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The Wolf and The Huntsman – An Erotic Story
Emmeline Peaches conjured up an Erotic Story to get your juices flowing this Halloween!

“So do you think there’ll be champagne there tonight?”

“I should hope so for what they’re charging!”

“Relax, girls. I checked in advance—It’s all included and all free”

“I can’t believe we got such a good deal!”

“Me either.”

“I’m definitely winning the bobbing apple contest!”

Hannah heard her friends burst into laughter through her changing room door and couldn’t help but blush. Why did they have to be so rapacious all the time? She couldn’t imagine being so wild.

“Uhm, girls, there might be teenagers in these changing rooms too” she reminded them timidly.

“Oh Hannah, don’t be such a prude!” chastised Melissa.

“I’m not a prude” Hannah asserted, though even she didn’t believe it. Her blush increased. “I just think there’s a time and a place for everything.”

“Awwww, she’s blushing” Hannah heard from above. She looked up with a jolt and saw her friend Tanya peeking over from the booth next door. Her other friends giggled.

“You okay little lamb?” Tanya asked apologetically. Her soothing voice matched with the softness of her features, which in turn were framed by plumes of curly black hair.

“Yeah” Hannah grumbled, lying.

Purchases made, the group departed from the fancy dress store.

“Tell you what…” Melissa said, turning to Hannah with a devious grin. “You say you can be saucy in the right place. Prove it: Tonight when we’re at the ball I dare you to go without any underwear on.”

“W-What!?” Hannah fumbled. She could feel her face growing ruby again as she looked at the eager faces of her friends. Melissa grinned. She thought she couldn’t do it. Hannah could tell.

Clenching her fist a bit tighter on the drawstring handles of her shopping bag Hannah felt herself grow bold at the challenge. “Alright. Fine!” she blurted out.

Melissa’s smile was gone. Replaced with a look of shock. The rest of her friends cheered, though Hannah swore she detected a hint of worry on Tanya’s face.

Hannah shared that sentiment. ‘Why did I have to get that costume?’ she lamented.

Pearl2 kiiroo

Hannah tugged at the hem of her alarmingly short skirt with her free hand, the other grabbing with her wooden crook. Under the blue plaid fabric, she could feel frilly ruffles rubbing against her bare skin, her vulva exposed to the breezy night’s wind.

“I can’t believe you made me do this” Hannah chided at Melissa.

“Made you? Oh no, dear—you agreed to this. Besides, what’s a shepherdess without some form of a flock to display” Melissa winked.

“No Tanya tonight?” Hannah blurted out, in a quick attempt to change the topic.

“No, she said she wasn’t feeling very well” Kimberly answered. “A shame,” said Melissa.

Hannah breathed a sigh of relief. For now, she was no longer the center of attention.

Walking into the venue Hannah was immediately grateful for the warmth that a room full of multiple bodies provide. She had never considered just how breezy going without underwear could be. Her labia were throbbing from the exposure and her clit felt sore.

Taking a moment to compose herself, Hannah took a deep breath in before taking a good look around and was left in awe. When Melissa said it was a ball she really meant it. Huge painted ceilings towered over them, adorned with images of sweet-cheeked cherubs and curvaceous angels. Golden chandeliers illuminated the room and mirrors surrounded them. From above Hannah could see balconies, like an old theater house, complete with red curtains that concealed their back section. She let out an audible “Wow.”

By the time she went to look back to her friends she found they had gone—scattered into the crowds and swept off their feet by amorous masked men. Typical.

Hannah glanced at the crowd for their familiar faced but locked eyes with someone else first. A man. Tall. Firmly built. Undeniably handsome. His intense gaze was visible even through his mask, which was shaped like a wolf and looked to be made from real fur. His eyes were icy blue and his lips full of color as if signaling an insatiable appetite.

How long had they been staring at each other? Hannah thought. Longer than they should have. For a moment Hannah became perfectly aware of her warming vulva. It felt moist. She broke the gaze and walked across the main dance area.

Heading up the stairs, Hannah turned around the corridor and tried to locate the bathroom.

“This is too much” she exhaled heavily, leaning against the nearby wall, inadvertently exposing her vulva.

“I’m not a big fan of the crowds either” a masculine voice spoke from the end of the corridor. Hannah bolted upright in an unpleasant moment of déjà vu.

It was him.

“Oh, uhm, It’s not that. I’m just…I’m…”

“Without undergarments. I noticed” the man spoke with a cool demeanor. “It seems you had quite a night planned for yourself” he grinned.

“With all due respect, no” Hannah said firmly. “I mean, I don’t even know who you are.”

“Of course you do” he chuckled back as if her words were a game. “I’m the big bad wolf, and I’ve got an appetite for Shepherdesses.”

“That’s about enough” came a voice from around the corner. Hannah recognized it immediately as Tanya revealed herself to the two of them. Wearing denim jeans, a red buttoned-down shirt, and brandishing a fake axe, she looked like the perfect Huntsman.

