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Collection: Titan Sleeves

Male masturbation sleeves - no more mediocre orgasms

At Kiiroo, we know not all orgasms are made equal. With the aid of a stroker sleeve, you’ll be reaching whole new levels of satisfaction with sensations you didn’t even know existed. The result is something we believe every man should experience at least once - an orgasmic experience that’s to die for.

The Kiiroo male masturbator sleeve range

Our small but intentional range of stroker sleeves designed exclusively for Titan, are designed to fulfil your needs. Whether you’re looking to increase your stamina in the bedroom or experience mind-blowing anal simulations, our male masturbation sleeves are a one-way ticket to increased performance and sexual ecstasy.

The Power Sleeve - where pleasure meets performance

The Power Sleeve - For TITAN By KIIROO™ provides the two things men care about most when it comes to sex - pleasure and performance. Sit back and enjoy a stroker sleeve experience designed not only to bring you to intense orgasm, but to also increase your stamina along with your heart rate.

The Tight Fit Sleeve - the back door to heaven

The Tight Fit Sleeve - For TITAN By KIIROO™ is the perfect stroker sleeve for the anal sex lovers. Feel the sensual grip of its narrow chamber as it strides up and down your shaft, tantalizing you until you reach a climax so intense that one time isn’t enough. Finally - an anal simulation you can really get behind.

Dare we suggest it - both stroker sleeves?

Now you’ve read about what our masturbation sleeves can do, you’re probably debating which one to buy. They’re both so different - but both guaranteed to wet your appetite. Well - why choose just one? If you’re torn between the two, the TITAN By KIIROO™ Duo Sleeve Pack gives you more bang for your buck. Enjoy both stroker sleeves at a discounted price and get double the pleasure at a lower cost. Seems like a total win-win situation to us!

Our stroker sleeves for men are intended for use with the TITAN by KIIROO™ device. If you don’t have one yet, you can purchase the combinations for each sleeve here:

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