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UploadVR interview Kiiroo

Kiiroo interviewed in UpLoadVR

After the success of UploadVRs article Sex In Virtual Reality Is Getting Even More Immersive in 2017 with over 5million shares in only a few days! A follow up article was written delving deeper into VR experiences and teledildonics. With interviews from Toon Timmermans; Kiiroo’s CEO, Ghislaine Boddington; Creative Director at body>data>space and Ela Darling; Co-Founder of Cam4VR, and Trudy Darling; a lecturer at Portsmouth University in the UK, the article sets out to go deeper than just the novelty factor of the industry. The article entitled “How Teledildonics Will Create More Intimate VR Experiences”.

If you would like to see some great perceptions of the implications of VR and teledildonics click here to read the full article.