Fun ways to use the Keon Accessories

The Keon by Kiiroo has been on the market for a while now. You can pair the Keon with interactive content from your favorite Feel Star. Better yet, what about adding a Keon accessory?

There are different accessories available for the Keon that are all meant to further enhance the already pretty immersive experience. Here are some fun tips to get the most out of each!

Keon Phone holder

The clamps can open up to a maximum of 125mm if you first put one side fully in the groove and this will be enough for most phones. The maximum thickness of a phone it can handle is 16mm, so if you have an exceptionally large or thick phone make sure to give it a quick measure to make sure it’ll fit!

When strapping the phone holder to your Keon you can go as high as the front part goes. This way the buttons will be obstructed by the band, but it won’t press them. So, if you’re going for app control or interactive content, it shouldn’t be a problem, and will cause less neck strain as you won’t have to look as far down to see your phone.

Since it’s basically just an elastic band with a phone holder part, you can also use it to attach your phone to any type of furniture, railing in your house, or anything it’ll fit, not just the Keon itself.

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Keon Multifunctional pillow

The sex pillow is the most versatile accessory of them all, and you can use it in many configurations. Try the ones below or come up with your own and tell us about it!

The cowgirl’s milking machine (front and reverse)

Lay on your back and put the pillow between your thighs. You can do this in two ways.

Front: Have the shorter end of the pillow between your legs and have the longer end arch above your body, having the Keon in an angle pointing towards you.

Having it in this position will get a bigger part of the pillow between your thighs compared to “Reverse”. Squeezing the pillow could feel really nice as you’re getting closer to an orgasm. Also, if you have the Lumen butt plug or a prostate massager in you, it can gently press on it further intensifying the experience.

Reverse: Flip the pillow upside down compared to “Front”, and have the longer end between your thighs. This will make the Keon point away from you, towards your toes. Depending on how big your penis is and if it’s curved in any direction, this might be a more comfortable position for hands-free fun.

The ragdoll

You can simply strap a stroker to the pillow without the Keon! The strap is a bit too big, but if you put a t-shirt or towel around your stroker it should be able to hold it very nicely.

This way you’ll have a much bigger thing to grab onto and you can actually use your stroker as you would a sex doll instead of stroking with it. This can be good if you like being on top and in control during penetrative sex with a partner.

You can watch a POV doggy/missionary video and simply move in sync with the actor on the screen. Those scenes can be more realistic this way, while the more passive scenes where the partner is the one actively moving (e.g. in a cowgirl position) are more realistic with the Keon.

Boston Dynamics

Use the pillow in a kneeling (doggy) position. Just as with laying on your back, try both angles here too! if it’s too high, put another pillow or two under your knees, but you can also squish it down a bit.

If it’s too low, put another pillow under the Keon’s pillow and raise it a bit that way. You can switch to Tiger style too by moving from kneeling to a crouching or semi-crouching position.

Standing ovation / the bodybuilder

To use it standing, it’s easiest to use a chair with adjustable height and put the pillow on it. But if you want a hardcore challenge simply put the pillow between your thighs, squeeze and try to hold it while the Keon does it’s job and gets you off.

Just be prepared for some muscle soreness afterwards. Talk about a spin on leg day!

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Keon Hand strap

When putting on the hand strap make sure the soft part of the Velcro in the smaller hand loop is facing inwards, otherwise it might start scratching your hand and get uncomfortable.

The twist cap

After putting it through the hand loop, twist your hand about 90° counterclockwise if you're right handed or clockwise if you’re left handed.

Your index finger should be pointing upwards, resting above the buttons and your thumb should be across the front of the Keon. This can give you a more stable hold on it with less gripping required to keep it in place.

Kettle my bells

In a standing position hold it by the loop in one hand (like a grocery bag/kettlebell), stabilize the Keon with your other hand by holding the top part from below and let it do its job this way. It’s easier to hold than simply holding it without the strap.

Keon Neck strap

The neck strap is very easy to use both in a sitting and standing position and since the strap is pretty long and strong you can get creative with it!

The photographer

Simply hang the Keon using the strap and position it on your cock. If your neck or the skin on your neck is more sensitive you can loop one side under your armpit and use it that way. It’ll be a bit less stable, but could be more comfortable.

The catfish

Laying on your back, position the Keon on your lap so it can stroke your penis and loop the strap around your waist, so it goes around under you.

