Thought Leaders on SexTech – Karen Bryant from Sybian

Thought Leaders on SexTech – Karen Bryant from Sybian

We asked several Experts in the field of Sex, Sexuality, and Tech their opinions and takes on SexTech.
In this installment, Isaac Simon will try to uncover what critique and praises await this upstart industry.

Mind Behind Sybian Talks SexTech

SexTech is more than burgeoning field, it’s exploding. People unaware of their own sexual potential need only look to present technology for innovative aid. The tech available now, and in the near future, represents a whole new world of sexual exploration.

Some of this pioneering tech has been around for quite some time, though. For over 25 years, one of the most influential products has been and continues to be, the Sybian. If you’ve never seen it, you’re missing out. The Sybian, created by Dave Lampert, is a robust tool for women that not only facilitates multiple orgasms but also unlocks facets of your sexual being never before charted.

In the ongoing mission to bring together the best minds in SexTech, we spoke with Karen Bryant, also known as Sybianmaker from Abco Research Associates/ Sybian about the state of the industry. As a leading innovator in sexy devices for many years, the makers of Sybian stood out as an important voice in the growing conversation about sex in a futuristic world.

Check out our exclusive interview with Bryant as part of our ongoing series of conversations with SexTech experts.

KIIROO: Are you satisfied with the state of the SexTech industry as of 2015?

Karen: I am not only satisfied, I am thrilled. There are so many new innovators out there. When there is competition, there is imagination. Sex is all about imagination and creativity, so I consider it a win-win. Better innovation creates better consumers.

What kinds of challenges does it face, inside and outside the industry?

Compatibility. People need to be able to buy the sex toy they want and use it on the platform they desire. You need the ability to diversify your collection and yet not feel like you are being forced to purchase new toys every six months. They need to feel confident that their big-ticket toy is not obsolete before they open the box. There is still something to be said for simplicity. Better conversation creates better connectivity.

How does it benefit sexual health and personal development?

Use it or lose it. By keeping your libido and brain engaged I think your physical and emotional health benefit. Sexual exploration of your own body leads to a newfound comfort in your own skin. Knowing what pleases you makes you a more confident lover. Better toys create better lovers.

How does it affect the world outside the bedroom?

I don’t know about you, but a few great orgasms are better than meditation for stress relief. It is really hard to get mad at someone after sex. Less stress creates a better work environment and family life dynamic. Better orgasms create better interaction.

What do you believe is the future of SexTech, and where do you hope it goes from here?

I believe we will have totally immersive sexual fantasies playing out in our living rooms. People will be able to connect at a more physical and emotional level over a computer interface. I would also hope that we stay grounded in reality. People will still need to function outside the Sex Tech world and have real live face-to-face relationships. Better tech creates a better future.

There’s no arguing with the positivity Bryant sees in the future. Hopefully, the Sybian maker’s words will become more and more true as SexTech continues to grow. If nothing else, we can expect great and orgasmic things from Sybian, a company that’s defined and redefined over the past many years how the technology functions and affects the world around us.

Check back next week for further conversations with experts in our very innovative and sexy field.

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