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What is the safest form of sex?

Good Clean Fun: Safe Sex With Toys

It’s a topic that can’t be talked about regularly enough, especially in the ages of sexual awakening, safe sex is essential learning. Safe sex education is something that we should all learn about and practice, especially with new partners.

Practicing safe sex is always important, for various reasons; preventing disease, stopping unwanted pregnancies, and even making post-coital clean up easier. But how often do we consider practicing safe sex when we are using sex toys? Especially when we tend to be more preoccupied with not alerting anyone to what we are doing!

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Let’s have a look at what does safe sex involve. Safe sex is all about keeping you, and your partners, safe and healthy. According to the Data World Bank, over three-quarters of American women (aged 14-49) use some form of contraception.

However, many methods of contraception aren’t effective at preventing STDs, therefore not making them methods of safe sex. I have heard of some incidents where people thought they were fully protected when taking the pill, alas they weren’t.

Condoms are the most effective method of practicing safe sex, with a ninety-eight percent effectiveness. Female condoms and dental dams are almost as effective for practicing safe sex, and I recommend that you use one of the three for any type of sex you’re having; oral, anal or vaginal.

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As I’ve previously stated, when you’re using sex toys you don’t always think about practicing safe sex. We should be though. It is vital to pay attention to the instructions for your devices, ensuring that you not only clean them correctly but also use them correctly.

Different devices are made of different materials, which can require lubricants of different bases, so always make sure to check you’re using the recommended lubricant…else you could cause damage to your device, and in turn yourself. This probably goes without saying, but it’s best to only use devices for their specific purpose, as alternate purposes can pose risks.

Storage can often be difficult for sex toys. The majority of sex toys require a cool, dark, clean and dry place the be stored. It’s wise to invest in a secure and airtight box for storing your toys…a sex toy box, just don’t get it confused with any other toy boxes in your house.

Once you’re done with your toy, make sure to clean it promptly, the sooner the better. Most require a rinse with warm soapy water. It should go without saying, but don’t use the same toy with different orifices without cleaning, thoroughly, between uses.

If you really don’t want to clean your toys, then it might be an idea to use a condom in conjunction with it…obviously this depends on the type of toy you’re using, a stroker will require cleaning the lubricant off. If you’re going to change the body part interacting with the toy, then it’s advisable to change the condom.

Personally, I would clean the toys even if I had used a condom, but that’s because I like to be extremely cautious and hygienic. Much like lubricants though, condoms can contribute to the deterioration of your toys (because of the lubricants on them), so do be aware of the types of condoms you use.

Using toys correctly can drastically reduce your chances of contracting anything, most people would say this is because it’s a solo experience, which it can be…but it doesn’t have to be. Toys, or sexual aids, can make sex a much more pleasurable experience for both partners.

Again, I can’t stress this enough, toy hygiene is imperative! Going on a sexual adventure and exploring each other using different toys is one of the most enjoyable and pleasurable experiences anyone could ever have, certainly speaking from personal experience. Some toys can be a bit daunting at first, but starting small and building up (puns intended) is part of the fun.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked benefits of using sex toys, mainly due to the excitement and pleasure they provide, is that they provide an extremely effective method of having safe sex.

As long as your toys are kept clean (can’t emphasize this enough), then you can have some of the safest sex you could ever have. Innovative toys, such as the Onyx 2 and Pearl 2, can enable you to have interactive and safe sex with your partners, wherever they may be! We’ve all had instances when we are aroused, want to have sex, but don’t have condoms…so can’t. Using sex toys, you can have safe sex without condoms…just make sure to clean up (like a broken record now).

So next time someone suggests using sex toys during sex, remember that it can be extremely enjoyable for everyone involved, but make sure you’re practicing safe sex and being hygienic. If you keep everything clean, then toys can provide the safest sex you could ever have.


Robert Neville