If you get the tension right, this can hold the Keon very firmly in place. You might still need to use your hand to gently stabilize it if it’s going fast, but it should be fairly stable.

No escape

Sitting on a chair or the edge of your bed with your legs spread slightly apart, put the Keon between your thighs (if it’s comfortable for you and your penis). Loop the strap around your legs to gently tie them together holding you and the Keon in place.

If you’re into bondage, have a partner help you and you can get even more restraints in place. Give them control over your Keon and you can engage in some very fun orgasm control play!

Keon Table clamp

The Keon table clamp allows you to securely attach your KEON to a table or any hard surface that’s not thicker than 49mm. That’s the maximum thickness it can still reliably fit.

Make sure whatever you attach the clamp to is wood, metal or some other sturdy material not prone to shattering and is held in place well. Don’t attach it to an unstable part of furniture as the movements of the Keon or your thrusting might destabilise the whole contraption and cause damage or injury!

If you want a bit of extra safety or your table’s surface is sensitive, you can put a wide and flat piece of wood, plastic or metal between the surface and the round bottom holder part. That helps distribute the pressure a bit and helps avoid marks on the surface of the table.

If your table is too high, you can mount the table clamp upside down and “hang” the Keon that way, it’ll be just as stable! In this case it’s even more recommended to put something between the round metal part of the clamp and the top surface of your desk.

Since depending on the height of your table the Keon might be angled a bit upwards, if you use a stroker with the end cap not completely screwed on (less suction mode), lube might start to drip out on the far end of the stroker onto your desk, so make sure to clear the area around your Keon and don’t leave any objects below or right next to it. You might put down a few pieces of paper towel to catch the lube in case it drips out a bit.

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Keon Dildo Adapter and Vacuum Lock Dildo

The dildo adapter has a vac-U-lock connector, which opens up your KEON to a whole world of dildos besides the very nice black dildo you can get from Kiiroo. To insert the dildo adapter follow the instructions on the side of the box. To make fastening a bit easier make sure the inner, moving part of the Keon is set all the way to the bottom and insert the dildo adapter. (Watch the visual manual here.)

You’ll see 3 grooves which should guide the 3 small plastic protrusions on the inside of the Keon in the right place. Once the attachment is all the way in, turn it counter-clockwise. It might need to be turned rather hard, so don’t be afraid of giving it some force.

Once firmly in place, it should be stable and only move when you twist it clockwise to remove it. To add the dildo simply push the end of the vac-U-lock adapter into the hole in the base of the dildo until it’s firmly inside you can move it side to side a bit, that should make pushing it in a bit easier.

When removing, also gently tilt and move the dildo side to side to break the vacuum. Keep moving it until it comes off fairly easily. To clean the adapter simply use warm water and soap, or a toy cleaner.

Make sure to dry it completely, especially if water gets into the holes on the bottom three holes where the screws are. If you see water in them simply use a cotton swab or a thinly rolled up piece of paper towel, insert fully and wipe away as much moisture as you can, then leave the rest to air-dry.

If playtime got messy and lube got on the shaft and everywhere, it might be a good idea to unscrew it from the base and make sure to clean everything properly. Dry the parts completely before reassembling the adapter! Caring for your dildo is the same as with any other silicon dildo.

Use warm water and a mild soap, or a silicone friendly sex toy cleaner, pat dry with a lint-free cloth and put it away. If you have multiple silicone toys make sure to store them in a way so they are not touching. This is important because silicone toys can start to “melt” together or cause discoloration on each other if they are squeezed together or stored touching each other.

Always go slow and use plenty of lube. Although the motor in the Keon has plenty of power, if you have very strong muscles in your vagina or anus, depending on the dildo you use you might be able to squeeze very hard and the motor of the Keon might start to struggle. If you experience this, make sure to ease up on the squeezing to avoid overloading or damaging the motor.

Refueling the lube mid-flight

Feel like your stroker needs a bit more lube? You don’t have to take your penis out and all that fuss, which would be especially complicated if the Keon is elaborately strapped to you.

Simply pause your Keon, remove the back cap (the small one), squeeze some lube in the hole, put the cap back on and let gravity do the rest. Resume the action and in a few seconds you should feel as the lube reaches the head of your penis and everything becomes slippery and fun again!

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