Unity… An Erotic Long-distance Love Story

A Long-distance Love Story

He loved the rasping warmth of her laughter.

Sometimes when he blinked he even closed his eyes for that fraction longer to take it all in, lingering in the lilt of her vocalizations.

“Awww c’mon, it wasn’t that funny!” he chuckled back.

“Sweetie, you said ‘election’ instead of ‘erection’, it’s totally that funny,” she said, wiping some tears from her eyes.

The glow of her cheeks mirrored on her exposed chest—a puffy section of warmth just before the start of her small, perky breasts. His camera captured it all perfectly, through the intimate filter of the Kiiroo platform.

A good internet connection was a must in a long-distance relationship like theirs, as was a secure method of communication. John had considered this all when he invested in a Pearl2 and Onyx, but he never anticipated just how much of a difference it could make.

Life was good.

He pouted regardless.

“Oh my poor sweet gent,” Abigail said in a tone of faux sympathy. “Did you just want to forget this all?”

He nodded pathetically, playfully, still pouting as he hammed up his sadness. It was a solid act, almost as firm as his cock…though not quite.

“Fine” she conceded. “But this time no talking—you get tongue-tied too easily. Let’s just…feel”.

He nodded and swallowed in anticipation.

Her nipples were swelling and he knew she was looking forward to it too; that she was ready for him.

Grinning Abigail placed the Kiiroo Pearl2 inside of her and waited for John to slide the Onyx onto his shaft.

It was bulky, very bulky. Abigail had joked at first that it looked like something from one of the latest video game releases. Neither of them minded this.

As John felt the squishy and wet embrace of the Onyx they had selected together, he couldn’t see a single downside to the Onyx .

Abigail grinned—a small gesture of ‘ready?’ and John nodded in kind. Slowly and lovingly, she began to move her Pearl2.

The Onyx moved in kind, teasing John’s shaft with Abigail’s motions. He was never one to restrain his enthusiasm when something aroused him and he soon felt the vibrations in his throat that accompanied his deep moans of approval. They complimented the rubbing against his coronal ridge well and from the increase in speed, he could tell that Abigail approved.

Without even noticing, John had closed his eyes. As had Abigail. The two adored looking at each other when the time was right but it was hardly needed—hardly even the basis of their pleasure. Instead, it was everything else that drew them together.

John could hear Abigail’s moans of womanly glee and the slowing pant of her breath. There was an ambient sound of creaks and squeaks and he knew that was the joints of her chair, that it meant she was beginning to arch her hips forwards and back, thrusting eagerly into the Pearl2.

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He could feel it, courting his shaft with increasingly warming delight. The texture of the Onyx was important to them both. They had selected it because it felt like theirs—like a true reflection of the tightness of her vagina and the sensory overload that he always felt when he got to feel her body in person. It was perfect and John was always able to let Abigail know that.

In this instance, he grasped at his chair with one free hand. Its leathery surface lets out a rich moan of its own and he heard Abigail chuckled playfully. She was aware of what this meant.

Breathing deeply, John could detect a growing unison in their moans as the thrusting motions increased.

Even though John’s shaft was being treated to thrusts in ample amounts he did sometimes find it hard to restrain himself from thrusting back. From grabbing at the sides of the Onyx as if he was grasping at Abigail’s hips and fucking her with all the strength and depth that she so often desired.

In his mind, this was what was happening. In his mind, he imagined Abigail was experiencing the same. For him, it was enough. Abigail’s moans began to turn in to high-pitched screams of utter delight and John tried his very best to restrain the swelling tide of pulsating elation that was brimming in his firm shaft.

When she reached her pinnacle (which he knew oh so well) he allowed himself to do so too, with deep, animalistic grunts of sweaty, climactic approval. The harmony of their climax wasn’t something that John had anticipated when they first got together, but now it felt like their own special courtship dance—not always necessary but appreciated when it occurred nonetheless.

John removed the Onyx from his now tender shaft and let his sperm string its way away from his tip tenderly. Abigail smiled fondly. She loved the sight and John knew this.

“Sooo, feeling better my pouty little goof?” Abigail teased.

“Oh, hush you” he rebuffed with an affectionate grin. At that moment, he imagined their mutual smiles could brighten the gloomiest of days.

“Right, as much as I love hearing your voice, I do have some studying to do,” Abigail said.

“Okay, okay, work hard little Miss Masters” he tormented.

“Don’t say that yet! You’ll jinx it!”

“Aaah yes, sorry. I forgot. Good luck, Buttercup”.

“Goodbye, my Dapper Gent”.

With that, they signed out and John closed his eyes, one last time, and recollected Abigail’s laugh.

Written by:

Dr. Emmeline Peaches
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