7 Youtubers in a Long Distance Relationship

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Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You’ve decided that, against all odds, you and your significant other are going to make it work, even though you’re now in a long distance relationship. Your many friends, colleagues, and casual enemies told you it’s a terrible idea when it all began, but you and your love interest declared, “not a chance, we’re different and also special!”Absolutely nothing, not even being worlds away, can tear you apart.

A few months pass and you remain defiant. You’re able to visit one another occasionally, but every time it feels more rushed, a rift growing between the two of you. After a while, you run out of things to talk about on all of the social media platforms you’ve signed up for and gaze listlessly at one another’s virtual faces in awkward silence. Your emotional attachment to Skype is getting weird.

You’re both still madly in love and stuff, but expressing it is getting more and more difficult. Neither of you wants to address the repressed elephant in the virtual room, because that might mean opening up the relationship to random folks or, however, dreaded this fate may be, breaking up. You’re not so keen on open relationships, it’s just not your thing, and you really want to keep the relationship alive.

However, it’s time to face facts. Physical intimacy is really, really important, and the long distance is not making it even remotely possible. If this is you, don’t worry, the story gets better!

It’s no secret that long-distance relationships are incredibly difficult. Although there’s no doubting the strength of such relationships, nor the joy you get from seeing each other in person, the periods in between meeting (or even before the first meeting) can seem almost unbearable at times. How do Youtubers in a LDR cope with this?

Thankfully we live in a world where everyone is connected in some way or another, not just through long-distance relationships but also through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Specializing in video content, Youtube is perhaps the most successful place to find motivation and glimpses into the lives of strangers, including those in a long-distance relationship themselves.

These YouTubers make for a fantastic watch whenever you’re struggling with your own LDR-related emotions, offering support during those difficult days. So let’s look at 7 different YouTubers who are (or have been) in a long-distance relationship. Some are success stories, others are still documenting their LDR adventures, but all serve to remind us exactly why we make the choices we do and the merit of enduring love over great distances.

Youtubers in a LDR

1. Zar and Ares

The relationship between Zar and Ares plays out over at Zar’s Youtube vlogging channel, Vloggingblonde, which has over 320,000 subscribers.

Zar is Canadian and Ares is Swiss, marking a considerable geographical distance between the two. Zar’s channel looks at what it’s like to be in a long distance relationship as well as giving glimpses into her daily life. The two also vlog together as much as they possibly can.

Zar’s mother is currently struggling with cancer and her channel has taken time to address this. Zar is also prolific on Facebook and Twitter and responds to videos wherever possible, adding a sense of user engagement which makes her and Ares all the more relatable.

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2. Kaelyn and Lucy

For four years Kaelyn lived in America while Lucy was in the UK. The two met on Tumblr and fell head over heels in love. At first, the two used Youtube as a way to document highlights of their rare days spent together as something to refer back to when they were really missing each other—a boost in relationship morale.

But as it turned out others found their time together inspirational too.

Kaelyn and Lucy soon found themselves with over 250,000 subscribers and an avid following of like-minded individuals wanting to reach out. It was at this point that they decided to use their channel to help others when it came to long-distance relationships, sexuality, gender identity, and general relationship advice.

This one has a happy ending, as Kaelyn and Lucy now live together and have done since 2014. They consider Youtube to be a hobby and share their home with their pet cat, Alfie.

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3. Mattias and Leonie

Leonie encountered Mattias online while browsing Youtube late at night (something I think we’re all familiar with). After marathoning his Halo commentary videos she decided to send him a little Twitter comment letting him know how she felt: “you sir, are amazing!”

Unfortunately, Leonie lived in Australia and Mattias lived in Sweden. “Why do all the amazing people live in Australia D:” Mattias lamented on Twitter.

From there the two began Skyping and eventually built up a romantic relationship together (although the full story is best told by Leonie herself in this very honest blog post).

While Mattias’ Youtube channel is still a gaming channel he does have videos about his life and LDR. Meanwhile, Leonie has made an entire series on LDRs called The LDR Chronicles which has inspired many watchers.

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3. Timothy DeLaGhetto and Chia

Timothy DeLaGhetto is an American rapper and huge Youtube personality with over 3,300,000 subscribers and has even appeared on the popular Youtube series, Epic Rap Battles of History. But what some might not know is that Timothy is in a LDR with his own girlfriend, Chia.

The two have spoken about it in videos together here and here offering advice to those in the same situation, whereas Timothy’s Me and My Chick playlist has playful moments from their time spent together.

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4. Ben Brown and Nicole Eddy

Ben Brown and Nicole Eddy each have their own Youtube channels, which are focused on their travels, filmmaking, and photography, but perhaps their greatest adventure is with each other.

With Ben being from London and Nicole from Cape Town the two, certainly, know the pains and strains of a LDR (as well as the highs and smiles).

While neither Youtube channel is wholly dedicated to their relationship the two vlog their time together whenever possible and includes it among their regular content.

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5. Jack and Kass

Jack and Kass have 4,000 miles between them but one Youtube channel through which they both come together and share their story.

Jack lives in Scotland while Kass is in the UK. When Kass acted on her life-long urge to get a pen pal while at university she encountered Jack and the two began writing to each other. Short emails led to a brief stint with no communication before Kass realized how she felt about Jack and, from then on, they never stopped writing to each other.

Unlike some other YouTubers, their channel is entirely based on them spending time together. While the couple may only have about 3,000 subscribers their content is enough to earn lots of love and loyalty from their followers, who find themselves relating to the adorable couple.

In addition to vlogging their time together, the two have done a few LDR 101 videos where they discuss the practicalities of being in a LDR.

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6. Whitney and Megan

A LDR success story to remind us all that there is hope between the distance, Whitney and Megan are a femme lesbian couple who ‘conquered the long distance between Hawaii and the UK’. Their Youtube channel, WhatWeganDidNext, chronicled their four year LDR before showing their eventual marriage and now their time spent living together.

The two met online in 2008 and spent time talking before Whitney moved to the UK to study. Within two weeks the two were girlfriend & girlfriend, though Whitney soon had to return to Hawaii.

Much as with most LDR Youtube channels their channel started as a way to document their days together before growing into a place where LDRs and femme lesbian visibility rules supreme.

Whitney and Megan feel passionate about helping others in a LDR or queer relationship and describe their relationship as a journey ‘with our lives loved together and lived apart’.

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