VR: Immerse yourself in a pleasurable and safe reality

VR: Immerse yourself in a pleasurable and safe reality

Connect to a reality where it is safe to touch, feel and climax

Self-isolation and quarantine were two words that we rarely seemed to hear a lot about until recently. Whilst many individuals have resented the influx of panic buying and queuing to buy necessary groceries or access services, there are other people who are focusing more on how to deal with the solitary confinement aspect of it.

Pornhub even granted Premium access to nearly 20 million people. Their reason? They wanted to help people cope with the burden of isolation, loneliness and boredom that the self-isolation has bought with it. However, in the world of technology, there are other answers that can resolve the knock-on effects of quarantine and self-isolation.

Virtual reality, first and foremost, offers an escapist experience of the highest level. After all, VR has the power to ‘bring things to life’ in a way that 2D viewing cannot. The user feels what it might be like to be within a fantasy world, or a high-risk situation that they would never experience in real life - such as free-jumping, paragliding or abseiling.

What better way to make someone feel what an experience is like than immersing them in a virtual environment? VR offers the power to connect users to a world where they cannot go.

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Of course, in self-isolation, we don’t need virtual, fantasy worlds in order to excite our emotions VR also offers solutions for viewing the world. Have you ever been to Milan? Did you ever get a chance to see New York?

Well, don’t worry. Virtual reality can take you there instead. For those who are trapped at home - VR offers you the chance to get back outside.

Physical activity and exercise is also taking a hit during this quarantine period. Most countries have closed facilities until further notice. VR may offer solutions for people who are running out of ideas on how to keep themselves entertained and fit. Learning has never been so virtual - or fun!

Many people are also using the benefits of VR to stay in touch with their erotic senses via VR adult entertainment. What better way to stay in tune with your erotic senses than tuning into some VR porn and letting your senses guide the way?

Over several years we have written a few articles that include the benefits of using VR in different ways. Here are a few:


This Ebook serves as a complete guide to the evolution of virtual reality from 2012 till 2018. In collaboration with Dr. Emmeline Peaches, it includes looking at different types of VR headsets, content, and the best 20 VR porn sites.

Dive in if you want to really find out more about VR!


virtual reality and relationships kiiroo

Using virtual reality just doesn’t benefit one single person, it can also benefit people's relationships, especially couples’. People always assume when using VR that it is either in the context of games or erotic content.

But what they don’t know is that it can help with their sexual relationships as well as sexual confidence. In this article, you will find the benefits of VR in intimacy and relationships and how it can help improve your sex life.


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We talked about content such as VR games, so it comes to no surprise that there are also adult games available. In this comprehensive list of VR porn games, you will come across games that consist of their own virtual worlds.

There are choices for all types of VR experiences! Plugin with your favorite VR system and go on adventures like never before.


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Clearly the possibilities are endless for virtual reality. But what does it mean for the future of sex and intimacy? For the most part it has a way of connecting people without the physical touch.

Intimacy can now be experienced with haptic technology. But what else can the future bring to virtual reality?

With the significant pressure of the current state, VR can offer support and guidance to people. According to Bryony Cole on the Future of Sex podcast, she stated that education, information and sexuality will be a huge part of VR experiences in the future.

Written by

Eleanor Hancock and Mindy Cordova