“Shouldn’t you be off saving Little Red Riding Hood?” the Wolf taunted.

“Jokes over. This axe may be fake but I reckon I could still get a good swing in with it. Now get the fuck away from my friend.” Hannah’s heart skipped a beat, not that she could tell given how much it was racing.

“Hmph, fine.” The Wolf turned back to Hannah and bowed his head. “Perhaps another time.” With that he departed, glaring at Tanya as he did so.

It was only after he was gone that Hannah felt her chest release and she could breathe fully again. Her body was full of adrenaline. Every part of her was charged with static energy. It was the most intense sensation she had ever felt.

Tanya checked that the Wolf had left before rushing over to Hannah’s side. “Hey,” she breathed out, stroking the side of her face reassuringly. “You okay?”

Hannah looked into her friend’s dark brown eyes and nodded. Tanya appeared as comforting and loving as usual and yet Hannah could feel her hand shaking against her cheek. Tanya felt the same way as she did, Hannah could tell.

“I’m fine” she sputtered out. “I just. I can’t believe the nerve of some guys.”

Tanya nodded and let out a sigh of relief before chuckling. “What’s a cute little lamb like you doing with wolves like that?” she bantered.

Though she didn’t fully know why Hannah felt a rush of desire at her friend’s words.

Fuelled by the intensity of the situation, Hannah melted forward and leaned in to kiss Tanya’s full, brown lips. To her great relief, Hannah soon felt the reciprocal caress of Tanya’s mouth against her own. A rush of sensation swelled through her labia.

Tanya pulled Hannah into the kiss in a passionate embrace as if fulfilling a need long left untended. In a swift, strong motion she lifted Hannah up and pinned her against the wall, exploring her mouth with firm, rapid motions. Hannah left out a gasp of pleasure and momentarily leaned back. She had never felt this way about a woman before, let alone one of her closest friends. What did this mean?

Before Hannah could process it all, she felt herself lifted again, as Tanya swirled her around and propped her up on the shelf of a nearby fireplace. Hannah giggled with euphoria and relief. Caught up in the rush of it all, the thrill of her unexplored sensations.

Tanya spread Hannah’s legs and kissed her thighs. The softness of her pillowed lips stroked delicately against Hannah’s skin. Interrupted by the occasional well-placed nibble. Hannah bit her lip to stifle more giggles.

“You okay with this little lamb?” Tanya said, looking up gently at Hannah as she hovered over her vulva. Hannah didn’t need to think twice. She eagerly nodded. Tanya’s grinning response made her clitoris ache with longing.

“Well then, it’s a good thing I invested in the silicone axe.”

With that Tanya moved in close to Hannah’s vulva and planted some delicate kisses on it before beginning to add a bit more pressure a nuzzle at her clitoris with her nose. Hannah quivered at her friend’s touch. Her eyes rolling back as she surrendered to the moment. As Tanya began to trace Hannah’s labia with her warm tongue Hannah could feel her full, wavy hair stroking her thighs. The combined sensations blended together perfectly. Hannah didn’t want this moment to stop.

Arching her hips towards her friend, Hannah heard Tanya chuckle before feeling the firm rim of a silicone handle trace her vaginal opening. Once the tip was well and truly lined with her fluids Hannah felt Tanya slide it in, bracing as she did so. The shaft was so filling and yet completely unlike any girth she had felt before. As Tanya began to suck firmly on her clit Hannah felt blood rush to her head. Overwhelmed, she grasped at her Tanya’s strong arms, tugging at her red Flannel shirt.

Thrusting her hips eagerly into the axe, Hannah felt the pressure build in her entire body before bursting into a flurry of rapid vaginal contractions. She had never reached orgasm with something so large inside her before. Her vulva was sopping wet from Tanya’s warm saliva.

Hannah let her head lazily rest on Tanya’s chest as she looked down at the ballroom from their balcony view. “You were right—this is a great spot to unwind,” Tanya said. “Let’s see a wolf sneak up on us now” she jested light-heartedly with a grin.

“Yeah…about that…” Hannah started out “I think we should let the party organizers know about that guy in private. I mean just in case he tries anything with someone else.”

“Good idea” Tanya nodded. “People like that need to learn that their behavior is not acceptable.”

“..And, uhm, thank you for saving me” blushed Hannah, this time sweetly.

“Anytime” Tanya chuckled softly. “And, hey, you went through with Melissa’s dare. Good for you. I bet she was shocked when she saw that!” Tanya said light-heartedly.

“Shocked? Yes. As for ‘seeing it’…I think that’s a sight I’d like to keep reserved for you…if you’re happy with that, that is” Hannah asked nervously.

To her surprise, it was now Tanya’s cheeks which had reddened before a loving grin crossed her face. “I’d like that, little lamb. I’d like that a lot.”

Written by

Dr. Emmeline Peaches
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