Discover the Value of a Long Distance Date

When you’re in a long distance relationship, it’s easy for every night to look the same: Microwave your dinner, log into Skype, and chat with your partner for a few hours. As amazing as it is just to see them and hear their voice, planning something special is a fool-proof way to help that spark last.

It’s easy for a long distance relationship based couple to feel disconnected. You each have your own lives, and if they’re thousands of miles apart. If you’ve been struggling with your connection, you’ll definitely see these benefits once you’ve made dates part of your routine:

  • Going out of your way to create a special moment for your partner can help both of you idealize your relationship, making you both happier.
  • Spending time together and putting in a special effort creates a stronger relationship.
  • Intimacy is improved.
  • Simply by doing something out of the ordinary, you can recreate the feelings of a new relationship, when everything is fresh and exciting.
  • Spending time together improves your communication, an absolute must when you’re in a Long Distance Relationship.
  • Flexing those brain cells to come up with a great date idea fosters your creativity.
  • Virtual sex is definitely an option!
  • After your date, you’ll feel stronger and more confident in your relationship. Thanks, bonding hormones!
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Your long distance date can be as elaborate or as casual as you want. It’s not so much about how grand the gesture is – it’s about making that effort and breaking out of your routine.

If you’re traveling and you have either a wifi or dependable 3G connection, you can bring your partner along with you. Take her to the Eiffel tower, or on a romantic gondola ride.

If you know your partner’s favorite restaurant, you can tell them not to plan their own dinner – you’ve got it covered. Call ahead and order their meal for takeout or delivery. Not possible? Suggest that you cook something new together. You can set up your video chat in the kitchen, and enjoy every step of the process.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that the goal is just to make it a special evening for you and your partner. Have fun, put the emphasis on your love, and watch your long distance relationship strengthen.

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