Hot Summer Sex Do’s and Don’ts

July 30, 2014

kiiroo summer sex do's and don'ts

Summer Sex Do’s and Don’ts

When the weather is hot, sometimes the last thing you want to do is strip down and get even sweatier. How can you avoid the two-person Slip ‘n Slide while maintaining your intimate connection?

Summer Sex Do’s:

  1. Rely on a classic: Shower sex (cold water optional). Shower sex is great because it’s a change of scenery, it’s steamy, and you can wash up. What’s not to love? It can, however, be a bit difficult for partners of very different heights.

  2. The Surfboard (aka “Surfbort”): Popularized by Beyoncé, the surfboard is when your partner lies down in the tub, and you ride ‘em. It’s even got a summery name!

  3. Dogs in a Car: This is one I just made up, but I think it’s brilliant. Setup a fan so that it’s blowing directly onto you and your partner. Then go at it from behind, doggie-style.

  4. Cool it down: Ice is one of the safest ways to explore cool sensations since some cooling lubricants can be irritating to people with sensitive skin. Try gliding ice over your partner’s nipples, lips, and other erogenous zones. Have a glass dildo? Put it in a bowl of ice water, then play around.

Summer Sex Don’ts:

  1. Popsicle or ice cream play: If you want to have fun with frozen treats this summer, just be careful. If you get sugar inside your vagina or on your vulva, you can be at risk for a candida (yeast) infection. Keep all frozen treat play above the waist!

  2. Swimming pool sex: While it’s undoubtedly hot – and a staple in summertime porn – sex in a swimming pool is less than ideal. You’re opening yourself up to the possibility of infection, especially when you force water up into the vagina with each thrust. Public pools are a definite no-go. If you have your own pool or hot tub that you’re sure is clean, it’s a bit safer. The infection prone among us, are advised to keep the sexin’ to dry land.

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