10 Interesting Facts About Lisa Ann

July 12, 2016

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Lisa Ann seems to be as popular as ever! One of the most popular porn star in recent years; she has made lasting waves in the adult entertainment industry. Not only is she one of the Fleshlight girls – Kiiroo also has a Lisa Ann Experience, which incorporates her special touch and interactive movies. Want to know more about this world-famous entertainer? Here are some facts you didn’t know about Lisa Ann.

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1. Lisa Ann is best known for her role in the porn parody Nailin’ Paylin for playing the role of the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin. The movie won two AVN Award nominations, including one for Best Actress. Lisa Ann actually ended up parodying Sarah Palin in six adult films as well as some live strip shows.

2. Lisa Ann has starred in over 500 films. She directed her first adult film in 2009 called Hung XXX. In 2013, she launched her own production company and has since directed over 50 films, starting with MILF Revolution.

3. In 2013, “Lisa Ann” was the most popular porn search in the world according to Porn Hub’s statistics. She has won over 11 awards from AVN and XBIZ, most often for her MILF/cougar roles.

4. Lisa Ann had a short-lived video game career. She made a special cameo in Grand Theft Auto V: In the video game she was labeled “Party Girl”.

5. Lisa Ann has been known to get along very well with athletes, particularly NBA stars. “They’re at the beginning of their lives, so they’re still excited, naive and simple. They’re not negative yet. There’s no ego yet. They’re not jaded. They’re fun.”

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6. Lisa Ann has been a great advocate for the way black performers are treated in the adult business. She has spoken out several times about the lack of work and the racist and fetishizing practices.

7. She first modeled for Fleshlight in 2011, but Lisa Ann made webcam history in 2015 when she hosted the very first live interactive webcam session with the help of the Kiiroo Pearl and Onyx. She put on a show with the Pearl, and all the viewers were able to feel her every move with their Onyx. Live!

8. In 2014, Lisa Ann posted a handwritten letter to her Facebook page announcing her retirement from performing in adult films. Her retirement hasn’t stopped her from being an active part of the community or hosting her own cam shows. She also started a consulting firm with star Jayden James called Porn Star Boot Camp.

9. A year later, in 2015, Lisa Ann released a memoir called The Life, which detailed her transition from adult actress to her new career as a fantasy football expert.

10. Lisa Ann has hosted several Sirius satellite radio shows including Stripper Town. However, her current projects include Fantasy Sports Radio and Lisa Ann Does Fantasy. It might seem like a far stretch to go from porn to sports, but for Lisa Ann it was a seemingly natural transition.

She’s spent her career doing a multitude of tasks, including advocacy within the adult entertainment world and a recent drastic change to Fantasy Sports. Lisa Ann seems to be successful in whatever endeavor she takes on, but one thing is for sure: she will always be the world’s number one porn star.

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Rebecca Dane

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