Symbiotic With Zen - An Erotic Story


This erotic story is part of 'Tales of a Male Straight Porn Actor's Husband' series. LeNair Xavier continues telling this tale after the previous chapter 'Zen's Abstinence...One More Day'.


Zen and I are not only in love with each other. We are also in lust. Both the love and lust is so in sync that it has come to my attention that whenever Zen goes on a shoot, I get stimulated right along with him.

I realized this after one shoot, when he came home wanting some of the aforementioned post- shoot sex sparked by the horniness from abstaining for a shoot. I told him that as hungry as I was for him that I had been masturbating all day. I also told him that the urge hit out of nowhere. Something made him ask if I knew around the time it happened. I actually did know. And once I told him, his jaw dropped.

It turned out that was when the sex from his scene started.

At first, we thought it was a mere coincidence. But after testing the theory with a couple more of Zen’s other shoots, we realized that our libidos were indeed in synched.

So when Zen starts fucking on a porn set, my natural horniness kicks even more into gear than usual. And if I’m fucking while he’s on a porn set, but has yet to fuck, his being in synch with me makes him anxious with horniness. Adding to the passion at which he goes at his scene partner with. I’ve seen the proof in some of his scenes.

Plus, if I’m still fucking once he starts, the sex I’m having gets even more intense. At times, sex with the side-piece sex seems so good that a raise in intensity by being in sync with Zen seems impossible, but it does somehow happen.

Well, today was bound to be one of those days. Because Kres, one of the tops from the 5-man orgy Zen and I partook in during our vacation had made good on his plans and had just arrived.

As Kres was coming to the apartment, Zen was leaving. And as they crossed paths, they smiled and slapped each other on the ass. Because while Kres was there to top me, he also wouldn’t mind topping Zen’s cute butt.

But Zen, who is actually a versatile top, only allows me to top least for now. In any case, as one top with a great ass (Zen) was leaving, another top (Kres) with a nice juicy butt was coming in. So the ass-man that I am was happier than a pig in slop.

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As soon as the door closed, Kres and I admired each other clothed for about a minute. For during that 5-man orgy, we only saw each other clothed for a few seconds before we all went at it. Making this time’s admiration while clothed built up our tension to see each other naked again.

I could not wait to see Kres’ slightly tanned smooth Asian skin butt naked again. Eager to get sexier from the sweat of fucking me, and only me. Thereby giving me a chance to focus even more so on his body.

We wasted no time. Even though I was home waiting for Kres, I was fully clothed. Kres snatched off my t-shirt and undid my shorts and pulled me close to him. While pressed against him, I reached down and undid his pants while looking him right in the eye. That made his cock grow so large that I had to move around it to make Kres’ pants drop.

I pulled away for a bit so I could admire Kres appeasing my kink for hot guys wearing only a top and no pants. I contemplated going back to take off the shirt, then decided that I wanted him to pound me just like that ---wearing a shirt, but no pants. So as I backed onto the bed, I pulled him to me by tugging on the end of his shirt. And I fell back with him on top of me.

We kissed some more, then he put my legs up. He then proceeded to start rimming me. His rimming skills made my hole twitch with so much pleasure. Doing what I thought was impossible by rivaling Zen’s. To the point that in the heat of the moment, I thought of upping the ante on my open marriage to Zen to become a polyamorous one by including Kres.

Kres made my hole so wet and hungry that the lube I had sitting on the nightstand almost seemed unnecessary. I did say almost. So Kres put some on his fingers then fingered my hole, then put some on his cock. I was so hungry for him I became aware of my hole doing exactly what a former playmate said my hole does when I’m eager to bottom. He said that my “hole opens up all hungry then grabs like a vice”.

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Once inside that grip, Kres moaned like crazy. He started thrusting away massaging various areas of me body while pounding me in missionary. And I returned the massage by doing so on his round butt cheeks as they flexed with his inward thrusts.

With intense moments, then some slow tender ones, I could see the clock and noticed that Kres and I were at it for at least an hour. But still going. During which recognition, I felt this sudden surge of sensation. The rhythm of it was not in sync with Kres’ motions.

That is when I realized that Zen must be on his porn set fucking his scene partner. So I was having another symbiotic moment. This time however, it hit me while I was also in the middle of my own encounter. It was compounding with the pleasure I was getting from Kres. Making it incredibly intense.

I started to have an anal orgasm from the intensity, and the rapid-fire contractions of my hole caused Kres to orgasm. Gushing inside me. We collapsed onto the bed. Moving closer to spoon.

Then as he reached his arm over to embrace me, I could see exactly what I wanted to see. His smooth skin glistening with sweat. We cuddled with his sweaty chest on my back and him kissing my neck while I kissed his hand and forearm. Then we fell asleep.

Sometime later, we woke up to my cellphone ringing. It was Zen. He was on his way home. And he was bringing his female scene partner with him. So he wanted to know if Kres was up for a4-way with a woman.

I asked Kres and he said he was all for it. So it seems my sex-filled day was not done yet...


LeNair Xavier

LeNair Xavier has studied sex and sexuality by reading up on and observing various sexual behaviors. These observations has led to time in the gay porn industry, and now writing erotic poetry. Tales of his journeys leading to his growing sexual knowledge can be found on his blog, L’s X-Ray Vision.

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