Kiiroo partners with Hot Octopuss for a world first in interactive pleasure

Kiiroo partners with Hot Octopuss for a world first in interactive pleasure

We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with sex-tech brand Hot Octopuss, lending our renowned connected technology to the pleasure brand’s Guybrator™. And the coming together of our two innovative products has resulted in a world-first for your interactive intimate moments.

Here, we discuss what’s getting us so hot and bothered about the partnership and explain what it means for you - as that’s what we really care about, after all.

Offering a brand-new experience

We’re totally aligned with many of Hot Octopuss’ values and overall purpose to make people feel good – so this magnificent partnership was an obvious one! An award-winning UK-based brand, Hot Octopuss was responsible for the creation of the original Pulse Solo Essential, dubbed the world’s first Guybrator™. This was a vibrator to take users to an altogether different level of pleasure – rather than simply vibrating, the Pulse uses Hot Octopuss’ patented PulsePlate™ technology to deliver high-amplitude oscillations, making it quite unlike any other toy. However, and here’s where Kiiroo comes in, there’s been much call for the next phase in the evolution of the multi-award-winning hands-free Pulse line.

Merging for pleasure

Introducing the highly anticipated Pulse Solo Interactive Guybrator™. As with others in the Pulse line, the toy’s intelligence means there’s no need for stroking – you’re in for a completely hands-free orgasm – but the Pulse Solo Interactive, thanks to Kiiroo’s market-leading connected technology, allows you to enter a vast world of interactive content and intimate connectivity while using it.

This feature-packed Guybrator™ has innovative design, while powerful, high-amplitude oscillations are driven by PulsePlate™ technology, removing the need for manual handling. The real selling point here, though, is that this versatile device is able to connect to any other Kiiroo product and is compatible with 2D, VR and webcam content. In a long-distance relationship? You can connect to your partner’s device anywhere in the world, or access more than 4,000 interactive videos on a range of platforms.

What’s more, you can play anywhere you like, as this innovative toy is completely waterproof, and it’s the most compact product to ever use the Kiiroo technology.

Hot Octopuss co-founder and CEO Adam Lewis said of our partnership: “We couldn't be happier than to have partnered with Kiiroo on Pulse Solo Interactive. Kiiroo is regarded as a world leader in interactive sex toys, and the integration of its technology into Pulse will be a real game changer.

“Our own focus groups have told us that our audience has been crying out for a connected toy. Now we have one with tried-and-tested interactive functionality that will open up a world of online and couples’ experiences for our customers.”

Intrigued by this world first? You should be! Find out more about the innovative Pulse Solo Interactive and how it can transform your intimate moments. Alternatively, see how easy it is to connect with your long-distance lover or interactive content online with FeelConnect.