Who is behind the #NoFap movement?

What is NoFap?

NoFap is an organization meant to help people quit porn and masturbation. Its website describes it as a “comprehensive community-based porn-recovery website.” Founded in 2011 on Reddit, it has since developed into a much larger network.

Questions have been raised regarding religious motivations behind NoFap, and opinions are divided about the benefits of quitting masturbation. We investigated and found some answers.

Who is behind NoFap?

In 2011, Alexander Rhodes started NoFap on the social media platform Reddit. After he realized the problems related to excessive porn use in himself and others. He challenged himself to abstain from porn and masturbation. And soon, he started supporting others in this challenge.

One of the things that kick-started this initial challenge was a
study from the National Institute of Health. Which stated that when men don’t masturbate for 7 days, their testosterone levels increase by 45.7%.

The name comes from the term “fap”. Which originated in online manga-inspired comics such as "Sexy losers" in the late 90's.
It’s an onomatopoeia representing the sound of masturbation.
The platform quickly developed into an organization which aims to help people quit porn (which they call “rebooting”) through education and support.

How does it work?

According to the NoFap website, research has shown that heavy porn use can change the neural pathways of the brain. Which can cause addiction, hormonal changes, and sexual dysfunction. The “rebooting” is meant to restore those neural pathways to their original settings.

NoFap refers to the organization and its associated website, tools, and services. It challenges members to abstain from pornography, masturbation, or even sex for a period of time. All in order to get rid of porn addiction or porn-induced sexual dysfunction.

It provides members with tools they can use to get through this challenge. They have a community forum with peer-to-peer support and have gamified the experience with challenges, competitions, and events in order to motivate members.

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Is it religiously motivated propaganda?

Some people have accused NoFap of being a religiously motivated propaganda. However, the NoFap team states clearly that NoFap is neither a movement rallying behind a common political, social, or moral ideal nor a religious website. Alexander Rhodes is openly non-religious, and others associated with NoFap come from a vast variety of backgrounds and beliefs.

And the organization itself, of course, cannot be held accountable for actions and motivations for the hundreds of vloggers that took the challenge once it went viral.

Though religious moral beliefs have often condemned masturbation. NoFap’s reasons for advocating abstinence from masturbation have nothing to do with religion. They are aimed at improving people’s mental and physical health.

Unfortunately, there are people who are misusing/abusing the term NoFap to fanatically condemn masturbation completely. But this is not the aim of the NoFap organization.

Is it really about the health benefits?

According to NoFap’s mission statement, it is.
The aim of NoFap is to help people free themselves from addiction to pornography. This also includes compulsive sexual behaviors and sexual dysfunctions they experience as porn-induced. The NoFap website states that it is
not an anti-masturbation website.

The founders and majority of the users of the website agree that there is nothing inherently wrong with masturbation. NoFap does not encourage lifelong abstinence from masturbation or other sexual behavior.

The point is to encourage users to abstain for a period of time. Which will help them get over unhealthy and unproductive attitudes towards pornography and masturbation. Typically, this is around 90 days, but it varies from user to user. Each person chooses the best approach and timeframe for him or her.

Is there any legitimacy to the claims that not masturbating is healthy for you?

The study mentioned before showed a definite increase in testosterone levels after 7 days without masturbating. Which in turn could lead to improved sex-drive, the potential for muscle growth and a decrease in hair loss. There is no scientific proof that not masturbating has any long-term benefits.

In fact, scientific research has shown that, in the long run, masturbating has extremely positive effects on your health. For one, masturbation reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

What are the dangers of not masturbating?

Not masturbating could also lead to an increase in frustration, stress, sexual tension, and insomnia. Though many NoFap members praise the benefits of not masturbation. They believe it makes them more functional, energetic, confident and improves their sex life. Of course, this is just one specific part of the population.

For many others, getting to know oneself and taking the time for oneself through masturbation has its benefits. It allows for an increase in confidence, a happier sex life, and lower depression-rates. For more information, read our full article on the health benefits of masturbation.

In short, NoFap is meant, first and foremost as an open-minded platform. In order to help people from all walks of life get over their unhealthy relationship with pornography. Contrary to how many people are using the term these days, it is not meant as anti-masturbation propaganda.

Cutting out masturbation for some period is one of the suggestions to help get rid of one’s addiction to porn. The study that helped kick-start NoFap, which stated that there is a big boost in testosterone levels after 7 days without masturbating, does not necessarily prove that not masturbating is the healthiest approach.

In fact, there is tons of research out there that proves masturbation has immense health benefits, both mentally and physically. The fact of the matter is, different things work for different people.

Masturbation is extremely healthy and fun,

But some people get stuck in unhealthy routines and addictions.
That’s what a platform like NoFap is for.

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Written by:

Mindy Cordova