The Best Interactive Vibrators of 2021

The Best Remote Control Vibrators on the Market Now!

Where do I even start with sex toys? There are so many on the market, it can become overwhelming trying to figure out what’s right for you.
Do I want something that vibrates? Should I try anal beads? How about dildos? The questions never end. And you don’t want to choose just any sex toyyou want one that’s going to hit the spot.

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or looking for one way interactive solo pleasure, we compiled the best interactive vibrators of 2021. There’s a little bit for everyone on the list with sex toys for women and men.

If you like to keep things classic...Kiiroo’s Pearl2

Though this may appear to be a classic vibrator, don’t kid yourself. The Pearl2 has a twist to it. It’s the most advanced G-spot vibrator, focusing on fulfilling all your sexual needs.

The best thing about this toy is that it can be used with or without your partner. Via the smartphone app, FeelConnect 3.0, your partner can control your toy, or you can connect it to your favorite interactive content for one way interactive fun.

If you want the full package…OhMiBod Fuse

Looking for the full treatment? Well, that’s when you need the OhMiBod Fuse rabbit vibrator. The beauty of the Fuse interactive rabbit vibrator is that you can use it for solo or partnered play.

While you can use it in a long-distance relationship, you can also stimulate yourself on your own. This two way interactive vibrator that can be paired with your partner’s Kiiroo device via the smartphone app. Your partner will have full control of your toy, and you’ll have full control of their toy.

Sex toys for men and women by kiiroo

If you’re always on the go...OhMiBod Esca2

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time in their day to sit down and touch yourself, well, then the Esca2 is the toy for you. It’s a wearable vibrator that can be worn for solo or partner pleasure. If you’re horny in the middle of the day, your partner can control the toy via the app.

The Esca2, however is one way interactive. Meaning that it can be connected to Kiiroo’s devices but you can't control your partner's device with the Esca2. So your partner can get in on the fun too, by controlling your device with the app or device. Oh, and the Esca2 is also waterproof (I’ll let your imagination take it from here).

If you like to pack light...Kiiroo’s Cliona

Not everyone wants to keep a regular-sized sex toy in their nightstand, especially if you live at home with your family. But the Cliona is discrete and subtle. But don’t let its size fool you. The Cliona is the world’s most technologically advanced G-spot vibrator that you can use for solo and partner play.

When it comes to clitoral stimulation, this is one of the best sex toys for women out there. Plus, you can take it traveling with you and not worry about it adding weight to your luggage. What more could you ask for in remote control vibrators?

If you’re in a long-distance relationship…Onyx+ Pearl2 Set

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you probably want to spice up your video chat with your partner. For that, you’ll want a couple’s set. The Onyx+ Pearl2 is the long-distance relationship intimacy necessity. It’s a must-have. Why play alone when you can play with your partner?

Whether you’re in neighboring cities or on the other side of the world, you and your partner can close the intimacy gap. The Pearl2 is one of the best remote control vibrators on the market, with G-spot vibrator-enabled technology. The Onyx+ male masturbator reached 140 strokes per minute for ultimate pleasure. The sets are also offered for lesbian and gay couples as well.

If you like backdoor adventures…Lumen Butt Plug

Anal play is all the rage, which means you need the best of the best when it comes to butt plugs. If you’re into explore anal play, then you’ll need the Lumen butt plug. See, this isn’t like the other butt plugs on the market.

The Lumen is app-controlled, meaning you can use the Lumen butt plug for solo or partner play. During a steamy session of video chat with your partner, insert the butt plug and let your partner take control.

The cushioned ridges and 4-mode pulsations give you ultimate P-spot and G-spot stimulation. The app-controlled butt plug also allows for dual stimulationso your partner can join in on the experience.

Finding the best vibrator isn’t an easy task. But we made it easy with this list. Check out the toys on this list and see which one is best for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our team!


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