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A Holiday Indulgence : Deck the Halls ! – An Erotic Story

A Holiday Indulgence : Deck the Halls ! – An Erotic Story

A Holiday Indulgence

Pamela was not an indulgent lady. As such, she was just as surprised as anyone when she had decided to treat herself to an indulgent Christmas tree. It was a spur of the moment purchase—one that had elicited excitement in her like nothing she had ever felt before. The only sensation that matched it was the moment when the couriers knocked, came into her home, and meticulously arranged the tree on her behalf.

The men themselves were a sight to behold. Dressed in suits as opposed to the usual delivery attire, they went about constructing and decorating her new tree with a sense of meticulous duty. Their gestures were almost submissive. They carried with them a sense of refined grace that was reserved to the best of the service industry.

When they departed, Pamela felt a tang of guilt that she had adored them so much…and something else too…

She put the thoughts to the back of her mind and approached the tree.

It truly was a sight to behold. Rich in its deep earthy hues and brilliantly illuminated with golden fairy lights. There were baubles made from pure borosilicate glass which held within them ornate butterflies. As she took one up in her hand Pamela felt that it was feather light and yet incredibly sturdy.

The same could not be said about the candy cane ornaments—which had been handcrafted from titanium and colored to allow silver and blue stripes to swirl around its curved shaft. As her hand brushed from a bauble to one of these candied delights Pamela couldn’t help but shudder at the natural chill that came with such a material.

And the decorative figurines. Oh, how beautiful they were! Reindeer and angels. Classically designed and made of the finest silicone, they were heat resistant and brilliantly detailed. The finer detail drew Pamela in, the texture. Every feather was wonderfully rendered. Every fleck of fur on the deer’s golden forms.

But the snowflakes, the snowflakes were brilliant white and made from silicone too. As she moved to examine then her fingers caressed the intricate detailing of the intricate flakes. Doing so it suddenly occurred to her that these snowflakes would be perfect for something. What, she wasn’t quite sure. It felt primal and instinctual—a deep longing as she thought back on the muscular yet demure men who had placed each snowflake onto its designated branch.

Should she?




As she gently placed took the snowflake off the tree Pamela moved over to a set of sanitary wipes she kept nearby and nervously stroked its form. Pamela had never been one to indulge herself. Not when it came to luxuries not when it came to her own body. But tonight was different. Tonight she would take her impulsive indulgence and use it to fuel another one—one driven by self-indulgent desire.

Pamela took the snowflake and slide it under her clothing. Fumbling to reach her vaginal opening, she noticed she was immensely wet. Is this what desire does to a woman? She wanted to know more.

Taking up some of her own fluids, Pamela used them to smoothly line her labia with her lubrication before swirling around her clitoris with all the clumsy enthusiasm of someone wrapping Christmas presents for the very first time. Her actions were filled with seasonal excitement but a sense of naivete too. Suddenly she pressed the snowflake down on to her vulva and felt the full potential of her clitoris, as it was greeted with the wonderful texture of the snowflakes silicone form.

pearl2 kiiroo

It took Pamela a few moments to come to terms with these new sensations. They were overwhelming and all-consuming. Once the initial flurry of panicked excitement had eased a bit Pamela took the time to apply more pressure with her new favorite flake before she began to gently stroke it in place.

A moan escaped her lips. No one was there to hear it. This only made Pamela’s heart rush faster and fuelled her actions. This was no performance. No display of desire. Pamela was doing this just for herself and the strong sense of self-desire and care that she had awakened in herself begged for more.

How had she never realized the benefits of self-pleasure before? Pamela shuddered at the thought before pulling her snowflake away and placing it on a nearby table.

It did not stay there for long.

Pamela had not stopped. She was just getting started.

Moving back to the Christmas tree. Pamela examined each ornate offering on her tree before retrieving a glass bauble and one of the chilled titanium candy cane, retrieving the silicone snowflake and moving over to her sofa.

Laying herself down she placed the snowflake on her clitoris once more and took up the bauble to grind against her vaginal opening as if she were urging herself to expand beyond all reasonable capabilities. Compared to the high detailing of the snowflake, the glass bauble felt wonderfully sleek and smooth and she felt her labia part and move smoothly yet firmly against its pressure.

Looking down she saw the surface of the glass get messy with her juices. Inside the butterfly’s wings were flapping gently with the motion. It approved. Pamela arched her head back and allowed herself a moment of sheer enjoyment.

Feeling the ache inside of her swell, Pamela knew that her grand finale would not just be externally achieved. She had always had a sweet tooth, but it was the metallic tang of the titanium candy cane that she was throbbing for in that moment.

Placing the bauble aside and maintaining clitoral pressure, Pamela frantically grabbed for the metal candy cane and slid it into her receptive opening. Her entire body lit up with the bracing chill of the candy cane’s metallic form. Her vaginal muscles grew tight with delight and she began to frantically rub her clitoris with its silicone treat as she thrust the internal winder offering into her body.

Soon the swelling, clenching sensation of her own actions brought forth in her a familiar pinnacle before she felt her vaginal muscles release and then spasm in a sheer celebration of the moment. Pamela let out a hugely gratified moan that was for her ears only. Her nipples stood erect and lightly illuminated by the light of the tree.

Decorations placed aside, Pamela panted as she looked up with weary satisfaction at her grandest purchase yet. Perhaps she could get used to such opulent explorations. And maybe next time, she thought, she might give the packing men a generous tip for their hard work too.


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