Sexy YouTube Videos you weren't supposed to fap to

The Sexiest YouTube videos you weren't supposed to fap to

As Masturbation Month rolls on, most of us are continuously looking for fresh sexy videos to enjoy. Some of you have bought new Kiiroo products to elevate this month of auto-erotic pleasure even further.

You might have even tried some DIY sex toys for both men and women.

Planning your masturbation month is important.

As much you would like to fap every day, all day, you do need a break now and then. Optimize your masturbatory efforts during this downtime. Strategize your next solo session wisely!

Don’t worry, during this month of intense fapping, we will be helping you out!

We're posting a multitude of informative blogs!

And of course, you are welcome to play with our Kiiroo devices to your heart's desire!


Are you on your way to breaking last year's personal record for most orgasms? Let us help you smash your # LifeGoals! Every year we drop a list of the sexiest youtube videos to masturbate to, that weren't meant to rub one out to! (some probably were lol)

We took to Youtube and searched for all things Fappable.

It’s a fun challenge to set yourself. Finding something that turns you on a non-porn site can be a good exercise in creativity.

Of course, there’s a lot of vintage porn on youtube. But we tried to keep these lists smut-free, but extremely wankable nonetheless. This experience is totally different from surfing for porn.

Pro tip: Create an extra youtube account dedicated to perving.

Nothing will kill your mood faster than Andrei Jikh talking about spreading debt over interest free creditcards, when you have bikini-pageants on your mind.

If you create a dedicated perv account, you can build yourself a fap-a-licous social bubble with nothing but cuties!!!!!

Here are the most Sexiest Youtube videos we ever found on YouTube! Get ready for getting aroused by beautiful athletes, sexy hosts, buxom comedians, and hard-bodied surfers.

Let’s get your toys out from under your bed.

Lube up! Grab a towel! And get ready to explore.

Hot Girls to Fap to

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Extremely Sexy Men

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Part 5

These are the all time sexiest Youtube videos we could find!

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Thank you for sharing all of our YouTube roundups in previous years!

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