Worlds Apart: Why The Onyx is a Unique Male Masturbator

Worlds Apart: Why The Onyx is a Unique Male Masturbator

Why The Onyx is a Unique Male Masturbator

Sex tech has come a long way since its early days and one of Kiiroo’s crowning achievements is definitely the iconic Kiiroo Onyx. While many tech-savvy male masturbators have hit the market recently, none are quite like the Kiiroo Onyx. Allow me to tell you why.

What Is the Onyx?

The Kiiroo Onyx is a male masturbator for the modern world. Technologically advanced and created with digital communications in mind, the Kiiroo Onyx manages to bring worlds together whilst also standing out as being worlds apart from other male masturbators.

So what makes the Kiiroo Onyx so unique? Quite a few things, actually. The first is its patented canal which involves technology unique to the Kiiroo brand. This canal involves a set of 10 contracting rings able to clench and release in order to replicate the sensation of penetration. Two air channels enhance this system, releasing air from the chamber in order to provide a suction sensation during use. The resulting contractions are designed to simulate penetration and can feel like a slow, gentle squeeze or a firmer, frantic thrust depending on how the Onyx is used.

And that’s the thing: The Onyx doesn’t just work to a fit rhythm or tempo (although it certainly can, and even features two different rhythmic settings). It can do so much more.

Feeling a Connect

Part of what makes the Onyx so unique it that it can be used with the Kiiroo platform to convey another user’s movement in real time. No delay. No interruptions. Just a pure, intimate connection.

To date the Onyx is the only interactive masturbator for two-way pleasure online, making it the #1 choice for making a sexual connection online. This has profound implications for those in a long distance relationship, as the Onyx allows users to truly touch each other through the device.

However, the benefits of the Onyx don’t end there. Using this same technology the Kiiroo Onyx is also able to synchronize with adult content, allowing users to get closer with their favorite porn stars too. The Onyx can even be used with virtual reality devices to provide even greater immersion. Not just sight and sound, but also touch coming together to create the ultimate pornographic experience.

To help users get the most of this service the Onyx even comes with unique offers, combining the device with free adult content. This comprehensive service goes a long way to demonstrate the diversity of the Kiiroo Onyx and the potential it has for sexual liberation.

Material Matters

This sleeve has been specifically designed with the Onyx in mind to provide ‘unrivaled realism’ and deliver the perfect amount of tightness, durability, and give for long-term use.

This internal sleeve can easily be removed and washed for a dermatologically safe experience. All you need to do is rinse your sleeve with some wash after use and it’s good to go.

But Wait, There’s More!

The Kiiroo Onyx has been designed to look unobtrusive and sleek, making it the perfect product for those who value discretion. If someone were to happen upon the Onyx in your room there’s much more chance that they’ll think you’re indulging in some recent modern art trend rather than an innovative form of sex tech.

Embodying that innovation the Kiiroo Onyx also has a manual mode, which can be activated at the push of a button. From there the Onyx features a swipe pad on its side which allows you to use a simple swipe in order to activate the Onyx’s pleasure rings. Swipe right indeed.

Kiiroo prides itself on the privacy and so the Onyx is one of the safest interactive online adult devices on the market. When connecting to a chat the Onyx also utilizes an incredibly secure six-digit alphanumeric passcode, keeping your sessions private and secure. Because of this, you can rest easy during your intimate moments, knowing that your Onyx has got your back.

The Proof is in the Pounding

By now I hope it’s clear that the Kiiroo Onyx is a truly unique piece of sex tech, with the ability to stimulate and connect users in exciting and forward-thinking ways. However, if you’re still not convinced then why not try the Onyx yourself? With so many benefits there’s never been a better time to embrace sex tech and the Kiiroo Onyx definitely stands out from the crowd.

Written by

Emmeline Peaches