Can sex toys help male orgasmic disorder and erectile issues?

Can sex toys help male orgasmic disorder and erectile issues?

Nowadays, sex aids for men are more than simply a quick way to release sexual tension. Of course, that is their main benefit and, while we still have a way to go before the general messaging about their use is as empowering for men as it is women, sex toys and aids may offer some benefits for those living with sexual dysfunction.

Here, we take a look at how male sex aids and toys can improve health and boost wellbeing. And, while there isn’t such a thing as sex toys for erectile dysfunction (ED) – they’re simply not proven like medical treatments – we’ll explain how they may help those with erectile and orgasmic issues enjoy sexual pleasure.

Can men use vibrators?

Given that male pleasure products are still not openly talked about (some men are even mocked if they dare to admit they’ve experimented), it’s little wonder that it’s a frequently asked question whether men can use vibrators. It’s a firm yes – it just takes a little bit of imagination.

Vibrators are among the ‘must try’ sex toys for ED. No sex toy comes with a guarantee of solving erectile issues, but vibrators can offer pleasure and increased arousal. Consider the sensitive areas of the penis (the shaft, head or base) and intense feel of the vibrations.

These types of sex toys are by no means a solution to sexual dysfunction – they will not treat the cause – but they could make sex lives more interesting, bring partners closer together and enhance solo play.

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Male orgasmic disorder and penile vibratory stimulation

Male orgasmic disorder is the term given to an inability to reach climax even after sexual stimulation. It’s classed as either delayed ejaculation or an inability to ejaculate at all (even though a normal erection may be present). Orgasmic issues are often common in older men but can occur at any age and can be distressing for anyone who experiences them.

Male orgasmic disorder treatment will depend entirely on what’s causing the orgasmic issues. There could be one of a number of reasons behind delayed ejaculation, from medication to surgery side effects or spinal cord injuries. It could also be down to psychological causes (anxiety, for example).

Several studies have found that penile vibratory stimulation (PVS) can aid arousal and help to achieve orgasm, even in those with erectile issues. PVS is a non-invasive technique that and uses vibratory stimulation to assist ejaculation – and even where penetrative sex isn’t possible, toys that feature vibratory stimulation can at the very least increase sexual intimacy with a significant other.

Hot Octopuss’ Pulse Solo Interactive (powered by KIIROO) is industry-acclaimed and can help combat sexual dysfunction and aid those with physical impairments. The toy’s PulsePlate™ technology is based on PVS and delivers powerful, high-amplitude oscillations via its piston-like movement.

The main thing to note here, though, is that the technology doesn’t require an erect penis so those with erectile issues, whether related to physical disabilities or injuries or psychological causes, or those who might simply need some extra help, can enjoy masturbation and orgasm too.

This is a device that adds a unique sensation to masturbatory pleasure so it could help with male orgasmic disorder too.

We want to help rid society of the unjustified stigma attached to male sex aids and toys – particularly where their use may help improve sexual satisfaction (and as a result general wellbeing and mental health).

Sex toys are not designed to treat erectile dysfunction or male orgasmic disorder, but the ways in which they can incite satisfaction may bring untold benefits to sexual performance and intimacy.

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