Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation is one of the hottest and most intimate sexual acts.  It can be done in any context: quickly, slowly, passionately, next to each other, across the room from each other, across the world from each other. There are no limits to what you can do while you and your partner mutually pleasure yourselves.

Masturbation is fun and has loads of health benefits and you don’t just have to do it alone.  You should be involving your partner in this intimate act.  Need some convincing to bring up the topic?  Here are 5 benefits of mutual masturbation.

1. Learn What Your Partner Loves

Everyone’s body works differently and what turned on your last partner won’t necessarily turn on your current one. Sure, the basics are similar, but in order to really blow their mind, you need to learn what turns them on – where to stroke, where to touch, where to gently caress.

Communication during sex is absolutely necessary, but watching someone pleasure themselves is the ultimate learning experience. Thought she liked clit action? She might spend the whole time without direct stimulation. Thought he liked it fast and rough? He might focus on long, slow strokes.

This is the perfect time to show your partner what you love. You get to learn from each other in the most intimate way. Take this new information and use it to your advantage the next time you’re pleasuring each other.

2. Have a Double-Quickie

Sometimes you’re getting ready for an event and the act of watching each other try on outfits escalates until you find yourself half-naked on the bed.  If this happens right before you’re supposed to leave, it can be frustrating to decide between being rudely late or being sexually frustrated all night. 

Cumming when in a rush is not the easiest feat because you don’t have time to get super warmed-up, play around and make each other orgasm.  Unless… you do it yourself.  You know what works best for you and your partner knows what works best for them. 

Don’t hesitate to use sex toys if that’s what works for you. Together, you can orchestrate your own orgasms and still be on time for the party.

3. Get Your Voyeurism On

My partner and I are definitely voyeurs. We love watching other people have sex – whether it is happening live in front of us or happening on a screen.  Something about it fascinates us and turns us on.

Now imagine that instead of watching someone you don’t know, you’re watching your partner. You’re watching them and they’re watching you – the energy is explosive. You get to hear their moans, see their twitches, and watch them peak. 

Depending on what kind of voyeur you are, you can watch them from afar or up-close. It’s totally up to you, but if you’re into watching solo-acts being performed, you’re going to love this.

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4. Get Closer As A Couple

Often masturbation is hidden from partners. We’re all doing it, but for some reason, we don’t like to talk about it or admit to it. Letting your partner watch you can be a big step in your relationship – you’re letting them in on your secret.

Not everyone starts off comfortable showing their partner how they pleasure themselves. Mutual masturbation builds trust; it is all about non-verbal communication.

You can take one of their hands to play along with you and use one of your hands to reach places they might not usually touch (like the perineum).  I guarantee you will feel closer as a couple afterward and liberated from the need to hide masturbation

5. Better Deal with Long Distance

Going on a business trip? Taking a course or going to a conference overseas? Text messages and Skype calls can only go so far. Of course, you miss your partner mentally, but there is also a large physical component to long-distance that needs to be dealt with.

Well, get online and get busy! Watching each other masturbate will make the distance between you feel much, much smaller. Now, with the technology of Kiiroo that distance will feel almost non-existent.

Sensations on the Pearl2 get directly felt on the Onyx+, while the Onyx+ users can control the vibrations on the Pearl2 (you can also mix and match toys as they relate to your relationships). With these toys you can physically feel each other – Kiiroo products allow next-level mutual masturbation.

Whether you have all night to enjoy each other or you’re rushing out the door, there are numerous benefits to getting down and dirty with yourself while having your partner involved.

If you haven’t tried it yet – whether you live close or far – we highly recommend mutual masturbation. You’ll learn what they love, get the hottest show, and feel closer than ever before. What are you waiting for? It’s time to share some self-love with the person you love.

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