Couples Toys: What Are They?

Here is what you need to know

It’s time to do away with the stereotypes surrounding adult sex toys, don’t you think? One of the strongest seems to be that only single women use adult sex toys. Sure, single women do use adult sex toys, and there’s nothing wrong with being single or enjoying a good toy. But according to WebMD, most women who use sex toys do so with a partner, or at least don’t view their adult toys as substitutes for partnered sex.

Why Couples Toys?

The reality is, couple sex toys can be an amazing addition to your bedroom play. Most women – it’s estimated at around 80% – can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation. If you’re having penetrative sex, it can sometimes be difficult to stimulate the clitoris, especially if you have a bigger body type or you favor positions that keep you close. That’s where couples sex toys come in.

Some, like the We-Vibe 4, are designed to be used during intercourse and focus the vibration more on the clitoris and G-spot. Others, like vibrating cock rings, are worn externally and provide stimulation only when they come into contact with the clitoris. Both of these options are amazing because there’s little to no multitasking involved.

Couple sex toys long distance

Couples Sex Toys and Long Distance

But what’s a couple to do when they’re miles apart? Of course, we at KIIROO make some of the ultimate couples sex toys: Teledildonics. Our adult toys are ones that you can use no matter where you are. The problem with other adult toys, couples sex toys or for use individually, is that you have to be in the same room as your partner in order to use them. Even Skyping together as a long-distance couple, each with separate toys, leaves something to be desired. We want to change the way that you think of couples sex toys.

Our toys do what you do every day: They communicate. When you use a KIIROO toy on the KIIROO network with your partner, their adult toy sends or receives sensory feedback. It’s being together when you’re apart. It’s the couples sex toy for anyone, anywhere.

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