The Future of Virtual Sex

What's Next?

The realm of virtual reality offers the freedom to experiment with all kinds of fantasies no matter where you are. It will make you experience the viscerality of touch and pleasure, even if you’re physically alone. So what is going on in the world of virtual sex today, and how will the rapid development of VR sex influence interhuman connections and interactions?

The virtual sex industry

In 2012, the Kickstarter for the first-ever VR set, the Oculus Rift, was launched to the delight and excitement of people worldwide. By 2013, more and more companies had started developing their own version of VR and what had started out as something straight out of a sci-fi novel soon became a tangible reality.

VR upped the game of all kinds of industries, not to mention the radical potential it created for the future of sex. VR may have been introduced at first as having incredible potential for gaming and video content, but it’s no surprise that it soon created a whole new world of possibilities in terms of sex. With the development of VR, the potential for enjoying sex online started to become even more limitless (once again).

Connecting people

VR is a game-changer, not only for the porn industry, but also for long-term, and particularly long-distance, relationships. Today, engaging in virtual and interactive sex is already quite common.

At Kiiroo, the main goal of the development of teledildonics was to connect people, regardless of the distance that separates them.

The arrival of VR on the scene allows for even more options. Virtual reality uses Specially designed 180-degree and 360-degree cameras to record a scene from countless different angles. The takes are then "stitched" together to create a 180- or 360-degree image of the scene, giving the viewer the feeling that he or she is in the room, participating in whatever is going on in that scene.

You are at the center of the experience. This is already revolutionizing the porn industry because viewers feel like they are literally making love to their favorite porn star. This leads to an increased perception of connection. The engagement is boosted by the raised sense of immersion. But that's just the porn side of sex. In the next five years, we can expect a revolution on the intimate side of interactive sex thanks to the development of VR.

The development and fine-tuning of VR will lead to more intricate and seamless VR interactions, like real-time user-to-user VR sex, and sexual encounters with your partner via both VR and Kiiroo at the same time. Imagine experiencing intimate interaction with your long-distance lover right on top of you.

Virtual sex technology

So what telepresence technologies are out there that will help you have virtual sex?

Haptic technology

First of all, there is haptic technology, which expands virtual reality sex from just the visual and auditory senses to finally also include the sensation of touch.

Virtual Reality Society describes it as follows: “Haptic technology has the express purpose of simulating the sensation of touch with various mechanisms. This includes using touch and motion as a feedback system to communicate information to the user and to simulate virtual objects.”

Haptics will offer the incredible sensation of really being able to touch the person(s) in your VR experience and to experience simulated life-like touch yourself.

Augmented Reality

Secondly, let’s consider the advent of AR (Augmented Reality). AR projects 3d objects, footage, and images on top of your real vision.
Thereby fusing your real world with a virtual world.

In AR sex, your real, intimate sexual experience will be heightened because both of you are immersed in the idea that your partner is physically near you, but you simply have unlimited access to the realization of all your fantasies.
Because with AR you could project anything or anyone into your immediate surroundings. Imagine seeing your lover sitting on your couch, in your home, while in actuality they are halfway across the planet on business.

Turn your living room into a beach resort and make sweet love underneath the palm trees in the privacy of your own home.


But the future of virtual sex does not stop there. Holograms and AI manifestations are becoming real possibilities to add to our sex lives. In Japan, hologram wives are already being developed and used, giving people the option to live and interact with their favorite fantasy, hentai, or anime characters.

Kiiroo virtual reality sex intimacy

Sex Robots

And then there’s the sex robot. Companies like Abyss Creations and Realistic are introducing full-fledged mechanical lovers. Some of their "dolls" can connect with VR or are equipped with AI so the user is actually able to interact with these fucktoys. These technologies are already available to consumers and are being eagerly explored. We can only see them getting more refined over the coming years.

Risks and arguments

With this speeding-up of virtual interactive sex and all the possibilities it brings with it, it’s important to consider what this could mean for the future of human interaction.

Common arguments by critics are:

1) people risk getting more and more lost in the virtual realm, and will forget how to have real human interactions;

2) having live sex without virtual reality and telepresence technologies could become strange and unsatisfactory to people;

3) the development of virtual interactive sex presents a complex moral conundrum since people could start using images of others in their virtual sex realities against their consent. In fact, the whole question of consent might grow to become a grey area in the world of virtual sex.

Benefits of virtual sex

Luckily there are many positive sides to these developments too.
You will always have people that binge on certain forms of entertainment, and you can't really stop that from happening.

But think of all the people who have to face social handicaps, such as anxiety, Agoraphobia, or even Mysophobia. People who simply do not have the option to go out and meet lovely people they feel attracted to. Virtual Sex can help them face any fears or social anxieties in a repercussion-free environment.

Virtual sex can help sustain long-distance relationships because partners will experience life-like sexual encounters with one another;

Next, to that, it will offer more ways for people to connect with others, with themselves, and with their needs and emotions, thus increasing their overall sexual happiness and well-being.

vr sex kiiroo

Future of virtual sex

We’re all for embracing these exciting developments, we feel this is only the beginning! Virtual sex offers something for all different tastes and we are convinced it will help change people’s sex lives for the better.

Looking to spice things up yourself? Have a look at our products! There’s something for him, for her and also products that couples can use together. Have fun!

Written by

Mindy Cordova

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