Male Masturbators: The next big thing

Why sex toys for men are the next big thing

Vibrators already enjoy a somewhat mainstream status, but what about adult sex toys for men? Why is there more stigma? At KIIROO, we don’t believe there should be. Everyone should have a fulfilling sex life, and adult cyber toys can help.
It’s estimated that about 1 in 7 relationships exists over long-distance. For most people, a healthy sex life is part of a healthy, happy relationship. But it’s hard to have a sex life when you’re separated by hours or even time zones, and video chat sessions can only go so far.


The KIIROO Onyx+ was designed to feel as much like real penetration as possible. Its contracting and expanding rings mimic the muscles inside a vagina. These rings expand and contract according to the movement made by a corresponding device, either a KIIROO Pearl2 or another KIIROO Onyx+. Or check out our assortment of male sex toys.

In layman’s terms, this means that instead of creating the sensation yourself by moving your arm or your pelvis, your partner actually creates the sensation for you, just like in-person, skin-on-skin sex. You can literally feel your partner from miles away.


What brands like Lelo, JimmyJane, Cobra Libre, and We-Vibe did for female vibrators, we’re doing for male masturbators. We aren’t just focused on making the internal technology as advanced as possible: We’ve also created something that looks and performs like a luxury product.

The KIIROO Onyx+ is enclosed in a sleek, stylish case. From the outside, there’s no indication that it’s an adult sex toy. You can leave it on your nightstand with little fear of it drawing attention.

We think it’s time to end the stigma and start enriching long-distance sex lives. What about you? Ready to get started?

Read along for the ultimate male masturbators guide!


Male masturbators. You might have a lot of questions about them. And not the kinds you want to ask your parents. Fear not, you’re about to become an expert. Get ready for unlimited pleasure and find out what male masturbator is perfect for you.


So what exactly is a male masturbator? Is it a job title? A way to describe your average Friday night? Nope.

Male masturbators are basically sex toys designed for men. Yes, you got that right. Sex toys aren’t just for women. Men can join in on the fun as well! Hey, you gotta give your right hand a break once in a while, right?

To be more specific, a male masturbator is a kind of male sex toy where you can insert your penis into while masturbating. Aka, a fancier version of your favorite sport sock. They come in different shapes, sizes, pressures, and textures to provide ultimate pleasure.

Male masturbators can also be referred to as pocket pussies or strokers.


There’s really no limit in the ways you can use your masturbator. They’re a great alternative for the real thing when you’re by yourself. But you can also use them to play together with your partner. And thanks to modern, interactive masturbators, you can even play when you’re apart from each other. It’s up to you!

So whether you’re single or in a relationship: male masturbators are for all men that enjoy masturbating.

How do male masturbators work? Well, there’s a bunch of different types that all give you a different sensation. There’s bound to be one to tickle your fancy. We’ll break them down for you in the next text.

  1. Textured sleeves

Let’s start off with the most basic male masturbators: the textured sleeve. A textured sleeve is a flexible tube that’s open on both ends. They’re not anatomically correct, but they still provide more sensation than when you would simply use your hand to pleasure yourself. There’s often an area with an extra surface for extra stimulation.

If you’re looking for something that’s not expensive and isn’t too ‘out there’, the textured sleeve is a good masturbator to start with. We have already sorted some for you out.

  1. Realistic strokers

Realistic strokers are the most well-known sex toys for men. Unlike the textured sleeves, they only have an opening on one side. These openings often look like a vagina, anus or mouth. This further enhances the fantasy. Inside the stroker is a textured canal. Strokers are usually made of stretchy, lifelike material. It warms up to body temperature, which adds to the lifelike sensation.

Strokers can come as just a soft tube or with a hardcover surrounding it where you can put a lid on. One example would be the Feel Stroker by Kiiroo.

  1. Milking machines

Do you get tired easily? Or do you just don’t feel like putting in the effort? Then milking machines are for you! The beauty of these bad boys is that they do all the work for you. You won’t have to break a sweat. You probably will, though, when you reach a powerful climax.

How do milking machines work? You put your dick into it and it sucks and massages you into a mind-blowing orgasm. What’s not to love? Men describe the sensation as if the orgasm is being ‘milked’ out of them. Do you love nothing more than the sucking sensation on your cock during a blowjob? Then this is the male masturbator for you!

These days, milking machines come with all kinds of cool extra features to maximize your pleasure even further. How about having your masturbator connect to virtual reality porn or with the sex toy of your partner?

One of the most popular milking machines on the market is the Onyx+. It provides not a vibrating, but rather a milking sensation. Thanks to the 10 different rings on the inside that contract, giving you the feeling of getting milked. Oh, yeah!

  1. Vibrators

Vibrators have a reputation as a sex toy for women. But men can enjoy vibrating sensations on their genitals just as much as women can. Vibrators are male masturbators that vibrate on and around your penis. It’s a sensation like you’ve never experienced before.

How do vibrators work? They resemble the milking machines. You place your dick into the vibrating head of the masturbator and off you go!

An advantage of vibrators is that with most models you don’t need to have an erection to use them. That makes it the perfect sex toy when you experience occasional erectile dysfunction.

Some masturbators are hands-free, just like the milk machines. Others require you to move them up and down, like the Titan by Kiiroo, which resembles traditional masturbation. These vibrators are perfect to use for couple’s play.

Good vibes only!

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