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We Launched the KIIROO Platform

Please note that our Desktop platform only works with Onyx and Pearl devices. We recommend downloading the Feel Connect app for your Smartphone.

There is nothing more important to us in our lives than being close to the ones we love, spending lengthy periods of time away from each other can be tough on both of you. We miss seeing them in front of us and hearing their voice, we miss the feeling we get when they touch us and crave the intimacy we shared…

No matter where you are in the world, we can bring you back together…

Our new pleasure products Onyx and Pearl operate on a revolutionary new platform that throws distance out of the window and reconnects you and your partner in a way that has only ever been a fantasy, until now…

KIIROO has the first and only platform in the world that immerses users into a tactile online experience, the next generation of teledildonics that takes your online sexual experiences to another level:

  • Video chat – A video chat program with features that allow for physical movement and sensation online. The program sends video, audio, and tactile data – creating the most immersive online experience to date. With a new conceptual layout and design.
  • Tactile Data – We have the only platform that enables tactile data. Similar to audio, video, and text, however, it is movement date from one device, turned into numbers and sent to another computer device. The program then transfers the data back into the movement for another device to replicate physical sensation.
  • Connection – The platform uses the internet (wireless or cable) to connect computers together. Google, AT&T, and Mozilla are now attempting to implement the RTC, our platform already runs on RTC. Direct connections, via Web RTC, ensures a high-quality video stream. Web RTC connects two computers directly, without the need for a server sharing information between them both.
  • Security – Not only does Web RTC increase the safety of two users, but the unique alphanumeric passcode ensures a safe connection with the right person every time. The passcode regenerates every five minutes and can be shared privately by the users.

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Our next-generation platform is available now! And free to download with any purchase of either our Onyx or Pearl devices. Visit our online store today…

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