until the story is finished. Then, read the story together and let the sexual tension sizzle between you two.

9. Put on some lingerie

You don’t need a partner next to you to enjoy feeling sexy. If you’re home alone, have a sensual bubble bath, spritz yourself with some perfume, and put on your sexiest lingerie. Walk around the house feeling yourself, connecting with your sexual energy.

Then, send your partner some photos all dolled up or just keep the photos for yourself. After spending some time in lingerie, it’ll be hard not to touch yourself.

10. Try some old-fashioned phone sex

Mixing things up is always a good thing. You don’t want to overdo anything. This is why it’s important to keep things fresh by trying new things (and old).

Old-fashioned phone sex is a different way to share a sexual experience since you can’t see each other’s faces.

Who said staying home alone was boring? There are plenty of sexy ways to make staying at home exciting and hot.


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