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Are KIIROO Cyberdildonics Just for Long Distance?

Are KIIROO Cyberdildonics Just for Long Distance?

Is Cyberdildonics just for long-distance?

If you’re familiar with KIIROO couple toys, you’ve probably heard about how great they are for long-distance couples. See, KIIROO devices can connect to the internet or BlueTooth connection, and they allow you to physically feel your partner over the internet. It’s Teledildonics for the 21st century – cyber dildonics. But even if you’re not in a long-distance relationship, there are a lot of awesome things that you can do with KIIROO.

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We don’t aim to replace intimacy.

One thing that’s important to understand is that KIIROO doesn’t aim to replace physical intimacy. We don’t believe that our sex toys are “better than sex” or “better than a partner.” We aim to create a completely new sensation, similar to intercourse, and perfect for connecting with your partner on another level.

How about an e-job? It’s like a handjob or a blowjob, but way more technologically advanced! You can control Onyx via Pearl, by using either your hands or your mouth. Try different combinations of strokes, sucking, or kissing. Every movement will affect the way that Onyx’s contracting rings stimulate your partner.

If you’re interested in tease and denial play, KIIROO Onyx and Pearl are perfect for that. You can control your partner’s Onyx until they’re just on the brink of climax, then back off again. Likewise, Pearl’s powerful motor and sensual shape are perfect for exploring her body together.

Do either or both of you frequently travel? KIIROO devices are perfect for couples separated by business trips. Because they work anywhere in the world and run on power from your computer’s USB port, you can take KIIROO couples' toys with you wherever you go.

As you can see, there are so many applications for KIIROO Cyberdildonics that it would be a shame to only explore distance possibilities. We believe that the future holds high tech intimacy, and we hope you’ll join us.