The Future of Smart Vibrators

The vibrator came a long way. Let’s watch back and see how this pleasure toy evolved into a smart vibrator and think together about the future. What will the future smart vibrator look like? We have some suggestions and let’s say; men you better step your game up if you do not want to lose your spot.

How it all started…

Back in the 19th century, when women had unexplained pains, doctors would stimulate a woman to heal them. Because only doctors were allowed to give a woman an orgasm all their fingers run-down. Joseph Mortimer Granville invented the first vibrator called ‘Granville`s Hammer’ to give the fingers of all the poor doctors some rest. It did not take long before women could get vibrator treatments in luxury spas.
A bit later the vibrator was used in porn movies and got a bad slum image. However, when the emancipation of women started, the vibrator became a symbol of the equality of woman.

pearl2 sex toy for women for her kiiroo

Does it get better?

Nowadays it is said that at least 52% of all women do have one or more vibrators in their bedroom. How many do you have? The vibrator is socially accepted, but it is still evolving every day into a smarter vibrator. KIIROO designed the pearl vibrator which allows women to experience the full pleasure themselves, but also control the movements of the male masturbator by touching their Pearl. This is revolutionary, but how do you think the future of the vibrator will look like?

The future of the smart vibrators

It is said that men think with their penis (totally agree). In the future, a vibrator will be able to think for women. Do you remember the Tamagotchi? A little device which needs to be fed and played with. The device wanted your full attention. In the future, vibrators will be like that. It gives you a sign when you do not play enough, makes a noise when it wants to join you in the shower and only starts vibrating when you call it by name. Your vibrator will feel if you fancy a quick, or a hot and steamy adventure. And the vibrator will give signals if he sees something alarming in your female parts. Cheers! Less awkward trips to the doctor.

The better you take care of your vibrator, the better it will take care of you. What do you want the future smart vibrators to do or look like? What do you think of?

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