Q&A With Britney Amber

Southern California-born Britney Amber is one of the industry’s most in-demand stars. A fearless performer who brings her infectious personality and insatiable sexuality to every onscreen performance.

Her fans will be delighted to know that she is Kiiroo's first FeelStar. Britney Amber had a photoshoot with us and sat down to answer some questions. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram


Kiiroo: What excites you about this product?

Britney Amber: What excites me the most about this product coming out is that, well, first of all, I can finally get my very own toy for everybody across the world to have so that they can fuck my pussy, any time, any place they wantit’s such an awesome feeling and thought! 

K: What was the molding process like?

BA: This company [Kiiroo] actually sent a professional molder to my house which was amazing. And she had all kinds of things, we even did a cast of my butthole, we did two of my vaginait was a process.

Like I said, I didn’t expect half of the things we did, but I actually have a YouTube video of the whole process, if you wanna check out my YouTube pageit would make it a lot easier. There’s so much that we did and also it took a shorter time for the mold to settle in because you have to sit in a weird position with your legs back and hold open your vagina so that it all kinda seeps in.  

K: Name 3 things that give you pleasure

BA: Well, first and foremost, clitoral stimulation, ya know, that’s every girl’s favorite or most girl’s favorite. Dark chocolate, Pokemon Go/Pokemon cards...is that three? Yeah, it is. 

K: What inspires you?

BA: Nothing really specific. I get inspiration at random times, something will just pop into my headI think that’s how it is for most people. I’ll be watching something or see something, or just hear a story and then I’m like ‘Oh! I got an idea now’. Especially since I’ve been doing a lot of my own content in the past year, I really keep my eyes open for inspiration at any turn because it’s all over the place. 

britney amber feel star

K: What do you feel empowers you?

BA: Is this supposed to be a deep question or...because I feel empowered physically when I eat well and things like that. Shooting a lot of my own content, now I have my own business and that’s very, very empowering. I feel like ‘yeah, this is the most empowered I’ve ever felt in my career.’ 

K: What’s your favorite song for a sexy time?

BA: Well, my favorite song for sexy time and I also feature dance to it too, it’s called Close to You by Frank Ocean. And it’s very sexyit’s a very short song, but it’s a very sexy song. It’s a perfect song to dance to especially when you just want to get on the stage and off. 

K: What’s your favorite roleplaying scenario?

BA: Actually, in my relationship now, he fantasizes me being the neighbor’s wife and that he’s like a techy guy sitting at home alone. He’s like, ‘that would be such a good fantasyI always think about that one when we have sex.’ 

K: What do you want to try in porn that you haven’t tried yet?

BA: I don’t know, I’ve been doing adult movies for almost thirteen years nowI feel like I’ve done it all. But, I guess, I don’t know if this really applies, but I want to produce my own big feature, it’s not really a sex act...you know, wait...I’ve already done that too. I was going to say double vaginal, but I did do that in Europe and it was kinda impromptu. It was an unofficial thing, so maybe doing an official double vag.

K: What can people learn from the porn industry?

BA: Gosh, there’s just so much. Wow, definitely things to spice up your sex life. I think a lot of people do neglect that and don’t put as much importance to it as they should. I feel like even watching porn you can get a lot of good ideas for that. 

K:What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a career in porn?

BA: First and foremost is get a good agent because when I first started I didn’t know anybody in the industry and I just talked to one girlbecause at the time I was working at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Northern Nevada, that was where I started. 

So I met a girl up there who came from the industry, going up there. She was kinda wrapping it up doing movies and was ending her career there [Moonlight Bunny Ranch]. So she, at the time, was with an agent who said [to me], you know, you should go with someone else. 

And I didn’t know it made a difference I was like, ‘you know, just give me your agent’s number, it’s whatever.’ But then a week and a half later, I was put in a few really bad positions and luckily, I met Shy Love and she saved me and she was like, ‘you’re mine now.’ She rescued me, thank goodness, and really saved me from a lot more, who knows what could have even of happened.  

K: What’s the best part of using social media for your career?

BA: Social media is probably the most important thing of my career, especially now doing my own content and being able to advertise it and promote it. Being able to communicate with fans and also selling customs to fans because it’s a direct line to them. But then I also tell people too it’s easiest to subscribe to my OnlyFans so it’s like a private social media. So it does kinda funnel down everything so I’m able to communicate with people better. 

K: What’s the worst part of using social media?

BA: The worst part is that everybody has their opinions, especially right now. I mean, looking at people’s garbage, and they want to spill their garbage onto you. I’m like, ‘okay, this is not the place. This is a porn social media, this is not a political platform, this is nothing else but that.’ 

K: How do you feel about the fact that your fans are about to feel Britney Amber? 

BA: Oh my gosh, it is so amazing. It’s the most exciting part about this whole experience and this whole process. Everybody is going to have a chance to fuck my pussy!   Anytime, anywhere, anyplace! Ah! It’s so so exciting. I just can’t waitI can’t wait to hold it in my hands! I can’t wait to finger it myself. 

K: What would be the best way to use your stoker to get the full Britney experience?

BA: Well, I have thought about that and I concluded was definitely ordering a custom video where I’m talkingin my customs, I am talking to the guys where I’m like, ‘aw yeah, you like that Gerry, you like that, you like when I stroke it, when I suck it.’ And so if I’m there talking straight to you, giving you a JOI, encouraging you, it’ll be almost like the real thing. 

K: What message do you have for anyone using your stroker?

BA: For anybody using my stroker out there, I hope that I’m a good fuck. I hope my pussy feels great wrapped around your big hard cock. 


And there you have it. If you want to check out Britney's stroker head over here.
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