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The Garden Party II: An Erotic Story by KIIROO

The Garden Party II

When Jon found out I had been invited to Trixie’s Halloween party he insisted I’d let him join me. I was reluctant. This is likely going to be a rather strange affair… and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, in this case, I told him.

He winked.

My man, my man, he said, you bet it’s going to be strange! I’m now really curious to see this Trixie with my own eyes, after that obscene story you told me, haha! But hey, he added with a more serious voice, do you have any idea what kind of family you’re getting yourself involved with?

I’m not getting involved…

Haha, you wish! You’ve been caught in Trixie’s net. She’s going to haul you in!

No way…

So why are you going then?

I’m curious.

So am I! But let me tell you this: I happen to know that her father is Leo Lixivium.


And, well, he’s probably the most rich and powerful man you’re ever going to meet in your life.

I shrugged and said: I wasn’t planning on meeting him. But who is this Leo and why do you know about him?

He’s the CEO of Helios, one of the largest private equity firms in the world.

I’ll be damned! Okay, come along. I might be out of my depth among such people on my own.

We decided that we’d better make sure to present ourselves in decent outfits. Jon dressed like a gladiator, wearing a cuirass and wielding a shiny spear of polished steel. I wore a dark blue robe and my attributes were a scythe and an hourglass.

I had never been to Trixie’s house when we arrived at the address she’d given me I knew Jon had been speaking the truth about Trixie’s family: this was not a mere mansion, this was the kind of pompous palace a Roman emperor, or Louis XIV, would have deemed perfectly suitable. The walk from the gates to the entrance hall took us through a vast garden, all laid out in symmetrical geometric shapes.

We were greeted by a porter who escorted us through enormous halls and a great number of corridors until we reached a veranda at the back of the manor.

Only then did we stumble on the other guests. There were a couple of dozen of them on the veranda, while many others were wandering through the gardens. There was a great rectangular pool about fifty yards from the house; the light of dozens of torches reflected off the silver, motionless water. A number of people had gathered behind the pool, in a round field which was also lit by torches. All the guests were dressed in lavish costumes… not the sort of costumes you’d see in bars, or on the streets, but more chic – more classical.

Well, well, Jon said, we fit right in! Thank God we cared so much about our appearance.

It was indeed uncanny how we had (half) unwittingly managed to become part of this assembly of pagan gods and idols.

We took a few drinks and tried to mingle. As was to be expected Jon was more successful in this pursuit. He was fearless in any social setting, while my slightly more reserved – and perhaps somewhat melancholic – temperament made it harder for me to adapt to this exclusive and obviously extremely affluent crowd. And where was Trixie?

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Jon was soon engaged in a lively conversation with two gorgeous young ladies, a beautiful Mediterranean looking girl named Atalanta; and Rosa, whose long white hair and pearl white skin perfectly suited her angel costume. It was a rather unique costume because she wore eight- instead of the usual two wings, which gave her the appearance of an angelic white rose. Everything she wore consisted of the finest lace and silk, and the fine features of her body were hardly hidden.

A few drinks later things had much improved, as Jon and I found ourselves in a ballroom, dancing with Atalanta and Rosa. After a while, we decided to go outside. I felt my luck had changed because I had ended up accompanying angelic Rosa, while Jon was walking with Atalanta. As we strolled deeper into the gardens the torchlight gave way for moonlight. I began to feel a passionate urge to disrobe Rosa and take her there and then. But first I had to pee… while I still could. I excused myself and wandered off into some bushes, nearby. On my way back to the small field where I had left the others I was suddenly immersed in complete darkness. I was about to start shouting when I heard a female voice:

Stay calm. You are not blind, but you have entered my tent.

What tent? I was walking on a garden path.

And now you’re in my tent.

How is that possible?

I caught you.


I dropped this tent on top off you, from the tree underneath which you were walking. A black silken square.

That’s crazy… hey, it’s you, isn’t it, Trixie?

Yes, it’s me, she laughed.

How did you know I was here?

Rosa brought you to me, hahaha. Now, as you know, I like being in a tent with you. It would please me if we reiterate what happened the previous time.

Oh God, you tricked me again! Good on you Trixie, haha! Come here, let me once more feel that Golden Ass of yours.

There was movement in the darkness and then I felt breasts pressing into my lower chest. We kissed and my hands slid down her back to her divine behind.

It’s nice to, ehm, feel you again, Trixie.

The pleasure is all mine, she answered. Now put down your hourglass please, you have no need for it here; as you can clearly see, time is not visible in this place.

Neither are you…

Perhaps I wanted to say something, but I was distracted – Trixie had somehow undone my robe and I suddenly felt her lips on the tip of my dick. She kissed me a few times and then she took it into her mouth and started to suck. She began to hum a hauntingly beautiful tune. This tune and the vibrations it caused in my entire lower body – from the tip of my erection to my upper legs and my stomach – had me entranced.

She motioned me to sit on my knees, without taking her lips off my cock. Then she gently pushed me backward until I lay on my back in the grass. She managed to keep me in her mouth all the time. Then she moved her body on top of me, gently rotating her mouth around my cock until her legs rested on my shoulders and her ass pressed against my face. It was extra intense in this total darkness: her pussy had become the center of the universe – it had become the universe. Her pussy and the humming. The void turned pink.

I came like a geyser.

Written By

Basilio Valentino

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