Exciting Locations to Masturbate

Masturbation can become part of a tedious grind if you are not careful. We’d like to welcome you to our wonderful two-part list of places in the world to masturbate!

We take you from the more classic places (like your bed) to some more unusual places (like a ski lift). If you ever thought masturbation was boring, then we might just change your mind. If you’re a masturbation location aficionado, you’re going to love some of our ideas.

Part 1 starts off more traditional and Part 2 is where your imagination is going to start running.We hope you enjoy our list and find at least one new place to try out!


The Classic Locations for Masturbation:

1. In Your Bed

Obviously, the most practical option is in the comfort of your own bed. Not only does it provide privacy, but you’re also within reach of all of your sex toys and lubricants. Sometimes things are classic for a reason.

2. In the Shower

The shower is also a classic place to masturbate. You don’t need to rely on just the showerhead though – you can also bring in your favorite waterproof sex toys. This is also the perfect place to use one of those suction cup dildos. The shower is also a very good place to enjoy an experiment with that super messy Nuru gel you might have seen in Japanese Massage videos.

3. Hotel Room

Everything is better in a hotel room. The showers are better, the pillows are better and the orgasms are better. You can sprawl out on the King sized bed and do whatever your heart and hands desire. But clean up after yourself. Housekeeping hates to scrape ejaculate of the ceiling.

4. Bathtub

Set up a self-love night in the bathroom. Candles and wine might seem overdone in movies, but there is a reason that they are associated with relaxation. If you are heavily into using oils, please skip the candles.
Don’t forget to set up a sexy or soothing playlist.

5. Dorm Room

We’ve all heard stories of listening to roommates masturbate in college. Well, where else are they going to do it? Studying can be stressful so make sure you’re getting some fun time too!

6. Kitchen

Did you know that the kitchen is actually an incredibly popular place to masturbate? I’m not sure what gets people turned on about cooking, but make sure you keep it hygienic!

7. On Your Couch

Similar to your bed, this is the next best place to have a very classic masturbation session. Even better if you still have some of your TV snacks next to you.

Pearl2 kiiroo

The Electronics:

8. With Your Computer

Porn can play a huge role in masturbation. It isn’t necessary, but it can definitely add another dimension to your session. Find a site you like and start watching it in any of your favorite places. Remember to pay for your porn so that ethical content can keep being produced.

9. On Skype Chat

Connecting with someone online can be made more interesting with the simple addition of masturbation over Skype or another similar application. You get to put on a show for someone who might be a few blocks away or even a few countries away. This is also a good way to end up on Xhamster or Pornhub, so make sure you trust your playmate. If you are looking for a secure video chat app, consider the Kiiroo Video Chat Suite. It connects through WEB-RTC and has the capacity to block screen capture software.

10. On Live Cam

Did you know that you could make money while masturbating? Well, thanks to the wonderful Internet and live camera shows, you absolutely can! You can always put on an exhibitionist show, but why not pay some bills with it too!

11. With an Interactive Toy

Add an interactive toy to the mix and you can enjoy an even more intense session. You can connect it to an interactive POV video or interact with a long-distance lover or connect to the toys involved in an online live show. (Hint: Kiiroo devices can do all of the above).

The Vehicles:

12. On the Road

If you’re on a long commute, there is one sure way to make it more interesting. We wouldn’t recommend trying it in bumper-to-bumper traffic as you might be seen or cause an accident, but trying it in a parking zone, national park, or at a gas station could be fun.

13. In a Train

We don’t want you to get intimate with yourself while sitting with the other commuters, but there are private bathrooms on most long-distance trains. In fact, depending on what country you are in, there might be some over-night trains with your own private bed! And if the wagon is empty(ish) you could always put a coat or backpack over your lap as you diddle away. Keep an eye out for the conductor. Be prepared to get fined and kicked from the train though!

14. On an Airplane

Why not join the mile high club by yourself? Those bathrooms are only really big enough for one person, anyway. We’d recommend skipping the classic ‘under the blanket’ and just head to the back of the plane for privacy.  

15. On a Bus

If you have an empty row to yourself on an overnight bus, you can definitely take the opportunity to pleasure yourself (using a blanket, of course). If you’re next to someone… just don’t.

16. Backseat of a Car

You’d be surprised to know how many people masturbate in the backseat of cars while other people are driving. If you can pull this off, you can probably masturbate just about anywhere.

17. In a Moving RV

RVs are already equipped with beds and bathrooms, so really there is no excuse for you not to try it. You get added points for masturbating while the RV is in motion on your way to the Grand Canyon.

vr headset and lube with the kiiroo titan

The Workplace:

18. At Work

Ever have one of those 15-minute breaks that just couldn’t happen any sooner? You’d be able to relieve the stress of working customer service by taking your break in the bathroom…the storage room.. or the roof!!

19. In Your Office

Better yet, if you have your own office or cubicle that can guarantee a little bit of privacy.  Bonus points if you can do it on a conference call without anyone realizing it!

20. In a Supply Closet

You can channel your inner Grey’s Anatomy with this location. Somehow characters on TV shows always manage to find the secluded closets. If you have one at work, then you know exactly what you’re going to try out next.

The Creative:

21. With A Mirror

With a mirror, you get to watch yourself! It’s the perfect mix of exhibitionism and narcissistic voyeurism all at once. You also get an up-close look at how your body works and the parts that enjoy being touched the most.

22. Other people’s homes

Okay, don’t randomly go into someone else’s home and start masturbating. That would be highly illegal. However, if you happen to be house sitting or pet sitting or watering their plants, it is a perfect opportunity to sneak in an orgasm in a new surrounding.

23. Under a Blanket

If you’re into sensory play, then you just might like your own DIY-sensory deprivation fort. If you pull the duvet completely over your head, then you block out all of the light and most of the surrounding sound. The built-up heat and shortage of fresh air can make it even more exciting.

24. Over the Kitchen Sink

Don’t just get it on in the kitchen – you can easily keep it mess-free by masturbating over the sink! Whichever juices may flow out of you, this trick will make it an easy cleanup and also give you some interesting angles to try out.

25. In Every City

Make it your bucket list to masturbate in every city you visit. If you really want to step up the challenge, then try masturbating in the bathroom of well-known museums in each city. That would be something to write about.

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