A Revolutionary Communication Platform

The only video chat that enables you to see, hear and feel

Please note: Our desktop app only works with Onyx and Pearl devices

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The Design

As with all Kiiroo products, we’ve sought to perfect a luxurious aesthetic for our communication platform. We’ve replicated the light, flawless effect of a glass interface to enhance the feeling of closeness between users. Lose yourself in your video chat session with a minimalistic series of translucent buttons and sophisticated features. Long distance intimacy has never been so simple.



The Layout

An intuitive layout means a smooth experience, so we’ve ensured user information is displayed simply and navigation is easy. On-screen elements are reactive, meaning they disappear when you don’t need them. When you and your partner are ready to indulge in one another, the chat screen expands for maximum visuals.

A simple control panel is located in the top right corner, operating sound, microphone, and allowing you to switch video on and off. A message box and drawing tool sit neatly below. The rest is open space; a ripe playing field for your long distance fantasies.

The Technology

The video chat platform operates similarly to others, in that it uses an internet connection to synchronize computers and share video and audio data. It sets itself apart from the rest, however, by adding a third level of interaction: tactile data sharing. Once paired via the platform, you and your partner can indulge in your Kiiroo devices as they share physical touch data with one another to create a unified, fully immersive intimate experience. The platform is also available on mobile. Go to either the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google App Store (Android). Search for “App of Things” and you can download the App.

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Prime security means that you and your partner can play privately. To initiate a chat space, a user requests a unique alphanumeric passcode by selecting the “Invite” option at the start-up menu. That user then shares the six-digit code with a partner via any private messaging app, allowing them to enter the space by clicking “Join”. Every new session generates a new temporary passcode, ensuring optimal security.

The platform uses online communications standard WebRTC for maximum safety, enabling data communication on a peer-to-peer basis. This means that once both parties are connected, the server departs and a secure connection is bridged between you and your partner.

To the extent that you trust your partner, your privacy is safe. Kiiroo cannot guarantee your safety in engaging with strangers, however we have customer support available 24/7 if you wish to report inappropriate behavior.