United 4-Way Straight, Bi, Gay - An Erotic Story

Tales of a Male Straight Porn Actor's Husband: United 4-Way Straight, Bi, Gay

This erotic story is part of 'Tales of a Male Straight Porn Actor's Husband' series. LeNair Xavier continues telling this tale after the previous chapter 'Zen's Abstinence...One more day'.

Awaiting Zen’s return home, Kres and I just chilled around the apartment naked. Being naked was only building our anticipation to go at it again. And you could see it. Kres couldn’t talk to me without his eyes scaling my body up and down.

And I couldn’t help but do the same to him. The nerd I am about sex was just amazed watching his cock shift between flaccid to semi-erect as he watched me. Knowing it would get to fully erect and inside me once again when Zen came through to door with his latest scene partner. A scene partner I couldn’t wait to see.

My eagerness to see Zen’s latest scene partner was because in addition to his great taste in choosing men by choosing me, Zen also has incredible taste in women. Great enough to spark my small degree of straight. Hence why I have taken part in some of his post-shoot hook-ups by playing with the women myself.

The door unlocked and Zen walked in. With him was a slim beautiful, brown-skinned beauty. She had black hair that went just past her shoulders with a perfectly placed streak of blond across the front. Going down her right side, then seamlessly fading into her natural color.

Zen introduced her name to me, Phara. She was of Egyptian descent. Her name was a take on the Egyptian word for king, “pharaoh”. And when she walked in, she definitely ruled the room.

Because even Kres who is totally gay was spellbound when he was introduced to her.

Before they made their way back, Zen showed Phara pics of me. So she had an idea of what I looked like, and it seems she liked what she saw. And since I have never been good at hiding my emotions, and even less my lust, Phara read my mutual lust like a book. Fully displaying her exhibitionist spirit by planting a wet kiss right on my lips. This made the planned fun start quickly.

Kres got behind me rubbing my crotch, and Zen got behind Phara doing the same to her. Kres turned me to face him while Zen turned Phara to face him. Kres and Zen led Phara and I to the bed. Putting us on our backs. Phara and I grinned at each other knowing we would continue our pairing in some way later. But first, we had to do Round 2 with the studs we started our day of sex with.

Kres suddenly changed my position. It seems he recalled in our chat before Zen returned home with Phara that I mentioned how much I love to watch tops and straight guys from the back so I can see their cocks going into an ass or pussy.

So Kres moved me almost perpendicular to Zen and Phara with a slight slant. The perfect angle to watch Zen’s condom-wrapped cock slide in and out of Phara.

As they went at it, I was turned on by that live visual of my man pleasuring another, as well as Kres simultaneously sliding in and out of me.

Kres found himself turned on by that visual as well. Even though it did not gross him out, he wasn’t the biggest fan of watching straight sex no matter how hot the guy was. But the quick glances of Zen with Phara in addition to my tight hole wrapped around his cock again was getting to him.

So much so that he came. And at the same time, so did Phara with Zen. Kres then collapsed his sweaty body on top of me, drenching me. Then he slid off of me.

Kres then said, “Fuck! You spoiled me today. Go have some fun with them now. You earned it.”

So I did.

Phara came, but you could tell she wanted more. With that more coming from me.

The double pleasure from Kres put me in no mood to penetrate. But I definitely wanted to at least eat Phara out. I started sucking on her clit, then in sync with the rhythm of my sucks, I fingered her g-spot.

Zen made Phara come, but he himself did not yet. And he was still hard. So he then came up behind me on his knees and started fucking me from behind.

This was all a pleasing sensory overload to Phara. With me eating her out while seeing Zen fuck me with a condom drenched with her vagina fluids from the orgasm he caused her to have. So I was tasting her vagina’s sweetness through my mouth and my ass.

In my multi-tasking, I caught a glimpse of Kres still glistening with sweat getting so turned on watching this that he stroked himself enough to cum again. So that was 3 times in one day for him.

As we continued, Phara’s moans were slowly getting louder and louder. Then I felt her muscles contract even more. She was having another orgasm. This now meant that both members of a male couple made her come. It was quite the ego stroke to both Zen and myself.

Because of that, we both felt our jobs of pleasuring our playmates was complete. Zen got so engulfed by the feeling that he grabbed me by my waist, and pulled me up to him, aggressively saying, “Come here!”

Zen kissed my neck, turned me around, then threw me down on my back. He then snatched off the condom he was wearing, put my legs on his shoulders, then entered me raw. He pounded me passionately. Looking deep into my eyes with each thrust as if we were the only ones in the room even though we were not. We smiled at each other and he suddenly whispered, “I love you”.

I whispered back, “I love you too, Baby”.

That response did it for Zen. He just screamed, “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” Followed by me feeling his cock throb inside me. And even after his scene with Phara, his cum still gushed so hard that I felt it land inside me.

The intensity of his orgasm and ejaculation was a classic Zen post video shoot. And it is what keeps us so into each other. Knowing our mental and emotional connection plus our sex drive brings out such intensity. We both know how rare it is and appreciate each other for inspiring it in each other.

Our playmates noticed it, too. Zen and I never purposely ignored them. They just saw our orgasm, smiled at the sight of what it said, got dressed, then bid us farewell. We offered to walk them out, but both Kres and Phara insisted on letting themselves out.

Allowing Zen and I to stay in bed. Basking in our afterglow. Or even though we might appear exhausted as sweaty as we were, maybe go another round.

The fact is the choice was ours.


LeNair Xavier

LeNair Xavier has studied sex and sexuality by reading up on and observing various sexual behaviors. These observations has led to time in the gay porn industry, and now writing erotic poetry. Tales of his journeys leading to his growing sexual knowledge can be found on his blog, L’s X-Ray Vision.

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