What the Year of the Rooster Can Teach Us About Sex

What the Year of the Rooster Can Teach Us About Sex

Let’s Celebrate the Cock!

Say what you will about the scientific basis for horoscopes, here at Kiiroo we’re happy with anything that can bring a sense of positivity productivity, and groundedness in a person’s life (making you feel good is kind of our thing, after all). So we’re incredibly excited about the transition to the year of the Rooster on the 28 January as part of the Chinese New Year.

What Does The Rooster Symbolise?

Traditionally the Rooster symbolizes new beginnings, a fresh start, and the dawn of a new day. All great things to boost motivation entering into a new year. The Chinese New Year doesn’t just assign an animal to each year either, but an element too. In keeping with this, we have a Fire Rooster this 2017, creating an even stronger call to action and prompting anyone who takes up the rooster’s crow to do so with passion and vigor.

Of course, the Rooster represents so much more than this but we often find that life is a bit more fun when you add some sex appeal to it.

There’s wisdom in the crowing of the Rooster and we’ve decided to let you know exactly what lessons you can apply to your sex life. Read on to discover more.

Don’t Be Afraid To Strut Your Stuff

What do we know about roosters in general? They’re quite well known for being able to strut their stuff. The apparent confidence and swagger of a rooster when trying to woo a potential partner is so iconic that it’s become a fundamental part of how the rooster is seen in Chinese culture.

Take up some of this Rooster spirit by aiming to boost your self-confidence in the bedroom. Do and wear things that are complementary to your personality and make you feel good about yourself. Try your hand at putting on a show and strutting your stuff, even if no one is there (it’s all for you after all).

As your confidence increases then you may feel naturally inclined to bring a bit of that brilliance into your sexual activities. If you do there’s a high likelihood that fun will ensue.

Be Honest To Yourself And Others

There’s no mistaking the crow of a rooster. Without hesitation, it lets out its bellowing voice for all around it to hear. No hesitation. No fear. Honest and open to the world.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you go around telling everyone you know about your latest foray into sensation play, or something similar, but it does pay to communicate with your sexual partners.

It’s important that you feel like your voice has been heard and that your needs and boundaries are clearly conveyed in every sexual interaction you have. This applies not just to consent but also to what turns you on, what you’d like to try, and what feels awesome.

If you’re with someone and they hit the right spot, then let out your own ‘crow’ of approval. Be vocal, be honest. That way they’re more likely to continue trying to maintain that pleasure while also feeling better about themselves and actively learning how to pleasure you more effectively.

The same applies for if something hurts or just doesn’t do anything—you do not have to endure an uncomfortable or boring sexual situation and it’s damaging for everyone involved if these things aren’t spoken about.

Having such conversations can be nerve-wracking, we understand but keep the Rooster in mind and you might get a courage boost.

Make Time For Your Sex Life

Roosters are punctual. Up at dawn, keeping time for themselves and others.

A lot of us are also very good timekeepers too. We have to be—life can get so hectic nowadays and there are often multiple things to juggle around. But among the mix of work, family life, friends, chores, and other obligations, our sex life can sometimes struggle. But it doesn’t have to.

Habits are a powerful thing, as are intentions, as if you make an active effort to find the time for sexual indulgence and be very strict about guarding that time then you’ll be surprised at how quickly it becomes doable (quite literally).

And why shouldn’t we guard our sex lives? Sexual wellbeing is fundamental for overall happiness, after all, and if we feel like our sexual happiness is being neglected then it will have a knock-on effect. So consider this when worrying about taking some ‘you time’ and ‘screw time’. Don’t think for a moment that you’re being selfish or investing in something that doesn’t matter because it’s just not true.

It pays to keep time in mind.

The Year of the Rooster: The Ultimate Excuse To Get Kinky With A Feather

Naturally, our final point had to be a bit more cheeky and sexually direct.

Roosters are known for their plumage and their prowess in employing it to great effect.

We don’t have feathers, but we do have access to them, and my gosh how they can amplify a lovemaking session.

Seduce your lover by having them come into you wearing nothing but a feather boa. Use its grand and sensually invigorating plumage to draw them in. Wrap it around them. Subtly shift it about so that they can really feel the feathers. Feather boas are wildly underrated when it comes to modern seduction tactics.

Engage in some sensation play by blindfolding your partner and running a single feather (or a feather duster) over their body in various places. Perhaps experiment with some tickling. Be playful as well as alluring.

Feathers on masks, feather-linings for corsets, and feathers to conceal and tease as you put on a saucy burlesque performance. Any gender, any sex, can enjoy what feathers have to offer. Just make sure the feathers are ethically sourced, of you might be doing the spirit of the Rooster a bit of a disservice.

And That’s All Folks!

By now we hope you’re convinced when it comes to the wisdom of the cock. And, of course, you don’t have to stop here either.

What does the Rooster mean to you? How might you embody it in the bedroom? Are there any other zodiac animals (or animals in general) that you can gain inspiration from? Let us know in the comments and, in the meantime, Happy Chinese New Year.

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