7 ways to spice up your masturbation routine

Trying something new

Let’s get real here. You probably get yourself off in under five minutes with your go-to porn clip, right? Our lives are busier than ever, and our “me time” is being sacrificed in the process.

But you’re going to be pleasuring yourself for literally the rest of your life, so why not invest the time and enjoy it? If you want to add some spice to your regular masturbation routine, here are some helpful ways to get things hot, hot, hot.

Audio Erotica

Have you listened to erotic audio recordings before? If not, it’s time you did. Sites like Audible have erotica sections that will help you tap into your other senses.

You can listen to the For Adults Only podcast or Aural Honey if you’re looking for kinkier audio erotica while you pleasure yourself with one-way interactive sex toys. Whether you’re a man or woman, there is erotic content to turn you on.

Are you using a sex toy?

This is the question that needs to be asked. Do you have any sex toys of your own? Are you using them while you masturbate? What's great is that there are sex toys for men and sex toys for women—something for everyone.

Sex toys can help people experience consistent and regular orgasms while helping you learn what turns you on. And this includes sex toys for men as well—it's really for everyone.

Maybe a bullet vibrator or a vibrating stroker works wonders for you. But you won't know unless you give it a try. The best part is that sex toys can be used for solo or two way interactive partner pleasure and improve your overall sex life.

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Get the right sex toy

There are thousands of sex toys on the market, making things confusing when trying to choose a sex toy for men or women. If you're in a long-distance relationship and want a toy that you can also use with your partner, consider a hands-free remote control interactive male masturbator or a vibrating stroker.

Since they're app-controlled, you can have your partner control the device wherever they are in the world. Kiiroo's clit stim vibrator is also an amazing sex toy for women that allows for solo or partner play.

Switch up where you masturbate

Most of us are used to getting comfy on the couch or in bed, spending some time pleasuring ourselves. But perhaps it's time for you to switch up your masturbation location.

Sure, your go-to spots are cozy and comfortable, but if you want to add some spice, try some exciting locations. Try masturbating at work, in your backyard—someplace where there's a chance you may get caught. And when there's an element of surprise, well, masturbating becomes that much more fun.

Use a masturbation sleeve

If you're a man looking for a sex toy for men, you need an interactive male masturbator. Masturbation sleeves are amazing sex toys for penis-owners. Kiiroo's masturbation sleeves allow for hand-held or hands-free pleasure.

All you do is slip your penis inside the sleeve to stimulate the feeling of vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Using interactive vibrating masturbators like the Titan by Kiiroo and the Titan Power Sleeve will increase your stamina through its vibration technology.

One-way interactive sex toys for men like masturbation sleeves will take your masturbation to a whole new level.

Incorporate anal play

Whether you're a man or woman, anal play can provide you with a lot of pleasure. All butts are packed with sensitive nerve endings, and stimulating them feels amazing. If you have a prostate, it can be stimulated through anal play.

Using a finger to massage or insert into the anus is a good start before working your way up to butt plugs. Give butt plugs a try; they're a lot of fun. The Lumen app-controlled butt plug is ribbed for extra pleasure and comes with remote control for two way interactive pleasure.

Mutual masturbation

Masturbating is a solo act, but who says you have to masturbate alone? Mutual masturbation can happen whether your partner is next to you or if you’re in a long-distance relationship.

While you’re pleasuring yourself, you’ll get to watch your partner do the samethe trick is not to touch each other. Of course, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, that part will be easy. Start off slow and sensual, exploring your body while keeping eye contact. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

There are tons of ways you can spice up your masturbation routine, you just need to figure out which ones suit you best. We recommend trying out one of Kiiroo's sex toys to not only make masturbation more exciting but improve your overall sex life as well.


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