Dare to Dance: The Sexual Appeal of Dancing

Dare to Dance

Have you ever felt the rhythm? That rising beat that you just can’t help but respond to? Have you moved (even just a little) in unison with that beat? Closed your eyes? Felt your body? If so then you already know the fundamentals of why dance can be sexy.

Dance and the Sexual Appeal of Dancing

We all know that dancing is sexy as all hell. From the passionate bump ‘n grind of a club to the vulnerable adorable bedroom shuffle that we’ve all attempted, there’s something deep down inside of us that tells us dancing equals getting laid. And it’s no surprise either.

Dance has been a massive part of human desire and courtship for as long as we can remember. Dance was a part of communal rituals, could act as a private display, and even gained a strong sense of dominance and sexual power.

If you lead a dance then you have someone enraptured with your motions—your body in its purest, rhythmic sense. You dictate how they see you and how you present yourself. Such power can be used for all different forms of seduction.

A Variety Of Styles

And, indeed, different societies and time periods have used dance sexually in different ways. ‘Dance’ may be an overarching term, but I think we can all agree that a sweeping ballroom courtship is vastly different to an elegant spiraling on the pole. Both are sexy but in different ways.

It’s also fair to say that some dance styles (such as traditional ballroom dancing) have gone somewhat out of fashion, which is a shame. Over the years, mankind has created some very interesting dance rituals in the pursuit of getting laid, but not all of them have been preserved.

The vibrant display of the can-can had its heyday in the nineteenth century—where it would regale patrons at the local cabaret bar and, although it is still performed today, you won’t find many people ruffling their dresses and going for the vigorous leg thrust that this dance is well known for outside of novelty shows.

Lost almost completely to time is the ‘Hoochie Coochie’—a dance which seems to have been like belly dancing and which took America, Britain, and France by storm in the late nineteenth century. Very little is known about the particulars of this dance, except that it was described as “Neither dancing or the head nor the feet”, allowing one main area of motion.

The ever-alluring feather dance has also waned in interest, making an appearance in the Miss Nude Competition of 2000 but otherwise fading in popularity. Then again maybe this one’s for the better. Storing those fans must be incredibly inconvenient.

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Moving To Seduce

We’ve lost a fair few dance styles over the years when it comes to courting the objects of our desire, but we’ve also gained many more (twerking), refined those we have (pole dancing, in particular, has gained increasing respect), and even brought interesting new perspectives to the sex-dance fundamentals (intersectional queer burlesque, anyone?)

But what are your primary options nowadays if you’re aiming to embrace your own allure? Well, we’re not the final word on this question, but we do have a few opinions of our own.

Club dancing is the first thing that instantly comes to mind when thinking of dance and sex. A lot of people still attend clubs specifically to strut their stuff and boldly claim their own sexuality as they scope out potential partners for the evening.

There’s something very comforting and empowering about the communal element of a club. It’s basically the modern equivalent of old ritual dances done in groups. The ambience draws you in and, in an ideal situation, you are often accompanied by a group of friends who can assist you should things turn sour.

Pole dancing is another classic. There’s a reason why many clubs feature at least one pole. Intimate and suggestive, pole dancing allows the dancer to engage in exhibitionism as they display their (damned impressive) prowess to all those who watch.

The pole is also a very useful tool for grinding against, spinning on, or supporting your body while showcasing its finer motions. Just don’t underestimate the work that goes in to a truly masterful pole dance—it can be hard work for sure!

Burlesque allows people to take a more playful approach and is usually reserved for two places—the stage or the bedroom.

Bedroom burlesque tends to be all about the aesthetic, the hip motions, and a slight sense of cheek but it’s worth remembering that traditional burlesque is much more about challenging societal norms when it comes to gender, sexuality, and desire. Bring a bit of playful absurdity and creativity in to your burlesque to truly embrace its spirit. There are a lot of great performers out there if you need inspiration.

Belly dancing is dwindling in popularity but we feel like it can be a perfect way to entertain in the bedroom too.

Our current society places a lot of vulnerability on the stomach and its importance when determining self-worth and attractiveness, but you don’t need a flat stomach and six-pack abs to start embracing a healthier view of your stomach. Belly dancing allows you to embrace your stomach exactly as it is and to find the sexual allure that it can naturally evoke. Move from the stomach and you may just find yourself gaining more guts when it comes to self-love as well as seduction.

And last, but certainly not least, we absolutely must give credit to the iconic striptease, which comes in many forms but almost always ends up putting a smile on people’s faces.

Striptease, like burlesque, is another dance that is usually performed in established relationships and this adds a wonderful complexity to them. On the one hand, you’re dancing for someone you know and your actions and expressions may seem familiar to them, but the way that you present them will be different—bolder, perhaps, more daring. This allows for a sense of excitement and a thrill that can be playfully alluring for everyone involved.

And That’s All For Now!

Sure,.. dancing in front of someone can be a very nerve-inducing affair at first—and we’ll be the first to admit that. But once you get into the swing of things dancing can often lead to a brilliant physical and psychological release before leading up to a strong sexual climax. Partners in a Long Distance relationship can also dance for one and other as it is remarkably enjoyable to watch your significant other bust a move just to entertain you.

Just someone please Can-Can their partner into submission! It must be done!

Written by:

Dr. Emmeline Peaches
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