A Date With Nature – An Erotic Story

Date With Nature – An Erotic Story

Anthony and Amelia were on their second drink at a trendy new bar. It is not every day that a one-night stand turns into a relationship, but they had been lucky. There is a lot to say about sexual chemistry making a relationship work, and they had discovered their compatibility on their first night when Anthony managed to make Amelia scream harder than she ever had before.

They were on a proper date – they ate dinner together and then relocated to an outdoor terrace for a few beers. Anthony was in a button-down shirt loosely tucked into his jeans, trying to impress Amelia. Amelia was wearing a flowing summer dress, one that she knew would drive Anthony crazy from across the table. The topic of sex hadn’t come up yet at dinner, but they both knew it was on their minds.

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After the last sip of beer, Amelia excused herself from the table to head to the washroom. She washed up, checked her purse nervously to ensure the condoms she had placed earlier were still there, and sneakily removed her underwear and stuffed them into her purse. Returning to the table with a cheeky smile, Anthony could tell it was time to grab the bill and head elsewhere.

When the bill was settled, they both awkwardly asked what to do next, hoping the other person had planned a night at their apartment. The only problem with this plan is that both of their roommates were home that evening having a romantic night with their respective partners. Amelia and Anthony had both promised not to interrupt, without realizing the other had done the same!

They decided to walk in the direction of their homes while trying to come up with a solution. Anthony just couldn’t resist the way Amelia’s dress teased at her thighs. The wind kept sweeping the hem higher, showing off her toned legs and a tattoo he had already learned to love.

Amelia gripped her purse, feeling a bit silly she had stashed away her panties and brought condoms with her. She couldn’t help but feel disappointed she didn’t get to indulge in Anthony’s body. The way his belly hair traced down to his pubes, the way he flinched when she teased his cock. All she had wanted was to pleasure him and then feel him inside of her.

They were holding hands and trying to laugh at their situation. They both needed each other but couldn’t do anything about it. They passionately made out at each red light, getting steamier as the blocks continued. Amelia allowed Anthony to give her a little grope, and he subtly cupped her breasts as cars drove past them. Amelia could feel how hard he was through his jeans. It was easy to tell, with his penis bulging through. She traced a line with her finger and Anthony turned bright red. He needed her, right now.

Amelia was getting desperate too. She was soaking wet and getting worried that it would soak through her dress. She leaned over to Anthony and whispered: “I’m not wearing any panties and I want you to fuck me outside”.

Anthony suddenly had a brilliant idea. There was a field up the hill that was usually empty. It was just after dark, so the nearby trees should help protect them from stranger’s views.

He grabbed her hand and led the way up the hill, panting from the incline and the desperation to be between her legs. The field was perfect – empty and remote enough for low-risk public indecency.

Amelia pulled him close to a cinder block, sat down on it and lifted her dress to show him just how glistening she was. Without a moment of hesitation, he tasted her. With the grass beneath his knees, the sweet smell of her pussy engulfed him and the breeze cooled him down.

A single car drove by and they stopped moving until it passed. Realizing they might have a short amount of alone time, they quickly moved on to the next act. Amelia helped Anthony roll the condom on his hard throbbing cock, as he stared at her, appreciating her beauty and exhibitionism.

Desperate for her, he slipped right inside and her vagina grasped tightly around him. Amelia moaned with relief, finally feeling what she had been waiting for all night. Her hands were pulling at Anthony, trying to grip all of his body as he thrust deep inside of her.

His belt buckle clanking against the cinder block was the only sound they could hear until a dog barked in the distance. Amelia started giggling that they hadn’t noticed a dog walker not too far away. The dog walker had obviously not noticed them either, but Anthony didn’t want to risk it.

He stood there, frozen inside of Amelia, with his hand on her mouth, trying to stop her cute little laugh. She was adorable in her own way. Here they were, about to get caught for outdoor sex, and she was giggling. He knew at this moment that he had found the one.

As soon as the risk passed and they both had a good laugh, Anthony continued to rock her back and forth while she moaned. The thought of being caught made him rock hard. It gave him a new rush and he worked hard to please her. He was on the edge of finishing but knew she needed a little bit longer, so he kept going.

He was stimulating her clit with his hands as his dick rubbed against her g-spot. Then it happened. Amelia didn’t scream, for fear of people hearing her. Instead, her body started to quietly convulse as Anthony’s hard work paid off. The moment he felt her release, he couldn’t contain it any longer. He leaned forward, totally surrounded by her embrace as they both came.

Pleased that they had managed to pull that off outside, they fixed their clothes, had a good laugh and ended the event with a long, feverish kiss and a smack on the ass. Anthony grabbed Amelia’s hand as they walked away from the field, completely glowing from the experience.

Dropping Amelia off at her apartment, he didn’t notice that she had slipped her panties into his pocket. It was only while emptying his pockets at home that he found them. His heart started beating faster as he realized just how lucky he was.

Written by

Rebecca Dane

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