The Best Sex Games for Couples 

Kinky Games to Try out with your partner

We could all use more excitement in the bedroom. Luckily, there are tons of naughty and fun games for couples to play. Here are some of the best sex games that you have to try with your partner.

Sexy Chess

Now think about this. This can be done with two couples. Each couple has an interactive butt plug, like the Lumen, in them and is connected and ready to be controlled by a partner who is not playing by using the FeelConnect app. The aim is to make chess moves based on the amount of vibrations created.

The controller will sit behind the person being controlled and each vibration or intensity will determine how many moves to make. For example, one buzz will mean take control of the rook. Two vibrations then after will mean move two steps forward. Continue to play this until one couple loses.

P.S also a nice game to play within a Sub/Dom relationship.

Weekend in Bed

A weekend in bed sounds like a dream. This is a light bondage kit for couples interested in dabbling in light BDSM. You get a blindfold, feather tickler, massage candle, paddle, flogger, sex activities, and scenario cards. It’s the perfect kit introduction kit into light BDSM.

Use Your Mouth

If you and your partner want to explore each other’s sexual sides, then ‘Úse your Mouth’ is the game for you. This card game will push you to open up to each other and communicate about your sex life. Who knows, maybe you’ll gain a couple of new sex positions.

Strip Poker

Ah, we all know this game. Grab a deck of cards and prepare to strip down into your birthday suit while playing a fun game of strip poker.

Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets

Everyone’s a winner when they play with Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets. These dirty scratch-off tickets give you a new sex position or foreplay activity to try on your date night. You never know what you’re going to get; maybe it’ll be oral sex positions or a new riding sex position.

Jar of Desire

Each person writes 10-15 sexual-based questions on a piece of paper and then places it in the jar. Then, throughout the week, randomly pick a question out of the jar and answer it with your partner.

The Sexy Alter Ego

This DIY sex game will help you bring out your hidden sexual desires. Pick an alter ego and run wild with your fantasies. Pick out a name and your alter ego’s personality traits.


The Eforia app is an interactive way for couples to explore their own fantasies. You both decide the roles and how they’ll interact with each other. It’s great for long-distance relationships. They have a library of erotic subgenres including, BDSM, fingering, and pegging.

Dirty Jenga

On your Jenga set, together, write a naughty dare or truth on each piece of wood, communicating your sexual preferences to each other.

Pucker Up

A fun game for multiple couples. Pick up a lightweight object, like a tennis ball between the pressure of you and your partner's lips. The object has to be moved from one place to another (for example, from your mouth to your bum). The first couple to do it wins.

Bedroom Battle

If you and your partner have a competitive streak, try this game. The ‘Bedroom Battle’ is a strategic card game that has you and your partner acting out naughty dares. To win the game, collect the most reward cards.


The Desire app will challenge you and your partner to get more creative with your intimacy. You’ll be given new ways to spice up your sex life with truth or dare, eLove messages, and daily quizzes.

We Should Try It App

The We Should Try It App has over 12,000 kinky and dirty questions for couples to ask each other. You learn to communicate while discovering what your partner likes in bed.

Sex in the Future

Explore an alternate reality by looking into the future with your partner. Ask each other questions, “where would you want to fuck in the future?” Light bondage or fingering in a Parisian café? Pegging in a strip club in Vegas?

Truth or Dare

This game of truth or dare is about slowing down the game, building the intensity step-by-step. The deck comes with 50 naughty truths and 50 dares, all ranging in different levels of sexual tension.

Find the Honey

This DIY sex game is fun but messy. Place honey over an area of your partner’s body, and then blindfold yourself. Now, you need to use your tongue to find where the honey is. Note: Do not put honey on genitals or genital area.


The Coral app promises couples three things: more excitement in the bedroom, improved sexual performance, and increased sexual desire. Through practical exercises and sexual play, this app will take your sex life to a new level.

Hollywood Role Play

Recreate your favorite sex scene from a movie or tv show. Take it to a level you’re both comfortable with and let loose!

Sex Roulette

We all need a little adventure in the bedroom. Sex Roulette gives you five sex games, catering to all types of relationships. You can choose from three modes, from soft sex games to steamy sex games. Work your way up the naughty ladder.

The Post-It Game

Take different colored Post-its, and put them on your partner’s body to show the areas you find sexy on them and want to explore with kisses. When you’re both ready, act on it.


Kindu is an online sex game where you and your partner can explore over 1,000 ideas to bring back the spark in your relationship and increase your intimacy.

Let’s Fool Around

Foreplay is always ignored, but this game brings it back into the spotlight. ‘Lets Fool Around’ card game will instruct you and your partner, satisfying each other in very creative ways. So, you don’t have to come up with the foreplay ideas yourself!

Strip Twister

It’s just like regular twister, only naughtier. As a couple, decide what the rules will be. If someone falls, will they get spanked? If the spinner lands on blue, will you need to remove a piece of clothing?


Music plays a huge role in the sex lives of many people. The Dipsea app knows just the right songs to get you in the mood and keep you in the mood. Before having sex, choose one (or a few) erotic audio stories. They’re designed for a various relationships, whether you’re straight, LGBTQ, or in open relationships.

Happy Rabbit Couple’s Dice

Who doesn’t love a fun game of dice? Every couple should have a pair. The Happy Rabbit Couple’s dice lets you and your partner explore loads of sexual activities, including the amount of time and where in the house the activity should take place.

Virtual Reality

You’ll need a VR Titan set for this game, but it’s well worth it. For male couples, explore virtual sex videos or play sex games together while enjoying handsfree orgasms with the male stroker. Handsfree orgasms sound fun.

Our Sexy Game

This board game opens your relationship to sexual experimentation. The ‘Our Sexy’ board game spells out “sex,” with the sexual pleasure increasing over three levels. You start by writing out your ultimate fantasy, and that actually becomes the winner’s prize.

Relationships with strong levels of intimacy have a solid foundation of trust and boundaries. helps couples build communication and increase intimacy.

The Tantric Kissing Game

Tantric sex is an old practice, but this game modernizes it. Set the timer to five minutes and bed your lover over an edge, kissing them softly on their neck or face while caressing them simultaneously. Gently suck their lips, tongue, exploring the areas of their face.


The Lovely app keeps things simple by allowing you and your partner more intimacy with only your bodies. You’ll explore new sex ideas and techniques to improve your sex life and communication in the bedroom.


We all have our comfortable sexual routines, but sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. The iKamasutra app will allow you and your partner to choose from over 100 new sex positions, with instructions on how to do it. They come in a wide variety including, oral sex positions and riding sex position.


Game Master Ash, SpaceKees, Salem and Urban play through a game of Bad People. We are always so focused on not passing any judgement as professionals, we forgot how much fun it could be to make ludicrous assumptions about people and make fun of their life choices!

You'd have to play this Adult Party Game with people who are not easily offended, otherwise the night might end in tears.

Learn how people think about you. Learn about the people you play with. And try to use banter and humor as your armor of choice. Cry babies and people with long toes and fragile egos need not play this brutally savage table top card game.

Perfect for groups of 4. Best played with people that can make you laugh.

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