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All shapes and sizes

All shapes and sizes

We here at Kiiroo are focused on ensuring everybody can have the sex life they deserve, regardless of their lifestyle, relationship status, age, gender or orientation. Our goal is to bring adults closer together than they’ve ever been before, creating an online sexual experience, unlike anything that’s come before…

Our aim is to ensure that people from all walks of life are able to enjoy themselves sexually. Our pleasure product design is focused on a stylish motif with discretion as a priority. We wanted to ensure you’re comfortable carrying your intimate devices everywhere you go and that you never go another orgasm free evening. Our Pearl device comes with a sleek velvet carry case allowing you complete subtlety when traveling, the Onyx device for men looks as inconspicuous on your shelf as any another electronic device.

No matter your status; in a relationship, married or single… Our Onyx and Pearl pleasure devices can be used and enjoyed by everyone. One for you and your partner, or one just for you… Soon you’ll be able to use your solo device to interact with our chat girls and experience a show like never before!

We believe your sexual orientation shouldn’t put any restrictions on enjoying our intimate products so we’ve made it possible to link the devices to its opposite number as well as those of the same gender! Onyx+ to Pearl2, or Onyx+ to Onyx+, whatever your preferences are we can accommodate.

Pearl2 sex toys for her kiiroo

Worried you aren’t tech savvy? Not only are both our devices designed in a discreet manner to ensure subtlety where ever you are but our pleasure platform and programming has been created in a way that is easy for adults of every age and ability to use and understand. Setting up your devices is made simple with the step by step online guide, downloads and updates take place through the pleasure platform so there is no chance of you missing it!

Also, in the very near future, we’ll be releasing an app for smartphones to make accessing and using the platform even simpler!

Visit our online store now and join us as we enter a new generation of pleasure…