The Perfect Gift for your Partner: A Sex Toy

Why a Sex Toy is a Perfect Gift for the Holiday Season

When it comes to the holidays, people spend hours either in stores or online, searching for the perfect gift for their partners. And if you’re one of those people, you know how challenging it can be. Your partner already has a closet full of clothing, a laptop, and the latest of everything. So, what can you give them that really blows their mind?

Well, maybe you’re just looking in all the wrong places because if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, we have them for you. Here are some of the must-have sex toys from Kiiroo, and why they’re the ultimate gift for your partner.

Why sex toys are the best gifts

Though sex toys have become a common bedroom accessory, they do more than just provide sexual stimulation. You’re probably thinking, well, isn’t masturbation enough? And of course, masturbation is essential for people’s overall health, but sex toys take it a step further (in the right direction).

1. Sex Toys Make Better Lovers

This doesn’t mean you’re giving your partner a toy so they can be better at sex. But, by using a sex toy, you do get better. With toys, you learn more about your body than masturbation.

For men, using a sex toy can help them last longer before climaxing. By having this control over one’s body, they’ll be able to have better sex and build more sexual confidence in the bedroom. View all our male sex toys here.

2. Become an Orgasm Master

The truth is not everyone orgasms. Some people go their entire lives without knowing what it feels like. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has experienced having an orgasm, then you understand how terrifying that is.

Sex toys are able to help people not only orgasm but to help control their orgasms. Whether it’s orgasm delay or multiple orgasms, sex toys work to increase sexual pleasure either solo or with your partner.

3. Sex Toys Breakdown Cultural Barriers

When it comes to sex, and what’s sexually satisfying, it’s subjective. Though society has created a general idea of what’s “sexually normal,” at the end of the day, people are turned on and aroused by different things.

For example, straight men are shamed about anal sex. But, the anus has thousands of sensitive nerve endings, and anal sex feels really good for men, straight or gay. Sex toys give the ability for these barriers to be broken down, and for people to try out different sexual acts.

If you’re over the idea of giving your partner socks for Christmas, it’s time you looked at some toys. But which one do you get them? If you’re stuck, we came up with the Kiiroo Sex Toy Guide to help you pick the perfect toy for your partner.

The Kiiroo Sex Toy Guide: For him, her, and couples

When it comes to picking the perfect sex toy, it can be tricky. We have a lot of options, but with this guide, you’ll be able to find the ultimate Christmas gift for your partner.

Stocking Stuffers

Everyone loves a good stocking stuffer. Before your partner opens up their present, drop little hints with these cute and very useful stuffing stuffers.

  • Aqua Premium Water-Based Lubricant
    You want things to go smoothly this season, and nothing says easy does it than lube. The Aqua Lubricant is water-based, so it’s not going to leave any sticky or tackiness on your skin or toy. It’s paraben-free and vegan, so you can have fun with a clean conscious.
  • Pure Premium Toy Cleaner
    As we all know, hygiene is important, especially when it comes to toys. You don’t want to give your partner a sex toy, and then when they use it, they have no way to clean it. The Pure Premium Toy Cleaner is alcohol-free and triclosan-free, and will safely clean the toys up and have them ready to go for next time.

  • Spark Premium Warming Lubricant
    Now that winter is here; it’s safe to say it’s a little chilly outside. But, you can heat things up inside with the Spark Warming Lubricant. All you need to do is create some friction, and the lubricant will start to warm. It’s not sticky on the skin and is also vegan-friendly and paraben-free.

kiiroo titan sex toys for men

Sex Toys for Him

This Christmas, you want to give him a gift he’ll be able to enjoy on his own. We chose a few of our favorite toys that we’re sure he’s going to love.

  • If he’s an anal fan
    Does your man love anal sex? As his partner, get him a toy that will remind him of your booty. The Titan Tight Fit Sleeve is the ultimate anal-sex stimulator, as the narrow chamber is solely designed to stimulate anal sex. The sleeve is built in such a way that he’ll probably forget he’s using a sleeve.

  • For the man that has it all
    When it comes to toys, your partner already has the basics. And that’s great! But, it’s time you stepped it up a notch and gave him a toy that really knocks his socks off.
    The Titan Power Sleeve Combo Pack combines Titan’s exclusive technology to make intense sensations that’ll increase his stamina and strength. When it comes to intensity, well, the Titan will give him the experience of a lifetime.

sex toys for women cliona clit vibrator kiiroo

Sex Toys for Her

You want to get her the perfect gift, well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether she’s overseas or across the room from you, surprise her with one of these orgasmic toys.

  • If she’s a traveler
    If your partner does a lot of traveling, the Cliona Clit Stim Vibrator is the perfect gift. She’ll be able to play solo or with you as it’s designed for two-way pleasure. It’s pocket-sized and waterproof, so she’ll be able to pleasure herself without worrying about it getting wet. It also comes with interactive erotic content, so when you’re not around, she’ll be able to pleasure herself.

  • For a woman who’s all about the G-spot
    When it comes to pleasure, the g-spot is an important area to reach. When it comes to g-spot vibrators, the Pearl2 G-Spot Vibrator is the most advanced as it’s designed with touch-sensitive technology. Whether it’s for solo or couples play, it reacts to the body’s natural movements for deeper penetration. The Pearl2 is also very versatile as it can be paired via Bluetooth with another Pearl2 for lesbian couples as well.

  • For hands-free fun
    As a woman, sometimes you want a toy that’ll do all the work for you. Well, no toy does a better job then the OhMiBod Esca2. The beauty of the Esca2 is that it is a wearable massager and extremely versatile.
    It can be controlled via app or connected to another Kiiroo product for a shared and interactive experience. Plus, she can wear it at home, when she’s at work, or while she’s out and about in the city. Wherever she is, you’ll be able to send her good vibrations.

Sex Toys for Couples

Who said sex toys are only for solo sex? When it comes to long-distance relationships, most couples struggle with intimacy. However, we wanted to close the gap and make intimacy easier for long-distance couples. Here are our favorite couple's toys.

  • For Beginner Couples
    If you and your partner are just entering the world of sex toys, the Pearl2 Fuse Control Set is a great choice. The set comes with the Kiiroo’s G-spot vibrator and a Dual Stim Massager. Once they’re synced to your devices, you and your partner will be able to feel each other, even when miles apart.

  • Him and Her Couples
    Keep the love going strong this winter with the Titan by Kiiroo and Pearl2 set. Distance is nothing when you have this set as it works through two-way communication that allows you and your partner to control each other’s devices from any distance. The set can also be connected with webcams and VR for an even more intense experience.

  • Him and Him Couples
    If your partner is overseas or even down the street, add a little umph to the relationship with the Onyx+ Couples Set. It comes with two light-weight and quiet male masturbators, that work together in real-time. You can share your sensations with your partner no matter where you are in the world.

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