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Modern Day Sexy Talk: What is Algospeak?

If you think the world is changing, then don’t look online! Everything we know is changing, even our language. If you haven’t heard of “Algospeak” before, then you’re going to find out all about it right now.

Oh, and you’ll even learn some Algospeak phrases that you can use yourself (you think we were going to leave you empty-handed? I don’t think so!).

What is Algospeak?

Algospeak is an online phenomenon happening on the Internet as a way to bypass content moderation filters on social media. In other words, it helps you “hack” the algorithm so that your content isn’t deleted (most often) using sexually explicit language.

For example, some online videos will say “spicy eggplant” instead of a vibrator.

Algospeak also helps to categorize your clips, also known as “sides of TikTok”. For example, the algorithm will know based on your interests and use the app if you spend more time on a specific subject, like “304” or “accountsoftiktok”.

Okay, now that you know what it is, how did this even start in the first place?

How did Algospeak become a thing?

After the pandemic came a whole bunch of new things, including Algospeak. As the pandemic left, more and more people at home went online to connect and communicate with others.

People quickly found that the algorithmic content moderation systems impacted the way they could speak online. So, this brought to life a new language - Algospeak.

However, while Algospeak is something new, coded language isn’t. Many subcultures developed their own private codes that are only understood in their community.

Polari was a private language used in Britain by gay men in the early 20th century. “Rough trade” was a term used to refer to a working-class sex partner. See, like most coded language; it’s a way to talk about taboo subjects like global events, drugs, sex, death, and cultural restrictions. We’re not so different from the generations before us.

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Algospeak for content creators

All social media platforms monitor the way we speak online. But Algospeak is a way for content creators to speak out. For example, the LGBTQ community and the BIPOC community can create content using Algospeak that gets their messages across to their viewers.

See, if you’re an online creator, addressing sensitive topics online can be a huge challenge. If you want to talk about lesbians, your content will be banned. So, using “le$bian” or “le dollar bean” can help creators bypass the terms and conditions of these social media platforms.

With Algospeak, sex workers can share safety tips using the term “accountants” - that’s right. If you look up “accountants” on TikTok, you won’t find info on filling out your tax return. So, Algospeak really helps people practice their freedom of speech online.

24 Sexy Algospeak Phrases You Can Use

Here’s our glossary of terms you can use online. Of course, more terms are being created every single day, so keep an eye out for more Algospeak.

  1. Nip nops: Nipples

  2. Cornucopia: Homophobia

  3. Corn⭐️ / 🌽star: Pornstar

  4. @nal: Anal

  5. Leg booty: A reference to the LGBTQ community

  6. Spicy eggplant: Vibrator

  7. Accountant: Sex work or Only Fans creator

  8. Le dollar bean: Lesbian

  9. Seggs: Sex

  10. Skripper: Stripper

  11. 🔵⚪️: Onlyfans

  12. 🌶: Spicy

  13. Spicy Creator: Adult content creator

  14. Spicy model: Cam girl/Adult content creator

  15. 304tok / 304gang: Stripper/Prostitute

  16. Rhgo (“real hoin going on”): Escort/Sex worker

  17. Situationship - friends with benefits

  18. Corn - porn

  19. 🔥: Lit/ Cool

  20. Simping: Giving excessive attention to somebody and not receiving it back

  21. Pick me girl: A girl that tries to stand out in front of guys by being different than other girls (such as putting other girls down because they’re wearing makeup or dressing in a certain way)

  22. ✨(text)✨: Using the sparkle emoji to replace *(add text)* to give importance to one word or groups of words in a sentence. For example: Here’s my ✨seggs toy✨ collection.

  23. You can also use symbols or emojis for example: 0rga$m, $€x, f0r€🅿️l🅰️y, o_ga💰m, esc❤️rt, sh!t, k!nk


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